SANTA ANA (CBS) —  Graffiti threatening Gov. Jerry Brown’s life was found in two places in Santa Ana Thursday, according to police.

Santa Ana police were called at 7 a.m. about threatening graffiti on Greenville Street north of Alton Avenue, Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said.

The graffiti read, “We gonna kill Gov. Brown 2 14 11,” Bertagna said.

Between 2:15 p.m. and 2:30 p.m., a Santa Ana police officer saw more threatening graffiti at 1700 W. Segerstrom Ave., Bertagna said.

The vandal spray-painted in red, “27 more days 4 Brown” and included a swastika, Bertagna said, adding someone later painted over the red “7” with a black “6” as if it were a countdown.

“We don’t know if they’re related or not,” Bertagna said.

Santa Ana police alerted the California Highway Patrol, which protects the governor, Bertagna said. CHP investigators will take the lead in the investigation, he added.

All the graffiti has been taken down, Bertagna said.

“We’re taking this very seriously, of course, especially when they put out swastikas and threaten the governor, and with all that’s going on in Tucson we have to take this seriously,” Bertagna said.

There have been other incidents of graffiti vandalism in the area this month, including racist slurs against Asians and blacks spray painted on the walls of Orange County Housing Authority offices at 1170 N. Broadway, and “Kill the Cathlics” [sic] spray painted on St. Boniface Catholic Church at 120 N. Janss St. in Anaheim.

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Comments (204)
  1. Mikey says:

    Looks like Moonbeam better watch his back.

    1. Rex says:

      Yeah, there’s a long line…

  2. bugman says:

    never seen or heard of a mrs brown??????

    1. Moses Brown says:

      Maybe she was hired for the day.

    2. Neal Baker says:

      No, but she has a lovely daughter.

      1. Oh Grover says:

        …..girls as sharp as her are somethin’ rare…
        But….it’s sad…she doesn’t luv me now…
        She’s made it clear enuf…it ain’t no good to pine

      2. easy says:

        Would have been much better if a few seconds or minutes had elapsed, but still pretty good. :p)

      3. Elaine K says:

        Neal, I love intelligent people who love music.

        Are you married yet?

      4. heatherfeather says:

        LOL…Herman’s Hermits!

    3. LisaG says:

      He dated Linda Rondstat once upon a century ago…

      1. True says:

        she was a sweetheart!

      2. janeD says:

        He dated Linda R? That’s odd.. didja know there is actually a Linda Rondstadt bus station tucson Az? strange/true

      3. p3orion says:

        No, it’s not a bus station, that’s just the way she looks these days.

      4. Rick says:

        Sure he dated her, but dumped her when she got heavy.

    4. Barry Goldwater says:

      High probability it’s another staged, false flag event, most likely undertaken by left-wing provocateurs, in order to try and blame tea party people, as if that tactic still works. It happens time and time again. Left-wing liberals are the REAL nazis.

      1. Pete says:

        I don’t think the tea party, which is largely white and educated, uses the word “gonna”, they use, “going to”

      2. diogenes23 says:

        you flatter your importance too much

      3. steve says:

        You hit the nail on the head. The left is desperate because of the last election.

  3. Joel Lanuza says:

    I dont think there much to this they just want some attention. If the people that wanna kill jerry brown are in Santa Ana then they need to head a liitle north. If i were jerry brown i would avoid the OC just in casse this is true i really dont think it is.

    1. girlnextdoor says:

      I think avoiding the OC has been Brown’s intention all along. After all, Orange County has the biggest Republican majority for a county in the US.

      1. Count d'Haricots says:

        But isn’t Santa Ana is Loretta Sanchez (D) district?

      2. LEThorjr says:

        Count here forgets no one in Santa Ana can vote, so of course the OC can stay in our hands!

      3. Sheila Plourde says:

        Exactly what I was thinking as well.

    2. A Guy in LA says:

      It is spelled “Grammar”

      1. Inbred says:

        What does Kelsey Grammar have to do with this?

  4. yank24 says:

    Well I’m sure these people are pretty ignorant seeing how they have no grammer in their writing. I’m sure they’re not a threat! Plus they’re not educated in history seeing how their swastika is a hindu symbol. You reporters should’ve known that…they’re not a white supremacy group!

    1. Ben Dover says:

      You do not have to be educated to pull a trigger.


        This is staged. IT IS NOT REAL.
        The fact that a neo Nazi, who one would assume sees this symbol all the time, cannot recreate it correctly suggests that this is done by some one that is not a Neo-Nazi.
        It is just that simple.
        Wikipedia The Buddhist sign has been standardised as a Chinese character 卍 (pinyin: wàn) and as such entered various other East Asian languages such as Japanese where the symbol is called 卍字 (manji). The swastika is included as part of the Chinese script in the form of the character “萬” (pinyin: wàn) and has Unicode encodings U+534D 卍 (left-facing) and U+5350 卐 (right-facing).[4] In Unicode 5.2, four swastika symbols were added to the Tibetan block: U+0FD5 ࿕ (right-facing), U+0FD6 ࿖ (left-facing), U+0FD7 ࿗ (right-facing with dots) and U+0FD8 ࿘ (left-facing with dots).

    2. Sean Smith says:

      Oops… It’s spelled grammar. Might want to check your own spelling before you look undeducated yourself.

      1. Josh D says:

        like “undeducated” Sean?

      2. Hec..Vall says:

        Cringe..Cringe!! “Undeducated”….LOL!

      3. Josh Butts says:

        Speaking of “Grammar”, your sentence doesn’t sound right. “Might want to check your own spelling before you look undeducated yourself”. That doesn’t sound right.

  5. yank24 says:

    The offenders obviously can’t spell either which leads you to believe they have about a 1st grade education. Oh and one more thought….a swastika that represents a white supremacy group doesn’t form 7’s…a nazi swastika forms backwards 7’s. Any fool who’s taken history knows that!

    1. Ben Dover says:

      Where in this story does it say that the swastika was formed with 7’s?
      The 7 that was painted over with a 6 was the 7 found in the number 27 making it 26. A count down to Fed 14th.

    2. Robert Beauchamp says:

      Oh no. This is just evidence that they completed school in California public schools brought to you by the teachers’ union.

    3. Antonio says:

      It’s amazing the way a swastika still has the power to buy immediate credibility in this country. The Santa Ana police sound like they are more frightened of the swastika than the threat on Gov. Brown’s life.

    4. Kuerno says:

      This is observant and from what I remember in the Gang Awareness programs is that a “Backwards” swastika in graffiti is actually a form of disrespect, just like crossing out a gang tag. – Certainly not written by a white supremacist.

      In fact if I saw this on a wall I would wonder if the local gangs beleive Brown to be “racist”. That’s what my hunch on a tag like this.

  6. Tom E says:

    normal people need to be prepared for more insanity. the nut cases, you know who you are, are being empowered by the wingnut media, & you know who you are.
    words can & do kill.

    1. JustAGuy says:

      Wingnut media, like MSNBC and the New York Times?

      You do know the Arizona shooter is a leftist, don’t you?

    2. bob says:

      so are you ready to ban all violence in the movies, TV and in music? cause you know more people listen/watch that stuff than listen to the “wingnuts”

      the shooter liked the Drowning Pool’s song Bodies, should we ban them as well?

    3. astralweeks says:

      “Words can & do kill” It’s true, I’ve seen it with people like Tom E. Watch—“SARAH PALIN”—see how he collapsed on the ground? SARAH PALIN—-now he’s curling into a fetal position. SARAH PALIN—-oooops squirting urine like a frightened chihuahua. You, sir, are the nutcase—–a wimpy sissified nutcase.

    4. Perspective says:

      I was wondering how many posts I would have to read before I saw “right wing” impllicated by a moron as being responsible for a near-swastika and a death threat by someone…….I thought only 2-3 posts would do it, ..much to my surprise it was 10!, counting replies.

      You left wing nut cases are getting a little slow on the keyboard! Better exercise your speed. I am disappointed in you.

    5. Ban All Thought says:

      “words can & do kill.”

      So do books, movies, television, music, the Internet . . .

    6. OutOfBalance says:

      That’s funny, my mother always taught me that “sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you!” … So Tom, did you have a mother and if you did do you know who she is?

  7. Valentine's Day says:

    These Gangsters were probably Offended when Governor Jerry Brown proposed a Budget cut that included Major Cuts to Welfare to Work Program & Cuts to Health Care for the Poor.. Something that Girly Man Ex-Governor Swarzenegger won’t do..

    1. Sean Smith says:

      Please tell me How You select Which words To Capitalize in Your posts. LOL!

  8. Patrick says:

    How convenient. I wonder who is paying for this….

  9. JustAGuy says:

    Maybe the threats are coming from more leftists similar to the Arizona shooter.

  10. Tomas Estrada-Palma says:

    The CIA needs to get a hobby and stop doing this nonsense.

  11. Mike says:

    Who Cares!

    1. nathan says:

      I thnk a lot of people should care that the CEO of the world’s eighth largest economy is recieving death trheats

      1. jimmerz says:

        The leader of the worlds 8th largest Bankrupt economy! {or should it be ‘bunkrupt’?}

  12. Aunt Bee says:

    “No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough to keep up.” ~ Lily Tomlin

  13. mcnertny says:

    another tea bagger ultra deep cover operation

  14. Jason says:

    I didn;t even know cali had a new governor.

    1. p3orion says:

      They don’t, they’ve got an old one. Those Left Coasties just loooove their recycling, you know!

  15. sid says:

    i think brown did it himself to make himself out to be more important or its the cia

  16. Starman says:

    DK DK DK
    Zen Fascists
    now it’s 1984
    Haters get out.
    Leave us be, let us be free.

  17. Abilene says:

    Nothing to see here, folks. It’s just the progressive left trying to create another Reichstag moment. Look for many more Reichstag moments as we approach November 2012. The give-away is the poor grammar, because Tea Partiers are supposed to be illiterate red necks. The swastika is also a give-away, as the true illiterate, undereducated twits in this country continue their attempt to associate conservatives with the German National SOCIALIST Party (Nazi).

    1. Robert Beauchamp says:

      The give away is the spelling and grammar. Obviously the product of public schools and the teachers union that runs them.

  18. amplitude jones says:

    that it weeks away! What is the delay?

  19. Creed says:

    mcnertny – “tea bagger”? Seriously, the direction the vitriolic rhetoric flows from could not be more obvious. Haven’t you guys worn this disgusting dishonest word out?

  20. Vincent says:

    It’s fake, if you ask me. The swastika is backwards, for starters. Someone’s stupid (a) and looking to get the media in another frenzy against the right (b). The media and the left … will take the bait. Hook, line and sinker.

    1. diogenes23 says:

      the media is right wing fool

  21. Melvin says:

    It appears that someone is trying to pull the sympathy care here. Most persons bent on violence don’t advertise their intentions, but rather they just do them, and garner the attention for later.

    1. LisaG says:

      You have a point. The true assassin will never make his intentions known – after all, one cannot hope to succeed if everyone knows what you’re planning to do.

      This is a hoax, or just some ignorant moron having fun.

  22. zman says:

    We need to have our own state!!!! Partition California!!!!! SoCal won’t be ruled by Jerry Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. LagunaLucy says:

    We must ensure Jerry Brown’s protection! It is vital that he stays in office to clean up the mess he created in ’78. Funny how he picks up a rent-a-wife to use as well as California as a stepping stone to run for President in 2012. The hits just keep on coming with Brown but what he doesnt realize is he is the biggest Joke this country has ever seen.

    1. zman says:

      I hope they get Brown. All he wants is more taxes. He’d be a worse president than Obama and look at his picture, he’s more evil than Arnold with that nazi salute.

    2. Sean Smith says:

      “……. the biggest Joke this country has ever seen”

      Finally you have competition!

  24. zmc says:

    the US Navy base in San Diego at Coronado has a building on it called the Seal’s Lair. it is where the navy seals live. It is in the shape of a swastika….and it was built by our military….operation paperclip anyone?

    crosstreets: bougainville rd and eniwetok rd at the Naval Amphibious Base

  25. True says:

    God Bless and Protect Jerry Brown! Even if we don’t agree with him we have too wish California and him the best.

    1. zman says:

      I wish him nothing but the worst, he wants to steal everyone’s money with these taxes and deplenish our population. Everyone’s leaving because all there is here is taxes and restrictions.

      1. diogenes23 says:

        he just got into office. it was your viking who couldn’t solve anything

    2. LagunaLucy says:

      You have got to be kidding! jerry brown is the biggest joke this state will ever endure

      1. True says:

        Sorry I am not from CA. I don’t agree with the Governor’s policies. I just wish the best for him personally as I do for your state.

      2. Josh Butts says:

        And Witman wouldn’t have been any better. Not much you can do if you only have 2 goof balls to chose from. And we wonder why people don’t vote.

    3. Always Independent says:

      Thats right! We don’t want to get stuck with the current LT Gov.

    4. Dina says:

      RFibIg Very true! Makes a change to see someone spell it out like that. 🙂

  26. Hank Warren says:

    More ‘fake’ terror to steal our rights, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. zman says:

      before we impeach obama, let’s impeach Brown(our most local threat)

      1. NorCal Rick says:

        Cost Californians millions of dollars in wasted money to have a recall election of Jerry Brown for what?

        You SoCal’ers are nutters.

      2. diogenes23 says:

        you must be one of koch’s paid trolls. if notyou are even a bigger fool

    2. Crazy Trucker says:

      Oh Sweetie, you are good.
      It’s all politics…….
      The biggest violations I can see and you did not mention is; they try to keep us uneducated. And have taught children not to question what is going on in the world around them. They barely teach the basics today. Everything is so Politically Correct and we don’t want to offend anyone.
      Whatever happened to “All’s Fair in Love and War”?
      It’s not even about politics if you think about it. It’s about the wealthy keeping us poor fools poor.

    3. Hank Waren Jr says:

      Why are you going to inpeach Obama for the mistake of Bush? I bet you didn’t vote for McClain. I didn’t vote for Obama, but let’s be real, the government does not care about you, you or anyone in the working class. Unless you are part of the .5% who control the banks, the media and oil companies.
      Always remember, men wrote the US Constitution, not these fat pigs that sleep on piles of money every night…

  27. Oh Grover says:

    Hire Arnold to protect him

    1. diogenes23 says:

      he is a girly wimp

  28. Rick says:

    Just so you know Santa Ana is predominately a Hispanic area (99%), SO I ‘m just wondering how you libs will tie this to the tea party, Sarah Palin, Bush, Rush etc….

  29. Danbury says:

    Try “Grammar” and “Hindu”

  30. Arnold the Eraser says:

    Arnold: You’re alive and I’ll keep you dat vey. Trust me. Here’s something to shoot back with (hand Gov Brown gun).

    Gov Brown: Ewwwww icky! Don’t you know guns kill?!

  31. Bill in Tennessee says:

    Does anyone outside of California really care? I’m not ADVOCATING that anyone actually shoot Gov. Moonbeam, but …really….does anyone truly care?

  32. Helloseekers says:

    If you really hate “Cathlics”, you’ll know how to spell it. If you’re pulling a prank for whatever reason you feel you need to, you’ll probably overdo it and try hard to look uneducated, white, and conservative, if you have a need to appear that way…

  33. JennyB says:

    Since California didn’t learn their lesson the first time around with this moonbeam clown, frankly you deserve him. Anyone with an ounce of sanity left will flee that state ASAP. In my husband’s job search, that is the ONE state he refuses to discuss. There is absolutely no way we would ever live in the insane world of California.

    1. zman says:

      i’m trapped here and i didnt vote for that socialist

  34. Hagen McNalley says:

    Finally, a gangster with an econ degree…

  35. Mike in Socal says:

    Let me guess, we need the fairness doctrine implemented so this kind of stuff doesn’t happen again. Should we start blaming Palin, Beck, and Limbaugh?

    1. diogenes23 says:

      your imagination is pitifully running out of control like the tuscon boy

  36. melissatx says:

    I am sure a thorough investigation will occur, after Palin, Beck, Limbaugh and Tea Party patriots will be accused. It will be revealed that the vandal is actually an unhinged leftist loon that wants to “frame” the right.
    The left, again, will be revealed to be the punitive, petulant little juvenile delinquents that refuse to grow up, that they are.

  37. AmericanBelle says:

    I have no problem believing that without a doubt, these acts of vandalism are being done by left-wing activists attempting to make it appear as if it’s being done by right wingers, specifically Tea Partiers. Their problem is that they’ve accepted MSM propaganda that the Tea Party is made up of uneducated dingbats. Most Tea Partiers, if not all, are educated, middle class people who actually pay taxes and receive no government doleouts.

    1. zman says:

      that depends on which tea party your talking about, the original liberetarian faction or the republican hijack faction that is made up of senial old people who arent aware of their own racism

      1. zmansdaddy says:

        You sir, are a bigot.

  38. Robin says:

    Back in the day, this guy had a fling with cutey Linda Ronstadt. Today Linda is a fat, disgusting, Jabba-looking lefty and Brown looks like a sickly bald eagle. Karma!!!

    1. True says:

      and you’re a very kind person too aren’t you.

  39. Osamas Pajamas says:

    The usual trash Democrats pretending to be “violent” Republicans, to win some sympathy for themselves as “victims” of evil, selfish taxpayers, etc, etc, etc.

  40. DB says:

    On a wall in Santa Ana…. if it was in English it has to be fake…..

    1. zman says:

      lol so true

    2. LisaG says:

      LMAO. Yo no comprendo…

  41. Wilbur Post says:

    Didn’t know Sarah Palin was in Santa Ana?

  42. Den says:

    A threat is only a threat. Don’t worry about it.

  43. FRED RUSSO says:


  44. America Is Lost says:

    If they were spray painting a count down why wouldn’t they just keep the graffiti under surveillance until the someone updated the count down? Am I missing something?

  45. AeroJack7 says:

    California has exactly the kind of government it collectively deserves. People blame the politicians for the current economic crisis. In truth, the blame falls almost entirely upon the voters. Voting for pie in the sky programs with no way to pay for them bankrupted us. Republicans could not field a single viable candidate for governor. Democrats gave us Jerry Brown, a hallucinatory flashback to times that were supposedly better, but in reality were a precursor to our present dilemma. Uncontrolled spending for touchy-feely programs for the undeserving.

  46. LibertarianChick says:

    The little trolls should be arrested for writing on another person’s property. I HATE taggers.

  47. kemosabe says:

    it’s just like those lazy leftists to procrastinate.

  48. che hugo says:

    Thanks a lot Sarah Palin!!!

  49. MARLO TALK RADIO says:

    Marlo Talk Radio

    WHy do illegals have Rights, when they have entered illegally?? I’m referring to the Illegals that don’t work or are not getting an education and are collecting WELFARE, GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE..That not FAIR!!! Especially us Americans that pay taxes !! If we needed assistance we would not qualify!!Ridiculous!! HELP US TAX PAYING AMERICANS NOT THE ILLEGALS OF ALL NATIONS!!

    1. Karla says:

      Not only that but they are commiting crimes and then they run back to their country without facing their punishement.

    2. SSWP says:

      Well Marlo,
      It’s because us white americans dont understand the term illegal. The government will allow minority’s in this country to work for less money and “overlook” it on purpose. They know the hard working american is not going to hop any borders to go to another country so they take advantage of us!

      1. MARLO TALK RADIO says:


      2. MARLO TALK RADIO says:


    3. Sick of it says:

      I am in agreement with you sswp and Marlo , my father was taken of his credit report basically his life by an illegal making it impossible for him to purchase anything , while this illegal is financing everything he can think of and not paying it , plus there taking all of our jobs , and over populating the community with crime

      1. MARLO TALK RADIO says:

        SICK OF IT..
        i AGREE WITH U..Its rediculous How these illegals are able to open up credit under everyone Social Security # and not be accountable for it..How they can open up car loans and buy houses and be able to walk away at anytime and be able to purchase another social and start a new life.. Credit for us hard working Americans is our future.. to buy a house, car’s and etc. Not to support Illegals!! And your right.. they are taking our jobs and infesting our country like Roaches..This Country needs to help out the Tax Paying Citizens..and DEPORT EVERYTHING ELSE!!

  50. Jay says:

    Give it some time. I’m sure they will blame Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, and the Tea Partiers for this ASAP, without so much as an ounce of proof suggesting it so. Just you watch

    1. asdfasdf says:

      they blame these people and then find out a liberal 60s type did it just like the guy in arizona and they won’t apologize for saying it either.

  51. LibertarianChick says:

    And about those taggers – we get taggers all the time putting their drug and gang references. I’m sure you get more than taggers hating on “asian” or “black” but of course if it’s not then you won’t make a big deal about it because it’s ‘cultural’. All taggers need to lick the stuff off the walls with their tongues. I can’t stand ANY of them.

  52. dan neil says:

    I suspect that many leftist are still trying to portray the Gifford shooting as a right wing politicol shooting as opposed to a schizophrenic who should have been institutionalized. So I see all these created scenerios to paint attempts on other leftist as being done by right wing groups. Its a farce..

  53. UnmitigatedTruth says:

    Uh-Uh.. More Sarah Palin fans? Maybe Limbaugh fans?

    More than likely, Hollywood Movie fans.

  54. Missy8s says:

    This is a carefully timed propaganda event.

    When it comes arresting a suspect it will very like lead to A) gang bangers or B) a DNC operative looking to increase the racial tension in this country.

  55. Done with it says:

    Another Balkanization stunt?
    I’m tired of these so called ‘radicalized motivated’ incidents. It’s clearly CO-intel pro, getting us to bicker about whether its left or right, and somehow setting the parameters of the debate centered around a collectivist mindset. Instead of all of us being guilty for a few peoples actions, how bout holding the individual responsible?

    Seriously, is anybody buying the fecal matter were being spoon-fed by the media?

  56. david says:

    The left is at it again! Van Jones is that you?

  57. yank24 says:

    My mistake……I did mean grammar! Something these idiots don’t have – or intelligence – for not knowing how to write.

  58. CJ says:

    Yes those swastikas are very, very dangerous!

  59. tony rome says:

    I guess you right wing aholes do not know when to shut your pie holes.

  60. Crazy Trucker says:

    Maybe the idiot is psychic? I’m glad I don’t know when I’ll die. Or maybe if I did, I wouldn’t spend so much time making comments about foolishness. But, if it does happen, I want to find this guy to ask what my lucky numbers are/

  61. thrasher says:

    I’m sure the clueless liberals in california will be blaming Palin before too long……

  62. MARLO TALK RADIO says:


  63. donh says:

    Looks Like Ahnuld Schwartzenegger is off his steroid meds and wants to get back in the House.

  64. UnPCdMOM says:

    I wish everyone would QUIT all the nastiness and especially the threats against political figures. Let’s win at the ballot box instead of making these politicians into martyrs. I’d rather PROVE them wrong than make them famous.

  65. MARLO TALK RADIO says:




  66. Hawk777 says:

    Gotta be the Tea Party or at least Palin…(right libs?)

  67. Patrick says:

    with the spelling, Seiu or Acorn would be my bet…

  68. Patriot26 says:

    FALSE FLAG. BS like this will be used to keep pushing the case for them to take away our freedom of speech.

  69. abort em or deport em says:

    I just want to say this whats the unemployment rate here in america ? how many illegals have jobs and our citizens are unemployed ! a day without an illegal is a great day !

    1. MARLO TALK RADIO says:


      1. Sheila Plourde says:

        Two excellent Posts. I hope Brown does cut welfare and even though I didn’t vote for him, he won. This is what is killing CA. is Welfare rats and the majority that are on welfare don’t deserve it. They milk the system for years and if they can’t they have their daughters get knocked up so they can continue and sit on their duff’s. Actually if a teen gets pregnant they should be denied Public Assistance, and if their parents want to raise their grand child then they cannot collect from welfare or any Government agency. Getting sick of teen’s getting knocked up so they can get on welfare. Of course with the incompetence of our Public schools they are not benefiting from their education at all.

      2. Teen Pop Stars says:

        You’re missing the point Sheila, teens are getting knocked up because they want to get famous and be on TV. I too did not vote for Brown, but I do hope that they cut welfare. It’s not just people from South of the border, but from all over and even from within. I work hard to make sure my two girls have everything, I didn’t. Why do I have to work hard for other people as well. Is it my fault that they can’t close thier legs, or buy protective. But I bet they can buy a pack of beer and/or box of smoke. I understand that everyone needs help from time to time, but give them a time limit and have them pay it back.

  70. ONTIME says:

    You can’t be threatening the famous California Flake, Guv. Moonbeam the unqualified AG, where would we get our next laugh?

    1. Rex says:

      The next laugh? Well, following any comments coming out from Hollywood mouths is a never-ending supply –so who needs the “next” one?

  71. Truth says:

    I for one, am actually excited to watch CA sink into its self created hell. I will watch from my well provisioned home in the mid-west and laugh the entire time. You reap what you sew, teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime, give him a fish, and he brings all his other unsavory relatives to rape your women. Told you so doesnt do enough, watching you wallow, cry and ultimatly die for your false and unsubstainable idiological utopia is the only way you will learn and/or be weeded from the gene pool. God Bless those who tried to fight out there, get out now and come to us, we love hard working tax paying, law abiders.

    1. Jose Canyousee says:

      Thank you for the beautiful sentiments. Name your state and town and we’ll send some illegals out for you. We don’t want to hog them out here. You’ll grow to like them “amigo”. Hasta la vista.

      1. Truth says:

        You missed the point Jose, a common symptom of socialist pig disease, bring your sorry carcass or any of your cheap slave labor aka ‘illegals’ this way with your hands out and you will find it quickly burned. Think we arent serious? Test it.

    2. Sheila Plourde says:

      Soon as some affairs are done my husband and I are moving out of CA. And what you said is exactly how we feel. When the last election we said why help them by having a business here and I am trying to get business owners here in CA. To move to another state and let CA go to hell. That is what it is and since Brown is in it will become a burning hell. God Bless Truth.

      1. Satchel says:

        N2sM7P That’s 2 clever by half and 2×2 clever 4 me. Thanks!

    3. Big Bear says:

      Idaho is reaping the rewards of California’s implosion and the recent business taxes passed by Oregon’s hippy-dippy government workers. We too, appreciate small businesses and hard-working CITIZENS from any state. The influx of Californians actually improved things here. Let the socialists pay for their welfare states and sleep in the beds they made.

      1. truth says:

        Thanks Big Bear, its good to see the true spirit of America is alive in Idaho. God bless!

  72. Rex says:

    Well, all the California state politicos, along with the bureaucrats and unions, are responsible for the continuing deficit and imminent bankruptcy. Brown will probably kill himself before anyone else takes the opportunity. Anyway, he would be a start.

  73. Common Sense says:

    Both locations are within a quarter mile of a High School, Saddleback HS and Segerstrom HS. I’d be shocked if the CHP didn’t show up and offer $500.00 for information leading to a conviction / confession. This is a lower income area, $500 will produce a suspect, quickly.

    1. SerfOfObama says:

      Where is CA going to come up with $500?

  74. shearwater says:

    Let us Christians pray for his safety. This kind of threat is a cowardly act by some demented souls like the Lougfner guy who tried to kill Gabriella Gifford and her associates at the political rally in Tucson. Continue to pray for her recovery and that she will regain much of what she lost in the shooting!

    1. heatherfeather says:

      The only reason this is a story is because of the recent Gifford event. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have made the Santa Ana paper.

  75. jae says:

    the buddist vigilantes obviously tagged over the kids who hate brown.

  76. SerfOfObama says:

    Ever notice that EVERY SINGLE TIME, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, when the leftists pull this stunt to try to drum up sympathy for themselves, they misspell at least one word and often more, presumably on purpose to make the fictional “hateful right-wing perpetrators” look bad? I mean really, how hard is it to misspell words like “Catholic”, “Death”, [N-word], “Asians” and “Jews”?

  77. cupcake says:

    Did anyone notice the swastika is the peaceful one, not the one used by Nazi Germany?

  78. Mark says:

    Media/Left-wing bloggers to claim this is the work of the Tea Party/George Bush/Sarah Palin/GOP in 3…2…1…

  79. philinnyc says:

    Is this a joke? Some punk with spray paint causes a panic? Wow, talk about a slow news day. Let me know when someone does something about loss of jobs, the lackless economy, etc. You know, things that REALLY matter!

  80. Buck N Farack says:

    Guess the photog miss the “Signed S.P.” line

  81. Sister Honky Tonk says:

    “We’re taking this very seriously, of course, especially when they put out swastikas and threaten the governor”….. Would they take it as seriously had it been a hammer and sickle painted on the wall?

    1. SerfOfObama says:

      Or a crescent?

  82. MTB says:

    Something to look forward to on V-Day.

  83. Charleston Voice says:

    Just another patriotic citizen makg public his wish list. Don’t take it seriously.

  84. paul says:

    Its obvious who ever wrote the message was playing on the song from the 70’s punk group The Dead Kennedys “California Über Alles”

    1. heatherfeather says:

      Your kids will meditate in school!

  85. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    How come they didn’t arrest that graffiti? It looks so dangerous.

    And not a single word on the thousands of “Kill Bush” messages scrawled across the walls and back alleys of LA and San Diego.

    1. Teen Pop Star says:

      Because Bush was a joke… If he really wanted to find this so call “War on Terror”, he should had cutted US ties with those middle east counties and took them all to war. Whipe out those mountians where this dumb ass is hiding…

  86. asides says:

    Good job police, local folk and media. Rather than engaging your brains and i.e.. leave it up for another night and catch the perp in the act of adjusting the countdown which is more than likely, just clean it off and jump to notify the media of your confusion and inaction.

    Quality thinking. :/

  87. mamawati says:

    My guess its one of the Unions trying to scare him. I hope he isn’t scared easily because he needs to axe and chop a lot of fat including the pensions for the fat cats. I support his efforts and say “do more!!”

    1. Janisa says:

      RRoV4R Kewl you should come up with that. Excellent!

  88. Sene Sean says:

    The Swastika is BACKWARDS . Neo Nazis would have gotten it right.
    This was a hoax

  89. Chad says:

    Agree with Sean, hoax. Swastika is two perpendicular S’s like the SS Hitler’s death squad.
    I just saw a movie with the exact same mix-up in it last night called, “leaves of grass” stars Edward Norton, was a great movie actually would recommend.

  90. CommonCents says:

    Looks like the work of liberal Jews… the same way the crawl out and paint swastikas on their synagogues at night (and get caught on hidden cameras).

  91. OutOfBalance says:

    How does this graffiti idenitfy Gov. Brown as the intended target??? There is like millions of people in the world named Brown! It could be Thelma Brown, Bob Brown, Jeff Brown, Raoul Brown, Rashid Brown, Skippy Brown AND yes IT COULD BE MRS. BROWN who had a lovely daughter and she wasn’t allowed to date so some ticked off 9th grader is going after the mom on Valentines Day for revenge!
    Just food for fodder.

    1. OutOfBalance says:

      oops I just watched the video, my bad, DUH.
      Maybe they should check Schwarzenegger’s handwriting!

  92. NotFondOfLibs says:

    Looks like some high school kids or gang members have a lot of time on their hands.

  93. Big Bear says:

    Wow! Graffiti that is legible? Amazing!

  94. Wavy Gravy says:

    Jerry, stay away from the brown heroin!!!! and from here on out its a free concert

  95. HeckSpawn says:

    I lived through the last time Governor Moonbeam was in office, barely…

    I wouldn’t miss him a bit.

  96. ME says:

    Looks like Linda Rondstadt is finally gonna get him! Look out Moonbeam!

  97. jewbag says:

    I’d rather they go after pelosi, but any dead demokrat is a good demokrat. communist demokrats are bigger threats than any external enemy this country has ever faced.

  98. Myra (ex Cal-girl) says:

    My money says LEFTIST Brown and/or his cronies are behind this ploy….anything to get sympathy AND CHANGE THE HEADLINES. Meanwhile California goes bankrupt and down the toilet…Brown has no clue how to fix problems…

  99. TomS says:

    Soon the entire country is going to collapse. It’s just a matter of time now.

  100. PowerPC says:

    This is undoubtedly the work of liberals trying to pin it on conservative white people. The swastika gave it away and the statements about Asians, blacks and “cathlics” just enforced the idea of what kind of mind was at work here….Nice try but only other liberals will even believe that it was done by some kind of militia member. How many white people are even walking around the city of Los Angeles spraying graffiti? If they were they would be mugged or killed outright for invading gang territory.

  101. Josh Butts says:

    I wonder if the people who tagged it in the red are different from the ones who tagged in the black. I ones who tagged in the black seem to be more detail oriented. They thought ok so now it’s 26 days not 27, so we’ll just tag over the 6 and make 7. They also thought well since it is more then 1 day it should have an S at the end of day. They also put their little “sign” so we know who those smart people are. lol.

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