CANOGA PARK (CBS) — A robbery suspect was shot to death by police in Canoga Park early Tuesday morning, a police watch commander said.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou Reports From Canoga Park

The shooting occurred at Roscoe and Topanga Canyon boulevards around midnight, Lt. Burt Gutierrez of the LAPD’s Topanga Station said.

The suspect reportedly died at the scene.

Officers spotted the suspect while responding to an attempted robbery at a gas station. A foot chase ensued, during which the suspect allegedly displayed a handgun and was shot by an officer, LAPD Lt. Rick Banks said.

The suspect did not fire at police, but a handgun was recovered at the scene, Bruce Borihahn of LAPD Media Relations said.

As of 6 a.m., westbound Roscoe was closed between Topanga Canyon Boulevard and Fallbrook Avenue, Borihahn said.

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Comments (13)
  1. Andie says:

    shoot now and ask questions later!! now we wont waste tax dollars on this POS!!

  2. alan hart says:

    You would think by now that the police would run out of “throw away” guns.

    1. punisher says:

      criminals carry guns. cops shoot criminals. End of story moron

      1. Betty says:

        You watch way to many tv shows! He had no regard for the law and those officers lives!

      2. betty says:

        This comment is for Alan hart!

  3. Fred Mertz says:

    Oh goody- when do we get the news that the idiot family is going to sue for the police doing their job?
    Hey morons, you don’t want to get shot- DON”T BREAK THE LAW!!
    Not real difficult (well for some of you it is).

  4. Betty says:

    You are a moron!!! “Throw away guns!?!?!” Innocent people don’t run from the police and point guns at them! He was NOT a good person! We need more brave officers like these to take care of these criminals!

  5. Michael Loizzi says:

    Throw away guns??! Are you serious? This isn’t Hollywood….people need something to complain about during these police shootings and they will make up anything won’t they.

  6. Tiana says:

    the guy killed was my cousin’as step brother

    1. Knoxx Beats says:

      what was his name and do you have a picture? I think he robbed me at gun point for $1800 4 months prior in the same location, i want to find out.

  7. Brandon says:

    if anything, they should have shot him in an area where he couldn’t die. Cripple, not kill.

  8. Knoxx Beats says:

    I was robbed right by that area 4 months PRIOR In his 20’s, took $1800 from me on roscoe and canoga park.. Fled on foot, with a fire arm.. I prayed death on him.. and i think 95% this is the guy…

  9. Haugbiani says:

    чаму б і не:)

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