Dismisses low popularity as 'just a snapshot'

LOS ANGELES (CBS) —Arnold Schwarzenegger is pulling no punches in his first formal interview since leaving office, claiming that the highest office in the state left him “addicted” to its power.

In a recent sit-down the former governor granted to the Austrian newspaper Krone, Schwarzenegger estimates that his seven years as governor cost him about $200 million – $70 million of that in lost movie roles.

Schwarzenegger also laments the fact that Hollywood salaries have dropped since he left the business.

He said his abysmal popularity rankings were “just a snapshot” and that “they would have rocketed to the top” had he not been forced out of office by term limits.

Nowhere in the transcripts from the interview posted on the newspaper’s website did Schwarzenegger face any questions about alleged favoritism in his decision to grant clemency to the son of former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez.

KNX 1070’s Chris Sedens reports.

He acknowledged the sorry state of the California’s budget, and his approval ratings that had plummeted to below those of Gray Davis, whom he unseated in a recall election.

Schwarzenegger said if he’d known how hard California would be hit by the recession, he would have started cutting state spending much earlier.

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  1. JR says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me. The only reason why this guy was put into office was because Gray Davis and company helped to increase our budget deficit to 6 billion dollars. THAT is why he should have been cutting, not waiting until the bottom dropped out, standing there in 20 billion dollars worth of trouble, and then going ‘uh oh’. He was elected because he was socially moderate, and the guy with the true money credentials, McClintock, was ‘too conservative’. CA will never learn. Put someone in place that understands numbers and things will turn around. Keep putting in feel good candidates and bankruptcy is on the horizon.

    1. Michael Jay McCarthy says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. The governator promised to run California like a business. He failed. He truly failed. Rush Limbaugh tried to get him to come to his senses but he took another puff off of his $20.00 cigar and laughed. I supported this guy much to my chagrin.

      1. Mike McQuade says:

        Yea to my chagrin as well. I should have called it a spade day one and admited we were all really voting in Kennedy because we all know who wears the pants in that family.

    2. Kari says:

      The reason our budget is such a mess is because the minority party can hold it hostage with a 3rd of the vote. Plus, the voters keep tying the hands of the Legislature. It doesn’t matter who gets elected to Governor. We need a new Constitution in this state or we’re never going to recover.
      Although I will agree that the cuts should have started immediately upon his taking office.

      1. john says:

        wow .
        a third of the goverment .
        you are right it should be all democrat.
        it would be so much better.
        I didn’t realize the power they had.

      2. ed says:

        LOL if it was all Democrat Kalifornia would have gone bankrupt 5 times by now, and would probably be the property of the People Republic of China….lol…to think that someone actually thinks a government of all democrats would work…lol too much…

      3. Todd says:

        Right, because the legislature & governor’s position in the hands of all Democrats is the way to go. No overspending or deficits there.

        No party is fiscally conservative. Every person at the top of government is to blame for the mess California is in. But what you said is absolutely laughable.

      4. Ray Magee says:

        Yes and Illinois is doing so well.

    3. patoy says:

      You’re so right dude. Everytime we have moderates they will fall to one side and it’s usually Socialism. Californians don’t like to listen. Watch when the ex Governor who had been voted in again, and after for so long is going to do the same old tricks when he was elected before. It’s like a drunken husband who beats his emotionally misfit wife files for a restraining order, then when the husband is sober, she literally falls for the misfit emotion again, thinking that the husband had changed for the better, Husband drinks again then this time kills the emotionally driven misfit wife. Tsk.. Tsk.. Tsk.. I hope I’m wrong with my assumption that, this ex Governor will somehow turn California around with the mess that I believed he helped created while he was the Atty. General under the dumbminator..

    4. Vee says:

      Absolutely! I supported McClintock, and urged my friends and colleagues to do the same. I was just ill with chagrin when Arnie was elected – the more so because of how many fellow business owners voted for him.

      The state IS a business and needs to be run like one. His job was to see the bad time coming, and not act like the halcyon days of housing and tech bubble money would never end.

      I’ve left the state now, but hope to return when things get better. My fear is that things will have to get much worse before the majority can be brought to see how they can be made better with a REAL change in policy and practice.

      1. Ray Magee says:

        I left in the 90’s and they have not gotten better since then. You’ve got a long wait.

    5. Ray Magee says:

      Absolutely right. Gov moonbeam wants Californians OK increased taxes in return for budget cuts. Those cuts will only last until the tax increases are approved. If then people fall for this they are dumber than dirt.

    6. dannymendlow says:

      Constitution be damned. Arnie’s gonna be president.


      Among other things…

    7. Ralph says:

      Schwarzenegger was handed the governeurship by his wife. Had there been a general election this farmer would have never been in office. It’s all about him and he offends everyone around him with his stupid comments. Now he wants to become president of Austria. Hope they keep him.

    8. SlackerSlayer says:

      No you ar wrong. The swartz was installed because Davis was sueing the power companies for $11 Billion for the return of that increase of over 3,000 percent in our electricity bills. But I don’t think that is in your agenda either. Does Enron ring any criminal bells to you people.

  2. Joseph says:

    Schwarzenegger turned out to be almost as stupid as the Democrats whose spending he failed to control.

    1. Howard K says:

      Not almost as stupid – He is at least as stupid or more so. Then he made it worse with the Nunez fiasco. GOOD RIDDANCE!

    2. john says:

      Not almost as stupid.
      i think he went well past them

  3. Ameriwise says:

    Let him go to Michigan and work on their problems. He’s exactly what they need.

    1. Tuff Lynx says:

      Nooo! Don’t send him to Michigan! We have enough problems already!

  4. Harpotoo says:

    Yeah you like all others empowered in the Cali governorship were as they were EPIC FAILS!

  5. Adrian Vance says:

    Oh my God, the Vicimator? Wht next? Sorry Arnold, that ain’t gonna fly.

    For conservative thought, science and humor see: http://adrianvance.blogspot.com The Two Minute Conservative for radio/tv hosts, opinion page editors and you. Also on Kindle.

  6. walter12 says:

    Schwarzenegger went down hill when he surrendered to the Leftists in the General Assembly, the Mexican lobby, and the environmentalists, two years into his first administration. He never recovered from that.

  7. Hank Warren says:

    All politicians are ‘addicted’ to power and support endless Wars for Israel, it all started nearly a decade ago under a false flag attack.
    9/11 and Israel, here:

    1. Greg says:

      OMG get a blog. This isn’t even about Israel. How pathetic!

      1. jack salami says:

        yes, hank is looser.

    2. ed says:

      Conspiracy loons should be locked up and given shock treatment before they pull a Jared Loughner…

    3. Ray Magee says:

      You belong on the Ed Schultz show.

  8. BaubnmiKnaubin says:

    Nice interview! You FAILED to address the most controversial act he has done with the political cronyism he should to Nunez by granting clemency. No wonder they get away with it in Ca. ! There is no one to call them on their shenanigans.Keep failing Cali! Az is here to take your jobs away!

    1. Kari says:

      It was an Austrian newspaper that conducted the interview – it’s doubtful they even know about the clemency thing (or even that the interview took place after that announcement). I know you outsiders love to blame everything on the SF media, but perhaps you should pay attention to what is actually said in the article before you decide to rant about it. Stick to your own politics, AZ.

  9. Phil Simms says:

    Is that all that the Governorship cost Mr. Progressive Schwarzenegger, about 200m? It cost Cal-ee-forn-ee-ah 2500 times more, just counting the unfunded pension liabilities alone. Even the aftermath of a cocaine high cannot compare to that type of fiscal tsunami. “I’ll be back”… of to which I say, oh no you won’t.

  10. New Jerey Boy says:

    So…The infamous Recall Vote, which cost california millions and millions of dollars was nothing more than a waste? The Gubernator leaves the state in the worst condition of it’s existence but…don’t worry: If we only get rid of Term Limits his popularity would soar????

    What a moron. You cannot run a state, or a country without a tax base. Cut the tax base to look popular amongst millionaires DOES NOT pay for the other 99% of the citizen’s needs – such as roads, school or hospitals. When will you republicans learn: THERE IS NO SUCH THING A A FREE LUNCH.

    1. Shep says:

      Wrong! The reason he failed is he went Left, not Right.

    2. Big Dog says:

      When will we learn there is no such thing as a free lunch coming from someone who wants to tax the wealthy to pay for his needs.

      The free lunch is for progressives who think everyone else should be paying.

      1. John Patricio says:

        “a free lunch coming from someone who wants to tax the wealthy to pay for his needs”

        Someone like… Jesus?

      2. Ray Magee says:

        No John. Jesus did not say to tax people for other people’s need. He urged charity. That is voluntary. Taxation is done at the point of a gun.

    3. LaRaza Nunez says:

      Gray got recalled because he was typical in his fee and tax hikes. Arnold was supposed to be economically conservative but turned out just wanted to be liked by the socialist democrats and mexicans.

      You are right about one thing… we need a tax base. But a tax base needs jobs. Democrat ideology kills jobs and discourages and punishes successful people. Also, the majority of people do not pay taxes but use most of the services. Mexican nationals, whether they are janitors are murderous gang members are a horrible and expensive drain.

      Actually you were right about another thing, There is no such thing as a free lunch.

    4. Blake says:

      Im not sure you totally understand the “No free lunch” concept here. At least for Economics, that does not apply to this scenario? No free lunch is generally referenced to show how ppl who think “free” government services are actually free.

      They arent, they are paid for by taxpayers, and to attract MORE taxpayers you need to lower taxes. Think about it, if you were a CEO and you could pay less to run your business in a different state, wouldnt you do that? That would entail then moving your workforce/labor force who also pay taxes not to mention your payroll taxes.

      So raising taxes is a short term fix to a long term problem. Tax raises should only be used to harness in an Economy that is growing at unsustainable rates.

      Just my opinion from a dumb Economist.

    5. Ed says:

      Then why do you keep insisting on giving lazy democrats that free lunch on the backs of the working middle class republicans? Don’t be a hypocrit…

    6. David says:

      “No Free Lunch” – indeed. You cannot keep raising taxes and expect everything to work out. You cannot forget that revenue is not generated by government – it is generated by business and individual citizens. If you raise taxes to the point of killing business and chasing individuals away, it doesn’t matter how high the tax rate is – you still won’t have enough money. What “No Free Lunch” means is that when it comes to government spending, sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money. More taxes is not the answer. What is, you ask? Less spending, and tax rates that will encourage business to grow – and create jobs.

  11. Thierry Dijonnaise says:

    wow. just …wow…

  12. Guido in FL says:

    Come on Arinie you blew it and were in over your head. Go back to what you know, making movies.

  13. Czechbikr says:

    Yes, it is just too bad that he wasn’t addicted to GOVERNING !

  14. smokehouse56 says:

    What can one say other than he is an elitist, muscle brained self serving politician. And a bad one at that.

  15. Alberto says:

    Yes, Arnold, just a snapshot of two, long, tailed terms. Who elected you and why did they do so? On your promises to fix the massive debt created by Gray Davis and the Democrat-dominated state legislature. Instead, you abandoned Republican values, embraced Democrats, and left the state beyond bankrupt. A real Kodak moment.

  16. Joe says:

    He’s an ignorant, out of touch movie star. What else can be said?

  17. GKPAL says:

    This idiot sunk California to a new low. Please tell me what qualifications this guy had to be elected Governor of the largest State. Absolutely NONE. This is the sad state of US politics today. He should be chased out of this country and never allowed to return.

  18. bvdon says:

    Arnold governed through the housing crisis… no politician is going to look good in that scenario. On top of that, CA has been on a long trend of chronic over spending. May as well hand it over to Mexico at this point.

  19. BMF says:

    Great, California elects an inexperienced, muscle-bound, egotistical person who earned a living pretending that he was someone else to be their governor. What could possibly go wrong?

    Well, he also turned out to be so addicted to power that he allowed the legislature to drive California into a financial hole that will most likely require the rest of the country to bail it out with hard earned dollars that should go to states and programs that are beneficial instead of rewarding systemic failure in California.

    Arnold may have lost $200 million, but Californian’s lost billions and possibly their state as they once knew it.

    I have to say, it’s the people of California who keep electing liberals who believe they can spend their way to prosperity with crushing taxes and unfunded mandates on businesses. You deserve the hard times you brought upon yourselves. No pity here, my friends.

    1. Ray Magee says:

      I for one will urge my reps to refuse any bail out for any state. I will also contribute to the opponent of any rep that does.

    2. Zanda says:

      What a dumb world we live in,a muscle bound parrot govenor lolOnly in the movies!Wake up world!

  20. August says:

    And like every other addict, they destroy everything they touch!

  21. Laughing at Fools says:

    No surprise. Addicted to power, addicted to spending. What a collossal failure he turned out to be. Now he can be just a Kennedy….. a world of addictions await….Poor Arnold lost $200 million, by being governor…The citizens of California lost more because of him…..

  22. PabloKoh says:

    We should spend $40,000,000,000 per year to fight a War on Governors because our children must be kept safe from the ravenous addiction of the governorship. Do it for the children.

  23. B says:

    Another lesson learned, cheesy actors should never be elected to office
    as past governors shouldn’t either. How many times would you marry
    your EX wife? Idiots.

  24. Phocus says:

    Who cares. You were terrible and most are glad you’re gone…even if a Democrat replaced you…big diff. Just try and give us some peace now and go away. My family members still in the state just need some time to heal…before they finish packing.

  25. milt says:

    I think Arnold is addicted to being Arnold.

  26. Mike says:

    This RINO cost Califonina $20 Billion dollars.

  27. FreeThinking says:

    Because of his “addiction”… I think the DEA needs to call an emergency scheduling and put Governorship on schedule 1 along with marijuana.

    Working with current methodology….

  28. shewa says:

    Schwarzenegger said if he’d known how hard California would be hit by the recession, he would have started cutting state spending much earlier.

    NEWS FLASH – He does not have the power to cut the spending as he wants. The CA legislature has a hand in it and they are beholden to the unions! No spending cuts….ever!

  29. ByteRider says:

    Arnold was a great Governor.. he helped destroy California and push the state into complete collapse to the enjoyment of the rest of us. Watching sodomites suffer is… well… awesome!

  30. A Guy In LA says:

    How out of touch with reality can you get? Too much exposure to Kennedy Family thinking, I guess.

  31. pomoc says:

    I can believe that most addicts do nothing in life ???????????????????????///

  32. Hal Chase says:

    This loser promised us relief from taxation and that he woild be the champion of the little guy. Instead he turned out to be just another slick talking, big spending elitist. I am so sick of these political power games. Now he has ridden off, leaving the State in even grester debt complaining aboit how he was addicted to power.

    Go back to Hollywood. Good riddance.

    Go back to Hollywood

  33. Tariq Aziz says:

    Schwarzenegger was such a disappointment…a Republican in name only. Unfortunately, Governor Brown will be so much worse.

    California sucks! Confused deviants have taken over every part of our state.

    A message to the rest of the country: Please DO NOT bail us out! Save your money! California will continue to spiral into hell no matter how much money we spend.

  34. tom says:

    Low rating not a snapshot but a really bad movie. This guy was elected as a Republican and governed like a liberal Democrat and actually sunk the state to third world status. The best acting in the world cannot sell this rotten tomato and Arnie is no Sir Lawrence Olivier.

  35. Carrieann says:

    This guy is living in a delusional state! There is NO WAY his ratings would’ve gotten better if he had stayed in office. He took California to a new low — where NO ONE else had ever gone before. He and his family should be hanging their heads between their legs and LEAVE California ASAP! He and his wife was and still are an embarrassment to our state! Please go back east and stay there!

  36. Geoff Pace says:

    He’s STILL ;laying a role. The Terminator has been , himself, TERMINATED !

  37. StevenW says:

    I won’t be baack.

    1. Robert Brock says:

      Remember, Arnold was a RINO, a Liberal Republican that loved political power (a Liberal trait) but was married into the premier Democrat political Dynasty of the 20th Century, the Kennedys.
      His failure to defeat the Unions (teachers, nurses, and correctional officers) and advance his agenda through the propositions he advanced, all contributed to the sorry state of the state.
      But remember, he got nothing from the Liberal controled legislature who spent taxpayer moneies like drunken sailors with little or nothing of value to warrent Liberal waste of our blotted bidget! It was more than just Arnold’s fault!

  38. Jeff Paley says:

    Arnold blew it when he lost his special election. Instead of fighting back, he caved like a whipped puppy with his tail between his legs instead of fighting back. Maybe it was too much to expect of someone married to a strong leftist woman and her never-ending family, “Uncle Ted”, etc to resist those pressures and stick to his convictions. Too bad. He had a great opportunity to turn things around and opted to join them when he couldn’t beat them.

  39. Cebes says:

    Arnold ranks right up there with the worst governors in California.

    1. Wilbur Post says:

      California’s choice of governors reflects on its electorate. Don’t worry, it will improve once an amnesty program is implemented.

  40. Raymond says:

    “he would have started cutting state spending much earlier”
    LMAO! Schwar???????er “cut” spending? Really??? How come I didn’t notice a difference? This guy is delusional. Delusional about power too. What a puppet! Hitler wanna-be! Go back to Hollywood, where only the drugged up jokers are entertained by your waddling around, you liberal piece of trash!

    1. Fannie says:

      NcKTq5 You’re the greatest! JMHO

  41. J Ruben Kincaid says:

    To bad he wasn’t addicted to being a good governor.

  42. MrLiberty says:

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. No surprise here. Just another example of why political, governmental solutions are far inferior to the voluntary win-win solutions gained through market-based approaches.

  43. Jon says:

    “Schwarzenegger said if he’d known how hard California would be hit by the recession, he would have started cutting state spending much earlier.?
    LOL. what a joke. Very thankful that he cannot run for President!!

  44. Banjo says:

    What a sad sack. That “snapshot” is his legacy no matter how he spins it in his own mind.

  45. Charlie Barns says:

    Arnold was not smart enough to do what needed to be done in California. Not to mention he was beholden to special interests.

  46. kentex1146 says:

    He may think his low popularity is just a snapshot, but for me it’s chiseled in granite. He’s a phony now and he’s always been a phony. We were all duped.

  47. GozieBoy says:

    “Addicted to power”; not dissimilar to the dictators for life in North Africa and elsewhere, and the devastation which that has caused. This is perhaps the best argument ever in favor of TERM LIMITS!

  48. Duke says:

    What a worthless IDIOT!

  49. Martin D Fairley says:

    His grasp of the dismal record he left as governor is as bad and incomprehensible as is his ability to speak the english language!

  50. davenjan says:

    Poor Ahhhnold. He’s delusional . His abysmal popularity was well-earned…and commuting the sentence of Fabien Nunez’ son was the topper. I cringe when I think I actually voted for this egotistical jerk.

  51. ConanTheRepublican says:

    Good grief, man… he married a KENNEDY! How “conservative” could he possibly BE?

  52. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Arnold check your ego at the door.

    Managing the destruction of one of our most prosperous States is NOTHING to be proud of.

    Hang your head in shame, and go find a bit part elsewhere.

    1. Caro says:

      Xylccc Kudos! What a neat way of thinking about it.

  53. Jack says:

    And the absolute power in Callifornia resides with unions.

  54. Rob says:

    Agreed – he was on to something. NJ governor is doing it right…that’s what I thought Arnold would do.

  55. Ματθαίος says:

    This is a compliment . . . he has got the stunning of Charlton Heston. I hope he fires like a rocket for the rest of his career, and enjoys every bit of it. He also needs to bring some new blood into the scene–someone that everyone will by into, because he sold him to us. Also, regardless of the heat, if there is anyone that could get Jesse ‘the Body’ Ventura, back into a movie, just for the sake of getting him back into a Schwarzenaction film, it would be the Governator. Gov. Schwarzenegger with Gov. Ventura, that would be a kick arse film. And add just enough conspiracy element to it–neither confirming nor denying kind of thing. And maybe adding some comedy flavor with Steve Carell. That would be awesome. Man that would be so cool to work in that field.

  56. former fan says:

    The terminator’s stint as govenor goes to show that people without prinicpals are poor poltiicans. Arnold started out a republican but quickly became a pragmatist. He cut deals without regard to politics that made his accomplishments, what few there are, a hodge podge of bills. For example, he was supposedly pro business but signed a clean air bill that imposed more costs and regluation on corporations as the pollution from Mexico flows in. His attemtp at pension reform went nowhere as he lost his own referendums. Had arnold took a position and stayed the course he might have been more successful. He will be remembered as a lousey govenor and only another really good terminator movie can save him in the public eye.

  57. msk says:

    Arnold got sand kicked in his face the first time he took on the unions. He was a super WIMP ever after!

  58. RM Edaps says:

    Meathead Arnold is addicted with narcissism.

  59. Lars Skipole says:

    To think that there were people that wanted to do away with the natural born citizen requirment so he could run for president. Oh, wait a minute… never mind.

  60. DaleCA says:

    The power in CA is in the legislature for the most part. The governor can slow bad things down some, but the legislature is what has devastated this state far more than any governor, whether that gov is Davis or Ahnold. Get a governor on the same side as the legislature, like when Moonbeam Brown was there, and you accelerate the worst in governance. And we are paying for Brown’s acceleration of legislative malfeasance to this day.

  61. DBTRN says:

    Be interesting to see who he would commute the last day of his fantasy presidency.

    He also would no doubt replace the American bald eagle with a anemic California condor as our nations premier symbol of strength..

  62. Babydriver says:

    Isn’t he the guy who made ammo so hard to get? How will this help?

  63. NotFondOfLibs says:

    Arnold was a lousy governor who was preceded by a lousy governor. A lousy governor is succeeding Arnold. So, California, you get what you deserve.

  64. working man says:

    Addicted to power just like the demacrats.he is the jimmie carter of calaforina.
    what a shame

  65. travrosty says:

    what a joke he is. he was just like gov. jesse ventura, addicted to the power and fame of the position. california was broke when he came in, he knew better. he didnt care. he was not a conservative, and left california on the brink of bankruptcy.

    1. theDudeinLA says:

      Not true about Jesse Ventura. He actually balanced the budget and sent money back to the people. He left because being in the political spotlight was tearing his family apart.

  66. Eric says:

    If he’s an idiot, what does that say for CA voters?

    1. Freddy Bob says:

      CA voters are pathetic on so many levels. A century of dumbing down works! Thanks teachers’ unions! Thanks, infantilizing “news” & “entertainment”. Thanks celebrities!

  67. Gerald R. says:

    He presided in the office as if he were a Democrat which is why the state went down further “in the tubes” during his tenure. Of course, Californians, which have never been able to graduate from the B.F. Skinner school of learning theory, elected an even more liberal idiot by the name of Brown.

  68. Term Limits says:

    Oh TERM LIMITS!!!!!! Support us! Join us! We need more people! Please sign the Petition for Term Limits at **isupp0rttermlimits.c0m**

  69. moelmsch says:

    Arnold was a big disappointment. I wish I had never voted for him. As it turns out, he is just another liberal or RINO. What do you expect, he’s married to a Kennedy!

    1. Nico says:

      To your defense, it’s not like there was a better candidate. It was “the devil you know or the one you don’t know”. Both turned out to be unmitigated disasters.

  70. SonofLiberty says:

    Its a good thing that he cannot become President. He just admitted that he is addicted to power.

  71. Mike says:

    He wasn’t a real governor…but he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night…


  72. pblumel says:

    Yes, that is why we have term limits! Addiction to power is not the exception, but the norm.

    To sign the Congressional term limits petition, see:

    1. Peerless says:

      4kvQBf Great thinking! That really breaks the mold!

  73. ken says:

    Surprised? Didn’t he marry a Kennedy…..

  74. Henri Tenthorey says:

    He’s the reason I left Kalifornia 3.5 years ago.
    Tennessee is where the good life is…No property taxes!!!

    Hank Chattanoga TN

    1. Nico says:

      Ditto! Left 22 years ago and haven’t missed it one bit.

  75. Robert Morrow says:

    Agree – worthless idiot. Arnolld was every bit as bad a Grey Davis. Every bit.

    1. w says:

      Please quit insulting worthless idiot’s

  76. Ruckweiler says:

    I guess addiction was a habit he picked up with steroids in body-building. Narcissism seems to be another.

  77. San Diego Steve says:

    How pathetic. This is what we get for electing movie stars addicted to power and fame. Reagan was the huge exception because, somehow, he had character and escaped egomania. So sorry that Arnold lost money because he was elected, California lost in every way from his time as governor. We would have been better off with his silly films because he broke every promise he made.

    1. barneyg says:

      Reagan had Alzheimer s, He couldn’t remember he was addicted to power or fame. So he was great at it.

  78. Tom Armstrong says:

    He was addicted to the admiring approval of the leftists in the media and the ligislature. Tax increases anyone?

  79. Joe W says:

    I thought he was addicted to steroids. I wonder what it’s like to know that everything you achieved in your life was the result of illegal steroids. Such a role model. Such a hero.

  80. Dohnal says:

    Worst governor in history. If he would have only known the future he would have been different. Hindsight is 50/50.
    Plan for disaster, revel in success. he just kept spending and soening with out any htought of problems coming.
    We owuld have been better off with a kid picked for a local highh school that had a good upbrining.

  81. Nicco says:

    I think Arnold experienced just how bad the economy is. Thanks Arnold for trying. At some point we must reset the figures and begin fresh again. We obviously need an amendment or law to require a balanced budget so that overspending gets the buzzer and you just can’t go there. We need a computer that keeps track of spending and once you reach the critical point that’s it for this fiscal year. No more spending. Once the money is spent for the year that’s it.

  82. Kevin says:

    The US population only elects the very best. Don’t blame them, look in the mirror….

  83. P PILOT says:

    I voted for TOM MCLINTOCK. WE TOLD YOU SO!!!! (LOL LOL LOL). For those of you who voted for this moron, you obviously are to immature to handle such an adult responsibility, and you should never be allowed to vote again.

  84. Bucko says:

    Schwarzenegger should have had a “D” next to his name — he was just that bad, just that clueless, just that wishy-washy.

  85. Funicochi says:

    Let us not forget the power of the voter in CA. He was successful as governor as he was elected twice. He won the competition. Arnold is a competitor not an idealist. He gave the real people in power what they wanted and he won the competitions because of it. Blame the people not the scape goat. Freedom is about getting what you want, but it’s also being responsible for that freedom.

  86. pynaetlb says:

    And the people suffered for it. You did a lousy job Arnie.

  87. Dusty says:

    Then, as now the Terminator should have kept his mouth shut and stuck to mouthing scripts…

  88. ONTIME says:


    You were ore than neglient in your gubber obligations and your failed manipulations only proved you to be inept at political negotiations besides you claimed you were a Republican and wound up being a super RINO with little or no spine. It seems as though not taking a salary was the right thing to do, that I can agree with and if your missing fingers are found maybe you Deemer buddies will think about mailing them to you…..maybe.

  89. Detter says:

    And then they vote in BROWN? Man Cali needs that MMJ to keep them cooled down. I hear just about anyone can get it…

  90. Joseph Grcar says:

    He was addicted to spending money that we Californians do not have.

  91. Mark John says:

    Two questions come to mind:
    1. What ARE you smoking???


    2. Can I have some??

  92. w says:

    addicted to power, not to governing or keeping his promises. What a total CS

  93. Mike_in_Kyiv says:

    Arnold turned out to be the utimate Girlyman! I remember how LA Commentator Hugh Hewitt pushed this guy as the Republicans had to have a winner and McClintock was the more fiscally prudent man to elect but Hugh and the others saw Arnold as a sure winner where McClintock being the real deal conservative was not electible. Don’t do this again California.

    Now your options are slim. Get MoonBeam off to DC and pump the Congress for legislation so the State – ALL States can bankrupt and just start over. You have a huge financial monkey on your back and it ain’t go’en away by itself. You can’t tax your way out of and you have punks like the SEIU that continue to bleed the State; only way to get them off the dole is to bankrupt. Hope to it and stop whining. Cut program, cut staff and let people start managing their own lives again.

    As for Arnold, sorry you developed an addiction to power – happens to the best of them. You are a pretty good guy but were way in over your head to deal with the Democrat thugs in Sacto. You need a whip and chair and need to act like a lion tamer to get this cabal under control. Good luck.

  94. Nico says:

    Arnold Kennedy is as much a republican as Michael Bloomberg. Gray Davis was terrible, but California jumped from the frying pan to the fire when they elected this loser. Of course, after Moonbeam Brown gets done with his turn, Arnold might even look good.

  95. eric says:

    He didn’t worry because everyone in California knows that they’ll get some Obamastash. What me worry? The money tree is alive and healthy. LOL

  96. KFOR777 says:

    Yes.. He was addicted but now it the people of California that are going through severe withdrawls. Just keep electing those “feel good” canidates to keep up that high. We all know what happens in the end.

  97. matt says:

    This garbage can reduced the sentence of a murderer becuz kids dad campaigned for him.

  98. Paul says:

    I failed. I won’t be back.

  99. LiberalNN says:

    I am Governator and I am here to pump your deficit up.

  100. Fed up says:

    Another hollywood joker who thinks he is beyond approach. his movies sucked, couldn’t hold a candle to Stallone. one would have to have assumed he was a power junkie ass, afterall that is what all kenedy women go for. Glad he is gone hopw he satays away forever.

  101. Willie Lowman says:

    And so, now you elect Moon Beam? And re-elect Boxer? Calif is totally hopeless.

    1. Freddy Bob says:

      Willie, I never argue with a man when he’s right. California is a lunatic asylum with palm trees, run by the lunatics. I have the dubious honor of living there.

    2. w says:

      yes it’s hopeless, the inmates are running the asylum

  102. Dudley Dufus says:

    Schwartzenegger got one thing and only one thing his entire term in office. He held the line on increasing taxes. But its all over now. Californians can expect significant tax increases together with a few budget cuts which will be blown up like a huge budget gouge. All state employees can rest assured they will still have outrageous pensions and will be required to put in next to nothing for their own retirement. Four years from now, stupid Californians will be blaming their inability to close the budget deficit on Palin or Bush.

  103. snowbane says:

    Addicted to crack more like it he should stick to making lame ass movies, that way he doesn’t have to try and form full sentences when speaking

  104. TomT says:

    Politicians are afraid to face the real problem–PUBLIC EMPLOYEE PENSIONS.Cripe lets pay firemen and cops what a neurosurgeon would only dream of as a pension.A joke.

  105. Charles says:

    He has been pathetic from day one. Another miserable failure.

  106. Freddy Bob says:

    1) If Arnold had cared *at all* about California & its people, he would have supported Tom McClintock for governor. 2) The Esteban Nunez clemency is unconscionable – therefore Arnold has no conscience that we would recognize. What a worthless excuse for a governor or a person. 3) I’ll throw Arnold one bone: His first 5 ballot initiatives, years ago, would have saved the state if they had passed. Thanks teachers’ union; thanks public employees’ unions. I wish I believed in an afterlife for them to burn in.

  107. BBS says:

    You should go cold turkey!

  108. earl says:

    Too bad he wasn’t addicted to being a good governor not just being governor.

  109. Wayne says:

    Setting all politics aside, what is the realistic solution now to the financial problems in California?

    1. JM in San Diego says:

      The ridiculous, runaway roster of state employees has to be trimmed. There’s a Department of Food and Agriculture that doesn’t grow anything; there’s a Solid Waste Management Board the has no garbage trucks. There’s an Insurance Commission that doesn’t sell insurance. There’s a Public Utilities Commission that can’t generate a single watt of electricity.

      There are _HUNDREDS_ of state agencies, most which are useless. We need CalTrans, we need the water board (maybe) and we need the National Guard. Cut the rest.

  110. Karen says:

    I was unpleasantly amazed when the governator was elected in Ca. IMO, he shouldn’t have been allowed to run because he wasn’t a natural-born citizen of this country. Governors need to have that rule applied also. He was a disaster, and now look at the mess Ca. is in.

  111. JS says:

    Fortunately for all of us, I think we’ve seen just about the last of Mr. S. After this round of postmortem interviews about his Governorship is completed, I can’t imagine what would propel any future interest in him at all. (unless the dirt-bag he pardoned commits another murder) The movie career was already on life-support and his run at politics is at an end. He might try to get in line for a political appointment or some such thing, but other than that, he’ll just have to amuse himself with his business interests, and the hundreds of millions he has amassed.

  112. John Girvan says:

    Yeah he was addicted to Governating and it was a bad trip from beginning to end!

  113. sailordude says:

    Why isn’t he blaming the Democrat State Congress?

    It worked for Obama.

  114. JM in San Diego says:

    I didn’t read the article. “Ah-nold” is so Last Decade.

    Fade away, run away, go away. Away is good for that guy.

  115. Cineski says:

    Ah yes, Ahnold. The man who signed unconstitutional laws and let criminals out of jail early because of political connections. Come visit California, stop and ask any of us what we think of our ex-governor. The consensus isn’t pretty.

  116. Miguel says:

    “Arnold” will NEVER be popular, ever again. If he’d been allowed to remain governor in CA, he would have been run out on a rail by the Workers of California whose jobs “Arnold” in cooperation with my former party’s activists destroyed in their global warming fantasies and their environmentalist hatreds for prosperity and for America’s Common Man and Woman.

    “Arnold” will forever hated because he shot Republicans and conservatives in the back and he’s hated by Democrats simply because he is a fake Republican.

  117. jayson says:

    Arnold – You had a chance to become a great governor, a real leader that could have saved the State of California from the death spiral it is in. But you turned out to be nothing but a girlie-man when it came to sticking to what many believed to be your conservative principles. Too much pillow talk with your lovely bride has now turned you into no more than a useful idiot of the left. Your new role as a global warming crusader makes you nothing but a laughing stock. Sad.

  118. nickc1969 says:

    CA voters rejected all Schwarzenneger’s ballot proposals in 2005, which could have made a real difference in the long-term viability of the state budgets. Everything Arnold did after that rejection was a big “Eff you” to the people of California.

  119. Noah_Fing-whey says:

    Too bad he wasn’t addicted to fixing the problems of the state. Politicians have waaaaaay too much power.

  120. W says:

    just another juiced up Austrian Meat Head

  121. Native Born Californian says:

    Regardless of who is governor, California is just too big and too unmanageable to be administrated as a single entity. Better to divide Calif into Southern, North-Central, and let the far north join with far south Oregon.

    It is certain that the new (old) guy, Brown, will get the same if not worse results for the same reason. Calif is simply too big to be an effective political entity. Sure, the politicians will be against any division, but politicians are not know for correctly analyzing anything.

    I saw this coming and left Calif in 1989.

  122. GaryCa says:

    Arnold is 100% correct that his abysmal popularity rankings were “just a snapshot” and that “they would have rocketed to the top” had he not been forced out of office by term limits.
    How does he know this? You see Arnold is actually a cyborg is sent from the future on a deadly mission. He was to kill Sarah Connor, a young woman whose life will have a great significance in years to come (she becomes Governor of the State of California in 2026, but that is another story). The Terminator uses his exceptional intelligence and strength to find Sarah, but decides he would rather be Governor of California instead. Failing miserably as Governor of California, he decides “I will be back” and is working now on a plan to return back to 2003 and, now knowing about the Great Recession of 2008, correct his previous mistakes so as to come out smelling like a rose. As a side note, he also returns to 1947 and whisk his mother from Austria to Los Angeles so that he is born an American and then run (and win) the Presidency of the United States in 2016.

  123. Bill says:

    Oh boy where to start. this guy is still addicted to power. He thinks if he stayed in power his ratings would have gone through the roof. He’s lucky they don’t sue him for malfeasance

  124. disgusted citizen says:

    boycott anything to do with a worthless human being who commutes the sentence of a criminal – wonder if this violence had happened to one of his family or the Kennedy clan if he would have acted in the same manner?

    Delusional hypocrit………….

  125. Alan Richards says:

    You were addicted to being a “girlie-man.”

  126. Dennis K says:

    Obama is proof of the failure of liberalism, radical at that. Plus how an inexperienced narcissist has no business in a high government position in this country.

    Arnold is the same from the moderate side, and his admitted ” narcissism addiction” is refreshing, Obama is incapable of really admitting he is wrong, he talks but it is just words, he is the ultimate self absorbed narcissist.

  127. Paul says:

    Funny how all the states run by democrats are in debt and sinking fast. Even worse has happened with the federal deficit since Obamao began his socialist regime. Face it folks, we tried. Affirmative action does NOT work. Obamao is proof, and a village somewhere is missing it’s idiot.

  128. redtapedmouth says:

    To suggest that he failed is to ignore the opposition faced when one is of one party and struggling to reach compromises with the other party. It’s like the people who place the blame on any politician when a rabbit doesn’t come out of a hat, these are not gods these are people, if you believe you can do better, by all means, run for Gov, Pres, you name it!

  129. DBTRN says:



    In a dramatic ruling giving gun owners a win in an National Rifle Association / California Rifle and Pistol (CRPA) Foundation lawsuit, this morning Fresno Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Hamilton ruled that AB 962, the hotly contested statute that would have banned mail order ammunition sales and required all purchases of so called “handgun ammunition” to be registered, was unconstitutionally vague on its face. The Court enjoined enforcement of the statute, so mail order ammunition sales to California can continue unabated, and ammunition sales need not be registered under the law.
    Read more…
    Read 982 times
    Written by C D Michel ”


    Mr. Schwarzenegger: We know, Maria had nothing to do with it. This was a Republican plot right?

  130. Richard Pope says:

    Arnold was caught between a rock and a Kennedy place. He ventured off the farm with his speech at the Republican Convention and was schooled by his wife, a Kennedy on the realities of public life. He had his fortune, his family and his children at risk. Arnold despite his movie image was held hostage by his liberal family and the libs in the California legislature. Arnold became a girlieman………

  131. MSJ says:

    Well, you brainaic Californians…you may have been dumb for electing Arnie but you clearly didn’t learn. You supported and still support the guy who is doing the same thing to the entire country. CA is truly like a bowl of cereal…full of flakes, fruits and nuts–and dumb ones at that. Ignorance can be fixed. Stupidity is permanent.

  132. sickoffools says:

    New lesson which is old common sense; no more actors, wrestlers or any other media hog to be elected to office. America’s obsession with fame and cellebrity must stop. More of these so called and why they are celebrated people are amazing ‘f” ups more so than a regular person working 9-5. Special treatment combined with ‘yes’ men and daily flattery does not define or merit the ability to run a local business, a city, a state, or even be a Governor. The steroid juice went from arms and chest to his noggin. a gray matter of mush; two terms and he’s put Cali in the worst budget ever, more pork projects and illegals running rampant, so bad they’re spilling into other States. California believes in Global warming, ug boots, 2012, welfare, the Mexican flag, ego’s, banning the American flag and common sense. After all they voted Pelosi and Boxer back in. Idiots !! Who cares if a super storm hit that State, wash it away and let’s redefine the coastal shoreline. When you sleep with a Shriver, I mean a Kennedy, she rules his roid brain and his ‘hooked on phonics’. Any you all thought a weight lifter, turned Actor with a cigar was gonna save the day. Ha, glad I split years ago. Now you’ve got Moonbeam in again, how the heck did ya all manage that, he already ‘f’ d things up before. Want more , huh.

  133. rick says:

    he was and is a jerk

  134. JD says:

    Asta La Vista Arnie! You unseated Grey Davis with all these claims of his ineffeciency and how you would turn things around. California is in worse shape now, then it was then! Thanks Arnie! 🙁 You better go back to Hollywood cause as far as politics go, you “Won’t be baaack!”

  135. BalkanDeputy says:

    Let’s see.Dianne Feinstein, Barbara ( don’t call me Madam) Boxer, and now Jerry Stinfeld, I mean Brown. Californacation deserves what it gets. I hope Mexico annexes the state.

  136. Dj says:

    WORST governor… ever.

  137. Eyeball says:

    Too bad he wasn’t addicted to maintaining the platform that he ran on. Being conservative.

  138. Parsley says:

    He certainly has no self-esteem issues.

  139. MarkinIdaho says:

    Reagan – bad actor, good governor. Arnold – good actor, bad governor.

    Seems that acting like a governor is not the same as governing, and governing actors is not the same as acting.

    No surprise, really.

  140. Mike Ferraro says:

    Addicted? You were addicted to your own ass….you idiot.

  141. Too bad there isn’t a 12-step for this. Although I don’t know really how he can “make amends” at this point.

  142. Historyscoper says:

    Whatever kind of job he did, Ahnuld was always the lion basking in the sun of his own charisma. Will he find a way to get around the Constitution and become the first president who sounds like Wolfgang Puck?


  143. robert says:

    Arnie can now go back to doing what he always did best: Hamming it up in movies and throwing down one liners.

  144. Meatwad says:

    I’ve read them all and not one of you has a clue. Arnie was brought in to kil one lawsuit against the power kartels, an $11 bilion suit and he dropped it as soon as he moved in. We would have far lower electricity bills id the suit went through, but we are stuck with it, that went up 3,000 percent. What business could afford THAT!

  145. Andre Ouellet says:

    Arnie was a typical corrupt politician. As Meatwad said, he made sure the rape of California by the power companies (remember Enron’s “rolling brownouts”) went unpunished. He tried to force LNG on the State, when cheaper gas was available on interstate pipelines. He broke the State financially by lowering auto license fees, to pay back the Auto Dealers who backed him. In typical Republican fashion, he indebted the State with interest paying bonds that make the bankers love him. In typical Democratic fashion, he lead the fight to impose carbon taxes on us. He didn’t even wait until out of office to begin his next job (lobbyist for the globalists), by heading out of the country to promote outsourcing of high tech jobs. Thank heaven he is terminated.

  146. Meatwad says:

    Thanks Andre . If you remember, after the sustained increase in the elecricity price by 3,000%, it was close to 30% of restaraunts had to close, even long time well known shops all due to the cost of electricity and the energy cartels. The ballots stuffing in the term previous to the Davis Lawsuit was a slam dunk election fraud that allowed the kartels to increase rates at will. Arnie comes in, drops the lawsuit that would have not only returned the money already spent but lower the rates to previous levels before those outrageous increases as well, which still remain at that extraordinary high rate. And they still are raising the rates as I type (SDGE).

    That was his only purpose when he ran for that seat. He never told the voters of his meeting with Ken Lay et al prior to his decision to run. The recall, the ballot fraud, and they tell me if I don’t like it go vote?

  147. Jimmy says:

    Hank is a loser??? Whats wrong with you morons, He’s absolutely right!!!

  148. Rodney King says:

    Can’t we all just get along?

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