SANTA ANA (CBS) — Authorities say Santa Ana police shot and killed a man and his dog after he ran from officers seeking him for a suspected probation violation.

Police Corporal Anthony Bertagna says the man fled from police when they approached him Sunday afternoon and ran to his home, where a large pit bull attacked the officers in the yard and was shot.

Bertagna says police then chased the man to a neighbor’s house, where they shot and killed him.

He says a weapon was found next to the man, but did not say what kind.

Bertagna says the man — whose name was not immediately released — was on probation for a weapons violation.

Police have not revealed how many officers fired or how many shots were fired.

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  1. Ricardo Ignacio says:

    Cops are trigger happy

    1. headjazz says:

      Not nearly enough!

  2. ja says:

    lots of gang activity & graffiti on shelton, not surprising at all.

  3. Daysi Lopez says:

    you know i cant believe that cops would be so stupid and jurks to kill a 19 year old boy a every dog that they had to walk by i feel about to explode i want to kill every copmthat is a jurk but im sorry to say that but that is how i feel:D

    1. Den says:

      A 19 year old isn’t a boy, he’s a full grown man.

    2. headjazz says:

      You need an education as much as you need medication!

  4. swhitS says:

    Another senseless murder by the cops. The list keeps going. Why were they in the back yard, don’t they need a warrant? Oh, yes, the Patriot Act where the gov can take away all your possessions, money, seize your home and assets just for – nothing.
    They found a gun but hey – did he shoot or threaten to shoot??? Does not sound like it!
    Wake up America martial law is next.

    1. B M says:

      is anyone thinking about the people in the home. seriously!

  5. Sherri says:

    oh,Daysi ! Bless your heart.

  6. rm says:

    what does his age have to do with it daysi?? if he had a weapon and knew how to use it it would not matter if he was 19 or 9 they should shot him as for the dog if it attacked them then what else could they do but shot it i feel no piity for stupid people who break the law and run from the police

  7. Guillermo says:

    Nice to know you condone the killing of cops and, by the way, your English is great. Your rationale for killing is, “every dog that they had to walk by i feel about to explode i want to kill every copmthat is a jurk.” You’re quite the nice person. Go to hell, at least get the hell out of the country

  8. PL says:

    He was probably carrying
    to protect himself from other
    Gang members

  9. sco says:

    Good Job SAPD. Maybe someday people will realize why laws are made and see why it’s really easier doing the right thing all the time. Another thug off the streets. A million more to go! Think! Educate yourself!! Live life!

  10. Justice Served says:

    Probably justified. Why run if you’re innocent?

  11. Evelyn L says:

    Why is everyone blaming the Cops. The perp. ran had a pit bull and was on probation!!! I bet is that he is a gang member so HE does not belong on the streets!!

  12. robert S. says:

    Kind of hard to ignore a suspect when he rabbits from you, and has his dog try to kill you. What would you do if you were attacked by a big nasty dog? What would you do if you were shot at? I think I know the answer to that one! You shoot back. Cops have a tough job as it is!

  13. 187cops says:

    wow you people are really ignorant. a 19 year old is not a full grown man, and cops had to reason to shoot the guy just because he ran? wow.

  14. Miguel says:

    The cops did the wrong thing….they took away a son a brother n friend forever n still they give each other high fives after they shoot him and his dog..justice will come and the person who is gona judge those cops will be god..lets see how would they feel if they loose one of their children?..and why do they have tazor guns if they aint gona use them ..DISCRIMINATION is the word….RIP MARTIN U WILL ALWAYS BE IN OUR HEARTS ……. WE MISS U CARNAL……

    1. Tiffany Ruiz says:

      Miguel Your Very NIcee For UnderStanding
      He’s Was My Cousin Martin Ruiz Jr
      My Names Tiffany Ruiz
      Thanks For Knowing Whaat Me And My Family Are Going Through

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