LOS ANGELES (CBS) — In the wake of the shooting death of a nearly naked man in Playa Vista, civil rights activists want a review of policies for officers dealing with intoxicated or mentally disturbed people.

Reggie Doucet Jr., 25, a model who played football in college, apparently argued with a cabbie bringing him home from a Hollywood club. During the argument, he stripped naked outside the Crescent Park West condominiums, where Doucet reportedly lived.

When police arrived, they were able to get him to put on some boxer shorts, but he allegedly ran off. Police say they confronted him in the doorway of a building, where Doucet began fighting with the officers.

When he allegedly tried to grab an officer’s gun, he was fatally shot.

“I heard them try to detain him and he would not comply and there was a fight, a physical fight, and then I heard two shots,” neighbor Monica Vogelbacher said.

The two officers who fought with Doucet were treated for minor injuries – both suffered blows to the face – and a squad car was destroyed in a crash in the 4200 block of Centinela Avenue as backup officers rushed to the scene.

Earl Ofar Hutchison of the Los Angeles Urban Roundtable and Eddie Jones of the Los Angeles Civil Rights Association say they’ll discuss the shooting at a news conference and want Chief Beck to review Los Angeles Police Department policies for officers dealing with intoxicated or mentally disturbed people.

Doucet, about 6 feet and 190 pounds, played defensive back at El Camino College and Middle State Tennessee University. He was raised in Prunedale, Calif., where he was a track and football star at North Monterey County High School.

He played junior college football at El Camino College, before he earned a scholarship to Middle Tennessee.

Doucet had been working as a personal fitness trainer and part-time model, Ellison said. He was unmarried, but has daughter who is 3 or 4 years old, Ellison told The Times. He also reportedly had been working as a nightclub promoter.

“What bothers me is that if he was naked, they knew for a fact that he didn’t have any weapons on him,” he said.

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Comments (28)
  1. Arthur R Spafford Jr says:

    Outrage? Why would there be outrage? Why did Reggie think he had to fight with police in a state of undress? Do you think the autopsy will show that Reggie had drugs in his system? Go figure! Why would a cop shoot poor Reggie? Do you think Reggie was trying to get the cop’s gun or perhaps the football star had already recovered the cop’s gun?

    Reggie should not have been running around in his boxers acting like an idiot!

  2. mike says:

    Review urged? What do you think the police are doing? It’s not line the movies where a cop shoots someone and then goes back out on patrol an hour later. He will be placed on administrative desk duty until he sees a psychologist and internal affairs does their investigation.

    And what do “Civil Rights Activists” suggest that the police do when someone tries to grab their gun during a fight?

    Do you think he just wanted to see the caliber? This is another case of irresponsible reporting by the controversy driven media.

  3. Efrain says:

    Ok… then the cops should have let him take the gun away and shot at least one of them. C’mon…!!!

  4. Enough of the Race Card says:

    Why dosent the Civil Rights Ass try teaching blacks not to run and fight with police? A naked black man tried to arm himself with a police officers gun during a fight……that makes it a good shoot. What bothers me is the fact that CRA always blames the police and makes the bad guy sound like an Outstanding Citizen. Try backing the police for once and realize the problem lies with the Black comunity.

    1. Marco says:

      You ever tried being a Black Man?

      1. c says:

        If i did, I’d have a job, a big pay raise, a corner office, and preferred treatment everywhere i go…all because I’m black. Who will be the next black who thinks he can run around naked at 3 am acting a fool and get away with it??? He may have been a great football player and a good looking model, but he sure was stupid!!!

  5. Arthur R Spafford Jr says:

    PS: Outrage? The citizens of Los Angeles should be outraged that Reggie would injure two LAPD officers performing their duties and two other LAPD officers injured when their car crashed while attempting to back up their brother officers.

    Nice photo, Reggie!

  6. scott says:

    he may have been naked, but he tried to grab the officer’s gun and if he HAD
    gotten it you would have had an armed naked guy — so do the math

  7. Mike says:

    But he grabbed at an officer’s weapon. Remember RPD Officer Bonaminio?

  8. c says:

    Naked or not, you try reaching for an officers gun, they have no choice but to shoot. But of course, since he’s black, he’s got every right to. and because he’s black, every black preacher in America is going to come out of the woodworks and protest this shooting. When will blacks learn…BULLETS DON’T DISCRIMINATE. They keep thinking they’re black skin will protect them. When a cop says FREEZE, obey!!! They need protect themselves, too!!!

  9. Dave says:

    Football,club promoter,model,fitness trainer & now you can add criminal to the list

  10. Sick and Tired says:

    I agree ENOUGH of the “RACE CARD” It’s getting old … He should not have been out naked acting like a fool… and exactly review what???? he had already been acting like an idiot… But of course it’s gonna be OK because he is black… Enough of this RACIAL SENSITIVITY ….. I am pretty sure if you are home or even out on the streets…. regardless of what race you are a cop is not going to barge in your home and shoot you … You have to be doing something very stupid to even get noticed… TOO MANY EXCUSES !!! I think the racists are the ones that are even looking at color and bringing out Civil Rights into this situation and not seeing that a “human” is the one that is out of line…

    1. HAVE SOME RESPECT ! says:

      None of you have the full story ! AT ALL. Regardless have some respect for a Life lost ! Someones Son, Brother, Father, Cousin, Nephew and Friend gone ! No one is perfect, or makes the best decisions ALL the time, NO ONE. However just to set the record straight… Reggie arrived home in a cab, upon arrival he realized he did not have enough cash to pay the cab fair, so he told the cab driver he would run in the house and get the money. (of course the cabbie couldn’t trust that he was honest being that he didn’t know him) so Reggie decides to leave behind his expensive clothes as a type of reassurance he would return. Unfortunately, when he arrives to his complex’ gated entry, he also realized he was locked out. He began running back n forth between the different gated entrances to try and catch a resident coming out or in. THEN THE COPS ARRIVE, regardless of what happens next… He was Unarmed, he lived there, and he had NOT committed ANY crime ! So your telling me that 2 TRAINED COPS couldn’t restrain 1 UNTRAINED mostly naked man ???!!!!!!???? How about TASER, PEPPER SPRAY, BILLY CLUB?????!!!!!??? THAT IS WHY HIS FAMILY AND FRIENDS ARE OUTRAGED ! IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE (besides the officer that shot him was AFRICAN AMERICAN !)

      1. rm says:

        the cops were only TALKING TO HIM had got him to put his shorts back on and all was well till he decided to RUN from them when they tried to again get him under control HE reached for their guns and was shot i applaud the police they did their job this kid-man how ever nice he was to his family and friends made a deadly decision that night and paid for it end of story

  11. Kathy says:

    Wow.. A life was lost and you MORONS are ok with this? Doesnt matter if he was black or white he was still a human being and he was someones son, father, and friend. You should all be ashamed!!!!!!

    1. rm says:

      ashamed of what black white asian or what ever else you grab at a cops gun YOU NOT ONLY NEED TO DIE YOU DESERVE IT plain and simple

      1. larry says:

        we only have the officer’s statement about grabbing for a gun! why not a taser, both cops shot him? come on people


      2. rm says:

        simple fact people there is a level of reaction to this stuff FIGHT A COP get tazed or mace grab his/her gun DEATH its that simple

    2. Mini Mousekat says:

      The comments were made because EVERY SINGLE TIME that a black person is involved with the cops, especially if he/she dies, people play the race card. Yes, it matters that someone died BUT the cops were doing their job. If it had been a white man that was shot, no one would care. But now the NAACP and the ACLU will start flapping their wings about how it’s racist for the cops to shoot at a black man, NO MATTER WHAT HE DID.

  12. James says:

    WOW… I have to agree with all these comments. There is a lot of truth here.. I’m glad were finally willing to tell it like it is.. and try to dump the race card… its a VERY OLD EXCUSE for bad behavior and the results of that behavior

  13. concerned citizen says:

    Reginald would never reach for an officer’s gun. His father is a correctional officer. He had respect for the law and authority. So please sir don’t make such ignorant comments. Also don’t make such assumptions on a man you did not know or love. R.I.P. my friend you will truly be missed and your friends are going to fight so just is served.

  14. R palin says:

    They handled the woman in the SUV differently
    Should have shot her too

  15. Marco says:

    Who said that he was grabbing for the officer’s gun? Did Reggie say it or the police?

  16. Joel Lanuza says:

    you dont try to grab an officers Gun common sence. What are Police suppose to do let him take the gun and shoot one of them. He was fighting with officers. And to the moron asking if I have ever been black no I havent been black and if I was I would probably not have tried to grab the police gun. These Civil right people need to get a life , your a much of morons trying to use the race card where its doesnt even come close.

  17. MoronsAbove says:

    All you idiots above me believe everything you hear? How do you know he was trying to take a officers service weapon? Get a clue.

  18. Stan Polaski says:

    Let’s not rush to skewing the facts here. How does anyone know that he grabbed at an officer’s gun? Many of you are assuming a lot, as Police officers lie all the time, especially on reports after a shooting. They always try to cover theiir tracks. The article did, however, state that he “allegedly” tried to grab at an officer’s gun, so there is room for doubt and corroboration.
    What needed at this point is an independent investigation.
    Morever, let us not forget what just recently occurred in Long Beach to that 35 year old drunken man ( caucasian ) who was shot dead by the Long Beach Police Dept. The Police thought the man was pointing a gun at them, however, it turned out that he was just holding a water nozzle. The Police lied about that shooting as well. Read the reports. The man’s family has initiated a lawsuit against the Long Beach Police Dept., and the City of Long Beach.

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