LAKE ELSINORE (CBS) — The Riverside County coroner Saturday identified the 13-year-old boy who was killed while riding his bike in Lake Elsinore Friday evening.

Kayel Smith was killed 8 p.m. when he was riding west in the eastbound lanes of Riverside Drive, and apparently veered right to cross the road. He was struck from behind by one westbound vehicle, and thrown to the north side of the road.

Smith suffered major head injuries and was pronounced dead 10 minutes after the crash, at 8:10 p.m.

It was not known if Smith was wearing a helmet, or if his bike had a taillight, when the collision occurred.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said the motorist was cooperating with investigators and not cited.

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  1. Mel Gibson says:

    cars are heavier than bikes. Even if you have the right of way Don’t do it

    1. karter says:

      hey, im one of kayels older brothers.. what they dont tell you in this story is that the car didnt have its lights on. so they didnt even see him coming in the pitch black.

      1. karter says:

        and by they i mean him and the kid he was with didnt see the car coming becuz they both looked before they crossed.

      2. Gage Cason says:

        this is kayels second closest friend and because they didnt mention that made kayel look bad
        jose is my best friend he told me everything

      3. Karter Thompson says:

        yea, gage it made it seem like it was his fault and it wasnt he looked. and so did his friend i just can belive this tragedy.

    2. zerbagirl says:

      hey dude i dont like u

  2. warrk21 says:

    Please go to departedngone and Let The World Know that we have lost a Good Life.
    Departed N Gone

  3. Joanna Ortiz says:

    He Was My Best Friend:'[

    1. Karen says:

      I am very sorry for your loss. My condolences and prayers to you and your family and friends.

  4. says:

    another life taken far too soon…. my houghts go out to the family of the boy and to the driver who meant no harm..

  5. gage cason says:

    he was one of my best friends

  6. heather says:

    This is so sad!!!! For his family to have to bury a child and for all his friends. My god be with them all. Even for the driver who hit him, sure their life is upside down now too!

  7. Arianna Avina says:

    He was a goood kiddd he didn’t deserve to die we all loved him..:(<3
    r.i.p Kayel<3

    1. Gage Cason says:

      i kno

    2. Unknown says:

      I can’t belive this is happening I wish I could go back in time and tell him about god and other things to. I when out with kayel in 6th grade he was awsome funny and a whole bunch of other things I couldn’t belive this when my friends told me this I started crying I can’t imagen how bad Jose feels because he saw the whole thing happen and his parents too if I started crying and I only have known him for 2 years I can’t imagen how his parents feel and family. Well none of us expected this to happen but God does things for a reason and hopefully Kayel is with god right now and is watching us from above kayel I love you so much. R.I.P. Kayel smith:(

  8. Elsie says:

    This is so sad, I had just seen him and his friends minutes before the accident on the corner of Riverside Dr. and Collier. And the only thing I thought of when I seen them was that they shouldn’t be walking or riding on this busy street. My heart goes out to the family and of course his friend who apparently saw the whole thing. This is the second one of my daughter’s classmates that she has lost within 2 years. My condolences to the family. My Prayers go out to all who have known him and may he remain forever in our hearts. Gone but never forgotten. R.I.P Kayel Smith

  9. Karter says:

    him and the other boy he was with both looked and didnt see the car becuz the car didnt have headlights on. they dont tell you this on here, but thats waht they told our mom and family. i accpreciate all the simpathy. it is all greatly appriciated.

  10. karen l. says:

    i am sooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry for my sisters friend he will be remembered forever 🙁
    r.i.p kayel smith

  11. zerbagirl says:

    i know kayel from 1st grade and my friend mariah went out with him

    1. KArter says:

      you dont like me or you dont like the mel gibson guy?
      cuz i didnt do anything wrong but i tink CBS needs to get their story straight.

  12. Jamie says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Will a donation acct be set up? My son went to school with him.

    1. Karter Thompson says:

      to my knowledge at this time not for the funeral it is covered, but she has 4 pther kids and if you are willing to help out i would be glad to exchange information with you.

    2. Shelby says:

      From Kayel’s step mom in Elsinore, there is a memorial fund set up at US bank inside Albertsons at four corners Lakeshore and Riverside Drive.

  13. second mom says:

    Kayel does not have an older brother named Karter…only do not give any $$ to this boy. I am very close to this family and Karter is just a neighbor hood kid who lives by the mom!

    1. Karter Thompson says:

      i said exchange information. allison kayels mom does not have a computer so i would be doing her a favor. by putting her in contact with jamie. i dont know who the hell this is but you are wrong. and obviously not very close to the family or you would know i am a part of it. i am considered a brother to all of allisons kids by everyone in their family. and i would never take money from someone especially in a time of sorrow.there is a bond between me and the family so strong it will never be broken. i am in the process of making a plaque in memory of kayel. may he rest in pace.

    2. Karter Thompson says:

      i do not appriciate you talking down upon me like i dont know what im talking about when you are the one whom is uninfomred.

    3. Karter Thompson says:

      and btw i have known them for 8 years now. so im not JUST a neighborhood kid.

  14. Sandi Lockwood says:

    Please advise of pending funeral arrangements. My kiids were very close to Kayel and have know him for three years. Our prayers and love are with Jason and Shelby and their family.

    1. Karter Thompson says:

      to my knowledge the funeral is this monday in lake elsinore.

      1. jose diaz says:

        how r u kayels brother if i knew all of kayels brothers and he wouldve said something bout you to me cuz i was his best friend and i saw the incident!

      2. Karter Thompson says:

        i am his “brother” iive known him for 8 years and i am best friends with his older brother alec., his moim calls me son andi call her mom and all that. the whole famiilly treats me just like im family i am just not blood connected. and i am very sprry you had to witness it but when he was up here he mentioned a jose that lived down there. he said you were a really cool kid.

      3. jasmine sanchez says:

        im so sorry jose r u ok i want to noe how u feel 🙁
        r.i.p kayel smith

  15. school mate says:

    i think there is going to be a funeral on monday in murrieta

    rip kayel smith

  16. sebastian Ramirez says:

    I knew kayel for 2 years in those years he was cool and funny also he was my friend…….. will i hate it when it ends like this R.I.P kayel smith

    1. Karter Thompson says:

      he was a great kid. he will always be in our hearts. and in our memories. many people have had great times with him. and we all love him for that.

  17. sebastian Ramirez says:

    R.i.p kayle smith he was my friend for 2 years i will miss you kayle friends for ever

  18. Heather,Hunter,Erica and Jose says:

    Kayel we love you and we miss you terribley Erica and I know you are an angel with God in heaven we all miss you R.I.P KAYEL SMITH LOVE FRIENDS!

    1. Shelby says:

      I like your comment guys… he loved you all too.

  19. jr says:

    how can a man so strong cry, how can a man with such a strong feeling of life feel empty, how can a man feel so secure in life feel so lonely~~dam man why did a 13 yr so close to me pass away it hurts im lost

    1. Karter Thompson says:

      the thoughts of him constantly obsorb my mind ever since alec (his older Blood brother) hugged me and broke down crying on my shoulder :(. i will never forget kayle.. and noone should hes a great kid. hes loved and cared for by so many.

  20. jr says:

    lil man known you since you where knee high~sad o see you go at a young age but u left alot of memories close to heart your gone but not forgotten i know you can see this tear heaven up make it a huge party like i know you can lil fella R.I.P lil man

  21. jr says:

    to the father and the mother(known you both for 9 yrs) NOT even my child and im dying over here~~i wish you both the best recovery~it hard for me to cope with i cant even imagine your feelings~~but remember im here for ya ~need anything you know how to get hold of me~~your long time friend jr

    1. Karter Thompson says:

      hey jr not sure if ie met you or not but allison doesnt have a computer if youd like when she gets back from california i can tell her to get in touch with you?

  22. Karter Thompson says:

    so this is nicole right? your daughter is mariah and i know where you live so dont be stupid.

    1. Karter Thompson says:

      if you have anymore to say please stop being stupid about it and putting it on this page especially and email me at

      1. concerned says:

        What I can’t understand is what were these kids doing riding on that dark street so late at night? Where were the parents?

      2. Karter Thompson says:

        as far as i know they were on their way to one of their houses. but jose,, the kid that witnessed it commented one here he knows more than i do.

      3. Cody says:

        There destination was only five minuts away and had their parents permision to ride there bikes, I think the whole police report is wrong, yes he was hit by a car and it was dark out, but the driver did not have her lights on and I knew my cousin Kayel well enough to know that he wouldn’t have just veered into the road like the report said.

      4. Karter Thompson says:

        yea, they are trying to make it sound like his fault.

      5. Unknown says:

        I hate how they make it seem like everything was his was not his fault maybe if the chick had her headlights on like the law of California says the have maybe none of this would have happened. Wow I still don’t Belive I mean don’t want to belive that he has passed away. :'(

      6. Karter Thompson says:

        yes, i cannot stop thinking about him.

    2. Daniel Curran says:

      Hellooo, why are you disrespecting people… I have never heard of you coming from Kayels mouth.

      1. Karter Thompson says:

        i am not disrespecting people i am returning the favor of being disrespected. and i am sure he has mentioned me before possibly when you werent around, but, Kayel and Jaosn are both very good friends of mine. i have known them both for at least 6 years each. i remember all the good times with kayel….. i always smile when i thing of them. and all the fun stories he would tell me about california and about jaosns girlfriend and her kids and me and alec and kayel used to spend the whole night locked in a room playing video games all night. alison kayels mom is like a mom to me i go over there alll the time and talk to her and hang out with the younger kids and whenever alec is around me and him are practically glued to each other.

  23. Karter Thompson says:

    anyone with any messages to be relayed to the mother i would be glad too she lives a couple doors down from me and i visit all the time, you can reach me at

  24. kaylee says:

    wat they didnt say is that his best friend was there and saw it happeen kayel we miss u so much 🙁 just ask jose he has the whole story

  25. Sandy says:

    There will be a Memorial tomorrow Sat at the death site from 4-7pm, Funeral is on Monday at 10am at New Song Church.

  26. david rodriguez says:

    i knew kayel for 2 years and i think that this sucks that this has to happen to him

  27. RObert says:

    KAYEL VAUGHN H. SMITH Age 13, resident of Lake Elsinore, CA for 3 years, passed away 01/14/11 due to a bicycle accident. Kayel was born 01/09/1998 in Albany, Oregon. He was a 7th grade student at Terracotta Middle School. Kayel is survived by his parents, Jason Charles Smith and Allison Michelle Wehling; brothers, Alec Anderson and Payton Smith; sisters, Tayah Smith and Addison Opel; grandparents, Vaughn Smith, Sheri Cook Dennis Wehling and Linda Wehling. Funeral 1/24/11, 10am at New Song Calvary Chapel, Lake Elsinore. Potluck following service at 15160 Darnell Dr., Lake Elsinore, CA. Graveside Service 1/24/11, 1:30pm at Elsinore Valley Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests memorial contributions to US Bank “Kayel Smith Memorial Fund

    1. Karter Thompson says:

      yea, i didnt know there was a fund so hopefully the jaime person above reads this.

  28. Cody Reed says:

    Kayel was the funniest, friendliest cousin I had, This doesn’t feel real and I hope that the funeral will give me closure. Being with family really helps the situation during the sad and stressful times. I pray for my family and friends who knew KAyel and that they cxan accept the horrible loss

    1. Shelby says:

      He always talked about you Cody… and it was nice having you all here during the sad times. I really am glad I got to meet you and Alec.

  29. Kenzie Jane Koubeserian says:

    I miss you Kayel. Well we all do. Youu were the funniest guy(: School is different withoutt you.. its not ever going to be the same. You brought laughter into everyone you knew’s life. I remember the last time we talked.. I was cracking up like an idiot. But thats what we all loved about you, anyways, you were a great friend, Rest In Peace <3
    -1.9.98 —-1.147.11- ♥

  30. Karter Thompson says:

    It Has been about 2 weeks since the accident. i cannot stop thinking about kayel and all the great times i had with him alomost everyday i look at this article and cry. this whole tradgedy is playing mind games with me and i have decided that i will never be able to get past it. hes the funniest happiest, most outstanding kind i have ever known and noone can take that from him.

  31. Daniel Curran says:

    I am Jason’s (Kayel’s Father) Girlfriends Son, I knew Kayel for well over a year and a half. Knowing Kayel he was a very Joyful, Friendly and loving person. He collected many weird animals, Made funny jokes outta everything and cussed like theirs no tomorrow. While knowing Kayel, he was my best friend, too be fair he was like everyone’s best friend. Not only was he a best friend, but I accepted him as a brother. I had open arms too the kid every time I got the chance too hang with him. I remember the first week of knowing him, I didn’t want too have anything too do with him. Then, over time I realized he is a very awesome person too hang out with. Kayel has been gone for about 2 Weeks now, and I miss him. I miss him a lot. I love the kid and he will forever be in my heart. Rest In Peace Baby Brother And I love you with all my heart. I hope your in heaven singing NeverShoutNever Songs just like you did done here. Love you brother

    1. Shelby says:

      Love you Daniel… and I think he is in Heaven singing NSN songs and playing all the chickle and kota games his BIG heart desires… he loved you too Daniel… as a brother.

    2. Shelby says:

      He was very joyful, friendly and loving…. God I miss his face, his laugh, his sillyness, his voice… etc, etc, etc,

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