PASADENA (AP) —  Producers of the CBS drama “The Good Wife” want former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to appear on a future episode. But Rumsfeld’s office says it won’t happen.

Robert King, who produces the show with his wife Michelle, said Friday he would like Rumsfeld to appear as himself, called as a witness in a lawsuit. The legal case is about what is considered torture or not, and King said he wants Rumsfeld to testify about why aggressive interrogation is sometimes needed in wartime.

But Keith Urbahn, who works for Rumsfeld, says the subject matter makes the idea a “non-starter.”

King hadn’t asked Rumsfeld yet. He’s also writing the episode with a fictional character in case Rumsfeld won’t do it.

“The Good Wife” has had occasional real-life cameos, including Vernon Jordan and Lou Dobbs.

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  1. Les says:

    I’d like Rumsfeld to appear before a war crimes tribunal.

  2. RuReal says:

    Great actors make the audience believe
    Rumsfeld/ Cheney made America believe
    They deserve Oscars for that role

  3. edlindaspy says:

    During visits to Baghdad’s morgue over the next two days, I saw Sunni families thronging to find the bodies of loved ones killed by the militias. The morgue’s computer registrar told the grim-faced families and me that we would have to be patient; the morgue had taken in more than 1,000 bodies since the Samarra bombing, and was way behind on processing corpses.

    Here’s the thing, though: According to then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and his top commanders, it never happened. These killings, these dead, did not exist. According to them, reporters like myself were lying.

    Sure, get him on the stand,,but I bet he won’t do it!!!

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