LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency has allocated $885 million for projects throughout the city before it is possibly dissolved under terms of the austerity budget Gov. Jerry Brown has proposed for California.

The six-member commission governing the redevelopment agency voted unanimously for the allocations on Friday.

The projects involve infrastructure, affordable housing and cultural facilities.

Commissioner Kenneth Fearn says there would be no assurance the money would go back to the city of Los Angeles if it falls into state hands.

Eliminating local redevelopment agencies is proposed in Brown’s budget, which calls for $12.5 billion in cuts.

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  1. Arthur R Spafford Jr says:

    Pretty big numbers for a city with no money.

  2. alanrw says:

    Did the redevelopment agency get the memo that the state and the city are broke? I thought everyone had figured this out?!?!?! I wonder what color the sky is in their world?

  3. alan hart says:

    We need the roads and bridges fixed as well as other infrastructure items. We don’t need cultural facilities in a time of extreme budget cuts.

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