Disgraced former Bell official spotted in OC

HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBS) — The former Bell city manager who became nationally infamous for his huge salary is now volunteering as a parking lot attendant.

And KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports some Orange County locals say the gig is too good for him.

Visitors to Huntington Beach might catch a glimpse of Robert Rizzo behind the Surfing Museum, standing guard over the tiny parking lot.

It’s a volunteer gig that may be related to a DUI conviction in which has to perform 80 hours of community service.

Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez tells KNX 1070
he caught Rizzo lounging that vaguely resembled “Jabba the Hut”.

Although his name and rotund stature have grown all too familiar to residents here in the Southland, some say it’s still a bit jarring to have a man charged with misappropriating public funds hanging around a local parking lot.

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Comments (8)
  1. bob says:

    SLOB, Give back all the money you stole.
    Have you seen the city of BELL, it is a dump!
    Because slobs like this guy have looted all the money
    I almost got robbed eating a Mc Donalds next to the casino there.
    A dirty city and very dangerous. I feel sorry for these innocent people who are victims.

  2. diana says:

    Looking at this guy, you can see he has had the good life of eating lobster, steak, etc

  3. roy rogers says:

    See this goes to show that even the biggest losers can still find a job no matter what the pay is if they want to work bad enough, So all you people crying about there is no work, get off your butts and do what this loser did got off his sorry butt and got a job. And beliver it or not someone even hired him! Heck they may even hire you, you much of MTV cry babies!

    1. mama says:

      did you read the article? he is forced to volenteer and is not being paid to work since he got a DUI.

  4. who cares says:

    he has a job. But he might steal the cars or at least the money in the ash trays!

  5. J.D. says:

    They ought to roast him for Thanksgiving dinner. He would feed hundreds ! This clown gave those of us with state pensions a bad rap, at the same time he stole from our pension fund. Make him sweep the streets of the City of Bell with a broom until he has paid back everything he stole !

  6. tom says:

    Hey Roy Rogers…Its a volunteer gig not a job. Being a volunteer is not the same as being a employee. Rizzo is not a nice guy and the article was just showing that he was making over a half millions dollars and now is a volunteer making nothing.

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