LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A groundbreaking ceremony will be held Wednesday for a $70 million, 110,000-square foot building that will house meeting rooms, coaches offices and a locker room for USC’s football team.

The John McKay Center will also include a weight room, facilities for all of the university’s 21 sports teams, an academic center, and digital media production facility.

Construction for the two-story building is expected to take 18 months, according to athletic director Pat Haden.

“Once this facility is completed, our physical infrastructure will be among the finest of any athletic department in the nation,” Haden said in October when plans for the building were announced.

The John McKay Center will be directly west of Heritage Hall, the athletic department’s headquarters. The field will be relocated just south of its current spot, between the John McKay Center and the Locker Track Stadium.

Heritage Hall will remain in use and “always be the central point of our athletic department,” Haden said.

“The reality is that we have outgrown Heritage Hall and we are badly undersized and overcrowded in there,” Haden said.

“This new building will be the finest of its kind anywhere and will provide our student-athletes every opportunity to succeed academically and athletically.”

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  1. Fight On! says:

    Not big enough.. They should buy the Coliseum and build the new facility there. Very dumb decision coz now they’re wasting $$ on the new facility but it’s still not big enough. Buy the Coliseum and leave the Campus alone, it’s too crampy there. Buy the Coliseum and players can even practice there, and build a bridge from the Coliseum to across campus so players don’t have to cross the Street(Expo Blvd).

    1. Mike Oxbig says:

      Great idea, it’s only about a fifth of a mile between the Coliseum and the Southern edge of the campus (forgot about the CA Science Center and Expo Park, huh?) That means it’ll take athletes about 30-35min on foot if they want to get to a class at someone like Annenberg, THH or VKC, it’ll be about 45min from the dorms, unless you put them all in Parkside. Anyone involved with the 20 OTHER sports will be a long way from their practice areas and God knows how much was spent on the Galen Center and presumably you want the basketball and volleyball teams to go back to the Sports Area? The football team plays on turf. Turf gets torn up, especially when it’s wet. Do you really want the teams wrecking the playing surface before game day? Also, at Howard Jones Field, there’s a bigger practice area with 1.5 fields available.


    2. Mike Oxbig says:

      They have 36,000 sq ft to play with there. That’s big enough for most things that don’t involve operating airplanes.

      1. Fight On! says:

        OxSmall, LMFAO.. 35 minutes to get to class and it’s only several hundred feet away from Class? What are they? Turtles? They’re athletes who can probably walk faster then YOU running, even in your wheelchair. IDIOT!

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