LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A stitch in time apparently saves a lot more than just nine.

Meet the Krochet Kids…Three guys, yes, guys…avid skiiers who also loved to crochet. They liked the idea of creating their own unique headgear.

A local newspaper in their hometown of Spokane, WA officially dubbed them the Krochet Kids.

Soon, they got the idea to take their money-making business global, but not to make money for themselves. They set out on a mission to teach the world’s poor how to break the cycle of poverty.

They took their yarn worldwide to teach crocheting…and since they started in 2007, the Krochet Kids have literally changed hundreds of lives.

Our hats off to them, literally and figuratively.

For more info about the Krochet Kids, click on the following link: http://www.krochetkids.org/

For more about the People’s Fleet, click here: http://thepeoplesfleet.com

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  1. Beverley says:

    Pat Harvey on the news should be ashame of these liars who claim to have taught these people in Africa to crochet. They have been doing this for decades and so have many other in countries such as Jamaica. I am an African American and its a disgrace for people to get up there and lie about such things. This phony news and hipocropsy should end and be investigated before airing on television. I hope there is a correction for this

    1. Ethan Vaughn says:

      You are an ignornat person. You are so concerned with being right that you overlook how much good Krochet Kids is doing. You are the one who should be ashamed!

    2. Idro Dominic says:

      Hay Beverley, just buy the hats to help your sisters and brothers here have food and go to school, I want to assure you that krochet Kids is real, I work with krochet kids in Uganda, no doubt sister!, lets stop being selfish.

  2. BillyBoy says:

    So? Have been crocheting, knitting, sewing, and macrame-ing (also making sand candles, jewelry, etc) since 5 years old, and have been showing the indigent how to do the same. My wife disassembles plastic shopping bags into balls of plastic “yarn” and knits and crochets hats and handbags out of the same. Anyone want a hat or handbag made out of Stater grocery bags?

    1. BillyBoy says:

      BTW – Recovering people in 12-step programs really dig on learning how to do things like this as part of their recovery.

  3. patti says:

    I have a friend who will be moving. She has lots of yarn left over from her projects that she can not take with her. Would they be interested? I would be willing to ship the yarn where ever it is needed. Please let me know. So glad for people like you.

    1. Richard Schmieg says:

      Hey Patti! Thanks so much for wanting to donate to the cause! Unfortunately, we already have production planned out in regards to yarn color and such, so we’re not looking for any yarn at this time. But thank you so much! We’re always looking for volunteers for events and stuff, so feel free to go to the website to get involved in other ways if you want!

      -Richard, KKi Intern

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