RIVERSIDE (CBS)  — The body of a 33-year-old Lake Elsinore woman who went missing on a trip with her convicted sex-offender boyfriend was found Tuesday.

The body was found near Landers, a remote area of San Bernardino County.

Tanya Petro’s remains were discovered during a search of Pipe Canyon Wash, according to San Bernardino County sheriff’s officials.

A homicide investigation involving detectives from Riverside and San Bernardino counties was under way.

Petro was reported missing Saturday after concerned family members were unable to reach her.

The victim had been last seen leaving her apartment in the 1400 block of Morro Way, getting into a Toyota pickup truck driven by her boyfriend, Ronald Wayne Paoletto, according to Riverside County Sheriff’s Sgt. Patrick Chavez.

Paoletto is a registered sex offender, Chavez said.

Under state law, anyone convicted of a sex-related crime is required to keep authorities informed about where they are living and when they relocate.

Petro and Paoletto were supposed to travel together to Yucca Valley to visit the latter’s children, according to Chavez. He said Paoletto arrived in Victorville on Sunday afternoon — without the victim.

Petro had allegedly told friends and family that Paoletto physically assaulted her a week before, Chavez said.

Paoletto was arrested in Hesperia Monday afternoon for alleged parole violations.

He is being held in lieu of $25,000 bail at the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga.

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Comments (11)
  1. lala63 says:

    I’m sorry – this is aweful news, but if you play with fire and then go back for more …… what do you EXPECT?

    1. jill says:

      she didn’t know he was a sex offender… and he allegedly forced her to go with him. You are right though- no time is too soon to leave someone who is harming you!

  2. Mary818 says:

    Thats it?????? $25,000 bail? Thats nothing for a convicted sex offender and murderer. They shouldn’t let him out at all!!!! My condolences to her family

  3. Dumb Mistake says:

    Play with fire burn with matches.
    Dance into the Fire
    The evil’s kiss, the wicked fingers
    Dance into the Fire

  4. tiffany says:

    wow, i knew this young lady. my prayers go out to her family and her two young children. r.i.p. tanya

  5. sunshine says:

    sorry tanya this hapen to you god will welcome you with open arms see you when i get there ..ill keep your girls in my prayers always im gonna miss seeing her at circle k ……100% respect ..

  6. Family says:

    For all you people talking $hit… If you cant say anything nice dont say nothing at all! I hope this happens to you so i can write mean stuff on your blogs!!! And for all the people writing nice stuff we thank you very much! R.I.P. Tonya! : (

    1. gigi's friend says:

      Do you really HOPE this happens to others? The mean comments are obviously unnecessary and from people not in the know.

  7. Angie Nelson says:

    om my gosh you all havent even said anything nice what about her poor little kids left without there mother now and for tanyas poor mom not being able to see her daughter anymore thats what you all should be focusing on not that she shouldnt have had a sex affender boyfriend thats for god to judge not you all.

  8. rebeca says:

    r.i.p tanya she was a beautiful person inside and out i known her for 6 yrs she was a good person someone please let me know if u have info on when the funeral is thank u

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