Remember Knut the cute polar bear? Well, forget him.By Kent Shocknek


Look, I could bore you with statistics that Heidi, the cross-eyed opossum, is a big hit at her zoo in Germany, and has more than 65-thousand fans on Facebook, and has a song on YouTube in her honor; or I could just say “Oh, isn’t that just the sweetest widdle thing??” …and look elsewhere to reclaim my dignity.

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Comments (4)
  1. Kristi Hall says:

    Dignity? Ha! I just say, the world is so full of ugliness these days that I will take a smile where I can get it, dignity aside!

  2. Alex Schoknecht says:

    Kent, I think the only obvious solution is to do the news cross-eyed.

  3. Robertson says:

    I’m almost too embarrassed to admit that I watch your show in the morning.
    Quit acting like 4 school girls, and get more serious about the news.

  4. BikeRider says:

    Really?? Get more serious about the news?? How much more serious could the news get? Politics: In the toilet, regardless of who you like… Economy… ditto… etc… Something lighthearted comes our way and you want it TAKEN AWAY in favor of more serious garbage?! I’ll take 100 stories about messed up opossums, car-guy info, etc over all that other stuff any day of the week!

    Kent, the 4 of you in the morning make a great team! You all have the right approach to what you are broadcasting. I hope they keep this team together for a long time to come!

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