Commission fears remains being mishandled

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Officials with a Mexican-American cultural center being built in downtown Los Angeles plan to meet with representatives of the Roman Catholic archdiocese and Indian leaders over concerns that human remains unearthed during construction are being disturbed.

But LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes spokeswoman Katie Dunham said Monday that the center’s planners don’t intend to halt work ahead of those meetings.

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles owns the construction site that was once the location of a 19th century church and cemetery. Church officials say they were never told that extensive remains were found at the site.

The state Native American Heritage Commission, meanwhile, has asked for a halt to work because of fears that Indian remains were being mishandled at the site.

Dunham says the center is appropriately handling all remains.

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  1. ladylion says:

    And who is to say it’s proper? If this were a WHITE cemetary, those remains wouldn’t even be touched! Go Figure. Of course, once again, the Native Americans are last-class citizens, even though we were here first!

    1. Alpha Lion says:

      No native americans, nor native american grave goods have been recovered as of this momen,t I understand. The remaines (some presumably european), are treated with the utmost respect. Proper is according to the Standards dictated by the State for ALL burials.

  2. white raven says:

    The Native Americans in that area should be the ones over seeing this to make sure everything is done correctly according to the traditions.

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