LOS ANGELES (AP) — Dozens of Los Angeles gang officers across the city are quitting their assignments over a requirement to reveal details of their personal finances under strict anti-corruption rules.

Assistant Chief Earl Paysinger said Monday that gang units in some of the city’s most violent neighborhoods are being left with multiple vacancies, with officers instead working regular patrol shifts.

One of the affected areas is the city’s northeast division, which includes territory controlled by the notorious Avenues gang around Highland Park.

Most of the division’s anti-gang unit has chosen to leave and return to patrol, resulting in an unspecified number of vacancies.

Paysinger and other police officials stressed the reassignments would not effect public safety.

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  1. Laddy says:

    Not surprising. All those that quit are dirty and need to be audited and investgated by internal affairs. NOW!

  2. 2958 says:

    I wonder why!!!!!!!!!

  3. chick1093 says:

    Maybe because they get enough scrutiny and lack of support from not just you all but from their department as well. Not every cop is bad and many of these officers have sacrificed time with their loved ones to protect and serve the City of Los Angeles. LAPD needs to start standing up for good cops and stop bowing down to the citizens ludacris requests and beat downs due to a few bad men. Bad press sells, you all see the bad. Make a friend with a cop or go on a ride along…..oh do it on Christmas day morning with these EVIL gang officers trying to stop a gangster from shooting one of your family members. LAPD enough is enough protect and serve your own!!!

    1. Omoran2958 says:

      Bla bla bla bla!

  4. Stone says:

    whats the matter? Upset that you cant make a little extra on the side huh? if you’re innocent there should be nothing to hide right?

    1. JS says:

      I guess your right . So if a cop wants to walk into your residence and search through everything you own, without probalbe cause and a search warrant. then it is ok because “You” have nothing to hide.

  5. Dirty Corrupt Cops says:

    Those COPS who left probably have a few Vacation Homes, CARS, Boats, Jet Skis, Mansions, etc.. on their $75,000+ Annual Salaries..
    Hmmm.. I wonder how they can afford all of that Luxuries.. Average Hard Working $75k family income Struggles with life and i wonder how these Corrupt Cops gets such Luxuries..

    1. murphy says:

      You spend too much time reading comic books

  6. Tony F. says:

    Why should they be singled out for their financial records? How many of you would want your supervisors to know about your bank accounts and loans? I would imagine that most of you would not want to hand that over to your employers. Remember this only applies to special unit officers. Good for them! Now LAPD loses experienced officers; its the community that loses….

    1. Doug R says:

      I can understand why the honest cops of LA would see the financial disclosure rule requirement as a bit insulting. But I worked as a computer programmer for 19 years in the banking industry. Because of the potential for financial abuse I had to be bonded, fingerprinted and my finances were subject to examination by our audit department at any time. That’s just the way it is. And I worked for a company in the private sector. Men and women who receive their salaries from the taxpayers will always be subject to even greater scrutiny than private sector enployees.

      I sympathize, but quitting a job because you don’t want to be subject to financial disclosure rules is extremely unusual in today’s world…and a bit naive.

      1. Edgar Friendly says:

        Yep, but I bet you didn’t have to worry about your financial records being subpoenaed by some scuzzy defense attorney during the trial of their gangster client…this is a very real possibility for these officers. Why would they willingly risk their family’s information being made public to these people? Plus, the City has already shown an appalling lack of ability to keep their employees personal information off the internet…

  7. Tony F. says:

    Stone, its probably the principle of the new policy. Would you want to hand over your private finacial records to your employer? In light of all the identity theft, would you want your infornmation out there? I doubt that….

    1. Noel DesRosiers says:

      They are public servant and the would not be the first to have to sign and agree to disclosure,I for one would have no problem if I was in their shoes but then I would have nothing to hide,so if they don’t like just say good bye

  8. Murphy says:

    Ok lets all show our personnel finances to the world. Start with the politicians. You want some one to enforce the law, but you want St Francis, not likely. He who is with out sin cast the first stone. When the rank and file are under the scrunity that is expected. OK then lets all be. OK Joe I will put my life on the line each day and all I want from you is honesty in everything you do. If we had an honest socieity you would not need me.

  9. vin says:

    im sure none of you would mind discolsing all your personal bank accounts to your bosses.

  10. JAVIER says:


  11. big redd says:

    Corrupt cops r the ones 2 quit first because they have a lot 2 hide.the bad part is that they get away with robbery,home invastion,assault,illegal search and seizure,warrantless searches.Alot of these officers do commit a malicious act under the color of authority.

  12. Tony F. says:

    Vin, the problem with your suggestion is that most of these slaps do not have a job….

  13. Retired in LA says:

    If seems that the negative responders in the comments towards the LAPD, should be more concerned with corrupt politcians. The recent city of Bell scandal is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to overpaid and under worked public service Politician’s. Are their financial records open for inspection?

    Get yor facts straight (Re: Dirty Corrupt Cops).. It also takes quite a few years to reach $75,000.00 a year for LAPD base pay. Until the budget cuts additional salary was earned from overtime. Now they have to worked the overtime, which is recorded with a promise of repayment down the road.

    Overtime isn’t always an option. If a DUI driver is pulled over towards the end of a policeman’s shift, he or she doesn’t just hand him over and go home. Reports have to be written and if the DUI was injured or injured someone else, more hours on top of their regular shift. Oh and don’t forget court. If a policeman is called on a court case it’s usually on their non shift day and yes it’s currently unpaid overtime (as described above). Your assumption that having a nice house, cars, etc. is obvious proof of corruption is ridiculous. Unlike the state and city leadership, some us can live within our means and still afford nice things. Additionally some officers have spouses that work also which is going to bump up their combined salary.

  14. big redd says:

    The 1 thing is proven 2 me is that u can make all the complaints u want 2. Internal Affairs group do not help the people thats makin the complaint. Internal affairs helps these corrupt cops 2 cover up there crimes they r committing. There words r always unfounded, which means that no evidence was found to support your state ment. U cant go 2 the wolf on the wolf.

  15. Tony F. says:

    big redd needs to go back and finish the third grade. Thank you LAUSD!!!!!!! Wow!

    1. 5150mom says:

      Correction is NCLB that he is the product of. 🙂

    2. js says:

      Actually you both missed . The problem is he did graduate and proves the system is beyond fixing.

  16. Chris says:

    My employer is not a Law Enforcement Agency and they do check on my finances. I have nothing to hide. There are many folks out there that have and do regularly turn over financial records to their employers as a condition of their employment due to access they have, and a few bad apples that choose to take advantage of it. I see nothing wrong here with certain assignments requiring it, my guess is most of them are hard working honest folks, and this is their way of protesting a change. What they don’t realize is the old saying, looks like a duck, walks like a duck….. you get the idea.
    The sad part is these guys will be remembered, and it will cast a shadow over them, honest or not.

    1. Edgar Friendly says:

      But what are the chances that your financial disclosure information package is going to be subpoenaed by some scuzzy defense attorney, during their gangster client’s trial? Some lowlife will figure out a legal loophole to make all the officer’s information public record during trials, which has the potential to put their families at risk. Would you be willing to do that if it WASN’T a job requirement?

  17. Jamaican josh says:

    If these cops were corrupt do you all believe that they would keep dirty money in their accounts? I doubt it. How about investigating all these people that collect welfare claiming that baby daddy is nowhere to be found, but actually baby daddy lives with them and earns thousands of dollars selling drugs! This system is twisted, no wonder our country is in such poor shape!

  18. Tony F. says:

    Chris what kind of work do you do?

    1. Chris says:

      I work for a large IT Company. Access to systems in the Finance and Judicial Sector in various Countries. My access is usually short term, but the Government Entities and Financial Companies that utilize out services always ask the Company Provide a Statement of Financial Revue, which includes my personal finances. Since most Employers do a Credit Check these days, they already know what most of your obligations are. Turning over a few other pieces of paper is not a big deal, for the most part they know what I owe, and they know about what I make, so nothing much to look at other than how much my utilities are, and how much spend on groceries, etc.

  19. Not newsworthy says:

    Yeah aha don’t want to show ur finances u should have thought twice b4 becoming a copper and working for the government hahaha they just don’t want to show them cause they r on the take with the gangs

  20. ginny25 says:

    With all of the Cop bashing going on here the next time you all need help call a dog catcher or your best friend. And thanks CBS,let’s just keep informing the gangs and other criminals that they have less police coverage to worry about now.

  21. 5150mom says:

    Many of these officers are hard working men and women. Yes, there are bad apples in every occupation. So it is upsetting to hear all these negative comments about people that are doing a job most of you do not want to do or would never have the courage to do. It is a tough job that is always being scrutinized and looked down upon. But let me tell you, these are the people you want on your team when something horrific has happened to you or a family memeber. These are the men and women that will take a bullet for YOU! These people do a thankless job. Just stay out of their personal business. Don’t call these men and women corrupt police officers. Don’t bad mouth them every chance you get. One of these days YOU may need one of them and God forbid when YOU do, I hope you feel just a little remorse for the bad mouthing you do.

  22. MGraves says:

    Those who quit still need to be investigated. They took a oath and are held to a standard of conduct. Some of them can still be on the take! Our communities has been put into risk because of dirty cops. Lives have been killed, wounded and even our babies have been killed because the action of dirty cops. Why should they get away cause they are being put under the mircoscope.

  23. Edgar Friendly says:

    The reasons for the officers not signing the financial disclosures are not because they are dirty, corrupt, or having something to hide. I understand that many of you have to disclose this information as a condition of your employment, but does it include any assets that you hold in joint possession with your parents and possibly your children? Does your financial disclosure package have the potential to be made a matter of public record during the criminal trial of a gang member, thereby putting your family members at risk? Does your employer have a track record of “accidentally” posting their employees personal information on the internet? Well, these are all valid concerns for the officers facing the decision on whether or not to sign the financial disclosure paperwork. Also, keep in mind that these gang enforcement assignments are not cushy, easy jobs…they involve great risks to safety, cruddy working conditions, and working hours that most of you that are griping would never willingly work.

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