Rains, staff cuts blamed

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — It’s no secret that City Hall has its share of vermin, but up until now it was mostly limited to the two-legged variety.

Not anymore, says KNX 1070’s Claudi Peschuitta.

While there is no shortage of theories seeking to explain the infestation — ranging from leftover food to budget cuts — city officials say it’s the recent rainy weather that has brought out the rats.

The situation has reportedly deteriorated to the point that officials have purchased electronic devices known as “rat zappers” designed to trap and kill the rodents.

Some workers have suggested recent staffing cuts combined with a rainy December have contributed to the surge.

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  1. Rick Libertarianski says:

    Think of the children!

  2. HumbleGenius says:

    If only this headline lent itself to any jokes.

  3. paul says:

    Which type of rats do you mean? The elected to office or four legged type? Also, how can you tell either from a distance?

  4. chaz says:

    This is news?

  5. Ron Ross says:

    Doesn’t anyone care about those sweet little rats? All they want is something to eat and a safe place to rest. What better place than a government buildiing – especially a police station. Why all this hate-speech against rats? SAVE THE RATS! SAVE THE RATS! SAVE THE RATS.

  6. Diane says:


  7. Bill Naumann says:

    If Sarah Palin, due to the ignorance and stupidity of the electorate, becomes our next president, then we the people can take the blame for it.
    We have exactly the government we deserve but I think it can get worse if we try.

    1. john says:

      you mean the electorate which elected Barack Obama, right? And the electorate which has elected the folks who have destroyed our once great California? The electorate which just voted to shoot ourselves in the foot by maintaining stupid “anti global warming” nonsense which will further kill our state? Yes, the electorate which did all of this is to blame. A new crop rose and were elected in November (except in our brain dead state, of course). True grass roots movements based on liberty and the constitution have taken hold. Finally, totally failed liberal ideas are being repudiated in a huge way. In the battle of ideas of progressivism (which is only socialism, with a more acceptable label) and conservatism, conservatism has won. Deal with it.

  8. Elemental5 says:

    This is news? City halls have always been occupied by rats, with the Mayor the fattest rat in the building.

    All they do is infringe upon the rights of people in “the real world,” as they call it. That, and hire tax maggots who literally do nothing but play Solitaire all day long. These PC’s are upgraded every two to three years.

    Many do not know where the “oh-in-oh–eff-eff” switch is located, and unplug the APC UPS at the end of the day. At night, these offfices sound like they are infested with crickets as the UPS systems beep at different intervals as their batteries drain.

    I know. I am around them al the time.

  9. angeleno says:

    What do you expect in a city long run by DemocRATS?

  10. ONTIME says:

    Are they legal rats or illegal rats? The illegal one’s are protected by state law and you have to feed them and make sure they are taken care of, forever.

  11. Maxtor says:

    should not bother the rats. Nan Peglosi had an earmark on one bill to study one type of rat in california and that may be the one. blame Piglosi!!

  12. John Dodge says:

    How would you separate the rats from the politicians?

  13. peteinny says:


  14. Pancho says:

    They are from MEXICO .

  15. Mike S says:

    Hummm..I wonder if that isn’t Hillary Rodent Clinton in the halls of L.A City Council

  16. Ed Howland says:

    A word of advise. If a piper offers to get rid of them, pay him.

  17. Liberal Stupidity says:

    This is nothing new There has always been rats in politics. Enjoy your life

  18. red tail says:

    Quick call PETA!!!!

  19. ArgentinaRose Gomez says:


  20. mike says:

    Like minded flock together.

  21. demsrdumb says:

    DemoRats leaving the sinking ship.

  22. David Anfinrud says:

    Is it Rats or the Politicians that run the City.

  23. Hogdog says:

    It’s George W. Bush’s fault!!

  24. Helen says:

    That’s what they get when they institute a license for cats.
    When cats are taken off the streets because their not licensed, the rat population grows.

  25. roy rogers says:

    And they are actually four legged, imagin that. What a surprise for City Hall or any Government building, let alone any law firm!

  26. joey says:

    When did the KFI crowd start listening to CBS…………….and writing back??? Sort of cranky.

  27. Russ1449 says:

    “Rats on the West Side,bedbugs uptown, this town’s in tatters,uhuh.

  28. Tai Fu says:

    In Germany city hall is called “Rathaus”, they are full of rats.

  29. Obed Kwehangana says:

    The actual progressive track & capture program appeals to these pests or perhaps rodents to your foods station dusted with … Offers stripped rodent-killing chemicals from your cabinets of …Bell Protecta LP Rodent Stations

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