Rains, staff cuts blamed

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — It’s no secret that City Hall has its share of vermin, but up until now it was mostly limited to the two-legged variety.

Not anymore, says KNX 1070’s Claudi Peschuitta.

While there is no shortage of theories seeking to explain the infestation — ranging from leftover food to budget cuts — city officials say it’s the recent rainy weather that has brought out the rats.

The situation has reportedly deteriorated to the point that officials have purchased electronic devices known as “rat zappers” designed to trap and kill the rodents.

Some workers have suggested recent staffing cuts combined with a rainy December have contributed to the surge.

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  1. CA562DUDE says:

    Rats are just another word – Elected Officials

    1. tom says:

      And they also discovered rodents living there too

      1. Russ says:

        democ rats.

      2. steve says:

        Darn!! I wish I had said that!

      3. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

        That’s Demo rats.

    2. JustFollowing says:

      These must be the Democ type.

      1. desert says:

        So is Wash. D.C.! Oh….you mean 4 legged rats!

    3. Annie says:

      You’re right! If all of the rodents, small and large, were removed from public edifices continually, there would be far fewer problems in this society. Starting in DC and working down to the local levels, vermin need to be dispatched. Note to all Marxists: this does not mean that I am suggesting that a deranged madman open fire upon innocent citizens or elected officials. I am, however, suggesting that voting laws be changed so that rational Americans vote and the others do not.

      1. Rick Daniels says:

        I think you’re in the clear Annie. They’re going to blame Palin.

      2. Haakon Dahl says:

        I’d be happy enough to limit the franchise to American citizens, competent or otherwise. One can be determined with a minimum of argument, the other will never be settled.

      3. birdenOtruth says:

        Nice call Annie. Written and practical tests are given to drive a car, why should the same not hold true for voting and more importantly… having children ??

      4. zig says:

        What, are they giving Bush a pass on this one?

    4. SA wallick says:

      You made me laugh and so does the headline of this article. It allows our minds to be creative. Well said, whomever wrote the headline for this article.

    5. edcoil says:

      They use to call them politicians.

  2. Tax Payer says:

    Yeah alot of 2 legged ones.

  3. LawsonC says:

    WHy dont they get a couple of Feral cats to take care of the rat problem (spayed and neutered of course)

  4. 2958 says:

    Isnt that were all the rats work!!!!

  5. ginny25 says:

    LawsonC, great idea. Imagine how we could cut down on the number of cats in our shelters and it’s such a low cost way of solving the problem. Wish it was that easy to deal with the 2 legged ones.

  6. Alan C Rhine says:


  7. IKE TURNER says:

    Go ahead, and show a picture of the cute furry four legged kind. Why not show a real picture of the two legged two FACED City officials!!

  8. Ed says:

    They are still outnumbered at City Hall by the 2-legged kind.

  9. T McC says:

    I don’t care much about L.A. politics, but that opening line is really pathetic. This is why journalism in the U.S. is dead: everyone is either a demagogue or a standup-comedian-in-training. You’d think we could tone it down a bit, especially after all the Arizona madness. Way to go, CBS. You’re a class act.

    1. Guido says:


      1. GLADYS1 says:


    2. meester says:

      Guido proves your point T McC

  10. kenmandu says:

    Boy, you can say that again!

  11. elected taxpayer says:

    people please stop complaining!!! most pets fill at home with thier owner.

    1. Skip Cashwell says:

      ain’t it funny how owners & pets look exactly like each other? hard to tell the difference…LOL

  12. Rudi says:

    I don’t know how to add to that headline. Says it all. However, I don’t think a supposedly objective news source should be taking shots, not when they too have more than their share of two legged vermin in their employ. Stick to the news and let us take the shots CBS, and maybe important stuff like… oh let’s say the lies about WMD might not slip by you so easily next time. Word.

  13. Jackie says:

    Just keeping company with the rest of the two-legged ones.

  14. Tim Tyler says:

    So if it’s OK for hordes of illegal immigrants to invade Los Angeles to work, live & commit crimes in Los Angeles, why is it not OK if another species of animal to occupy City Hall?

  15. That's just nature says:

    There are more rats than people downtown
    Civic center,They come out of the storm drains
    at night and crawl through the ivy during the day
    scrounging through all the trash and food people
    drop during the day.

    1. jimonthebeach says:

      Nuke the San Andreas erathquake fault and the western part of the state will fall into the Pacific Ocean. San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland and Marin County will all just float out to sea and obilivion. We can only hope.

      1. Rick Daniels says:

        No I want it to just slide INTO the Pacific. That would help clear out Hollywood lefties AND…. I hope, I hope, I hope, Al Gore will be at home in his new mansion!

  16. Flannigan says:

    How the RATS keep defeating the Republicans every election cycle is no mystery when you realize how stupid California voters really are.

  17. Rick Tavares says:

    Adds a whole new meaning to the German word “Rathaus”, which literally means city hall…

  18. Rick A Hyatt says:

    Will the the new rats raise taxes, too?

  19. jaline says:

    They’re not rats…they’re DemocRATS.

  20. 86-44 says:

    Sure, but what about the rodent problem…?

  21. Red Ruffansore says:

    So stop electing them…oh wait, Californica. We know, you juuuust can’t help yourselves.

  22. Fred W says:

    I thought they were finally realizing the truth about our politicians, how disappointing.

  23. Aunt Bee says:

    Comparing rats to public servants is an outrageous and over the top attack on those absolutely bribe free, pension free, overtime free, health care free, holiday pay free, vacation free, adult education free, food stamp free … self supporting industrious mammals.


  24. Cowboy says:

    “LA City Hall Overrun By Rats”

    And rodents

    1. ranac1 says:

      When tom Bradley was mayor. the government and city hall were clean. Now that LA is a sancturary city, they have to accept all comers!

  25. JustFollowing says:

    Wait! Stop the presses! Where is PETA on the Rat Zappers?

  26. WallyG says:

    Yo9u mean democ-rats?

  27. Used to vote Democrat says:

    Goodbye donkey and hello to the new democratic mascot. How fitting!

    1. Melvin Cownzowfsky says:

      Would that it would be so! Maybe, just maybe enough of The People will wake up and smell the DemocRAT droppings in government and flush them all!

  28. blah blah says:

    Is Rat the new term for Democrat. Symbolism (which the Dems want to include in free speach ban) shows the relation between California’s Politics and those in power. The cities are run by illegals and liberal Rats.

  29. Trooper says:

    They’re just getting their candidacy papers for the next election cycle. 🙂

  30. tramky says:

    This is what it is like in city halls in Mexico. Get the picture?

  31. Dan says:

    Andele! Andele! Arriba! Arriba! It’s an illegal alien rat!

  32. bunky says:

    don’t you people know you are contributing to the vitriol in political discourse.
    The politicians think you should tone it down and don’t say anything bad about rats.

  33. Zweb Wolf says:

    the two legged ones? whats new!

  34. Joe Astroturf says:

    The denocrats run it what did you expect. Sounds like another rat. We know now that Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik knew that this lefty Jared Loughner Anti-Semite independent would be capable of this carnage. They ought to see if Sarah Palin has some good replacement for this sheriff fool who didn’t do his job. He’s and the silent socialist in the White House and most Democrats are trying to get people enraged and possibly violent against an innocent person like her and others and take our speech away . Their mad we’re on to their death panels that they have had to take back in Obamacare and think they can shut us up. Good Luck with that one.

  35. Hank Warren says:

    Rat politicians who put other nations needs ahead of our own. Every politician (rat) in the US supports endless Wars for Israel, it all started nearly a decade ago under a false flag attack.
    9/11 and Israel, here:

  36. russ says:

    Aren’t all City Halls over-run with rats?

  37. Joe Schmuckateli says:


  38. Joe Schmuckateli says:

    Who will be a voice for the voiceless!? The violent rhetoric in City Hall has got to stop! “electronic devices known as “rat zappers” designed to trap and kill” the OUTRAGE! STOP the VIOLENCE!! Where is PETA to defend the RATs? Zapping and killing is sooo inhumane! PETA! PETA! PETA! Where are all the skinny model bimbos and hollywood starlets!??? Save the rats you wenches! Why can’t Paris Hilton have a pet Rat instead of a Chiwahwah? Sup?

  39. Eagle35 says:

    Is the rat an endangered species in California? It will probably cost the tax payers of the state at least a couple of million dollars to kill each rat. It will take at least 20 union employees per rat to eliminate after they do a multi million dollar envionmental impact study done by union labs.

  40. Richard in Castaic says:

    They should lock all the doors to city hall, during working hours would be best. Then turn loose several hungry lions who have been drugged with LSD an video tape the whole thing and sell it as a Pay Per View. The proceeds would help pay down the deficit.

  41. eddieo says:

    It.s not nice to call Democrats Rats although I do like the eletronic zappers.
    We could use more of them in Washington.

  42. JES says:

    I use to be in the business but this is the very first time I heard staffing cuts cause a rat problem. I now know why California is in serious economic trouble!


    U$A: THIRD WORLD RISING – http://www.BorderInvasionPics.com

  44. roboto says:

    Dude! Thats so sick. I mean yo. Like, Dude!

  45. Sdc63 says:

    Is that a photo if the Mayor running for cover whilst the Unions bring out the rat poison?

  46. SDC63 says:

    Why not et loose a terrier in City Hall in the evening. That would solve the rat problem. It’s very cheap too.

  47. Armed Texan says:

    Where’s PETA? Those rats have a right to live!

  48. RATT says:

    Love the first line. LOL.

  49. Rick Libertarianski says:

    Think of the children!

  50. HumbleGenius says:

    If only this headline lent itself to any jokes.

  51. paul says:

    Which type of rats do you mean? The elected to office or four legged type? Also, how can you tell either from a distance?

  52. Ron Ross says:

    Doesn’t anyone care about those sweet little rats? All they want is something to eat and a safe place to rest. What better place than a government buildiing – especially a police station. Why all this hate-speech against rats? SAVE THE RATS! SAVE THE RATS! SAVE THE RATS.

  53. Bill Naumann says:

    If Sarah Palin, due to the ignorance and stupidity of the electorate, becomes our next president, then we the people can take the blame for it.
    We have exactly the government we deserve but I think it can get worse if we try.

    1. john says:

      you mean the electorate which elected Barack Obama, right? And the electorate which has elected the folks who have destroyed our once great California? The electorate which just voted to shoot ourselves in the foot by maintaining stupid “anti global warming” nonsense which will further kill our state? Yes, the electorate which did all of this is to blame. A new crop rose and were elected in November (except in our brain dead state, of course). True grass roots movements based on liberty and the constitution have taken hold. Finally, totally failed liberal ideas are being repudiated in a huge way. In the battle of ideas of progressivism (which is only socialism, with a more acceptable label) and conservatism, conservatism has won. Deal with it.

  54. Elemental5 says:

    This is news? City halls have always been occupied by rats, with the Mayor the fattest rat in the building.

    All they do is infringe upon the rights of people in “the real world,” as they call it. That, and hire tax maggots who literally do nothing but play Solitaire all day long. These PC’s are upgraded every two to three years.

    Many do not know where the “oh-in-oh–eff-eff” switch is located, and unplug the APC UPS at the end of the day. At night, these offfices sound like they are infested with crickets as the UPS systems beep at different intervals as their batteries drain.

    I know. I am around them al the time.

  55. angeleno says:

    What do you expect in a city long run by DemocRATS?

  56. ONTIME says:

    Are they legal rats or illegal rats? The illegal one’s are protected by state law and you have to feed them and make sure they are taken care of, forever.

  57. Maxtor says:

    should not bother the rats. Nan Peglosi had an earmark on one bill to study one type of rat in california and that may be the one. blame Piglosi!!

  58. John Dodge says:

    How would you separate the rats from the politicians?

  59. peteinny says:


  60. Pancho says:

    They are from MEXICO .

  61. Mike S says:

    Hummm..I wonder if that isn’t Hillary Rodent Clinton in the halls of L.A City Council

  62. Ed Howland says:

    A word of advise. If a piper offers to get rid of them, pay him.

  63. Liberal Stupidity says:

    This is nothing new There has always been rats in politics. Enjoy your life

  64. red tail says:

    Quick call PETA!!!!

  65. ArgentinaRose Gomez says:


  66. mike says:

    Like minded flock together.

  67. demsrdumb says:

    DemoRats leaving the sinking ship.

  68. David Anfinrud says:

    Is it Rats or the Politicians that run the City.

  69. Hogdog says:

    It’s George W. Bush’s fault!!

  70. Helen says:

    That’s what they get when they institute a license for cats.
    When cats are taken off the streets because their not licensed, the rat population grows.

  71. roy rogers says:

    And they are actually four legged, imagin that. What a surprise for City Hall or any Government building, let alone any law firm!

  72. joey says:

    When did the KFI crowd start listening to CBS…………….and writing back??? Sort of cranky.

  73. Russ1449 says:

    “Rats on the West Side,bedbugs uptown, this town’s in tatters,uhuh.

  74. Tai Fu says:

    In Germany city hall is called “Rathaus”, they are full of rats.

  75. Obed Kwehangana says:

    The actual progressive track & capture program appeals to these pests or perhaps rodents to your foods station dusted with … Offers stripped rodent-killing chemicals from your cabinets of …Bell Protecta LP Rodent Stations