When is snoring just snoring, and when is it something more serious like sleep apnea?

Sleep Apnea can cause a person to stop breathing repeatedly during the night. The disorder increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, obesity and even stroke; not to mention leaving you and your partner exhausted.

Sleep Apnea is typically diagnosed in a sleep center, but now there is a much cheaper option — an at-home test. For more information on the at-home sleep apnea test and various treatment options, click the links below.

Watermark Medical Tower

Sleep Medicine

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  1. steve says:

    Thanks for this story. I’ve had sleep apnea for years and it was very hard to diagnose because it was so difficult to fall asleep in the clinic.

  2. Mike Burns says:

    People need to know that it’s very important to have a Dr that is Board certified in Sleep and that uses a Sleep lab that is a member of the AASM . Even with the home systems that are out their they can’t do the same quality as the sleep lab when it comes to Diagnosing or treating Sleep Apnea. The best way is to use an accredited sleep lab to get the true answer and treatment.
    Mike B RCP.psgt

  3. Joshua Urrutia says:

    Tower Sleep Medicine is an AASM accredited sleep center in Los Angeles. This center’s medical director is Roy Artal, MD; a board certified sleep specialist and pulmonologist. This clinic and sleep center accepts all PPO’s as well as Medicare.

  4. Sleep disorders talking says:

    Narcolepsy is definitely an unusual sleep disorder without any recognized cause. It really is seen as an extreme resting in daytime, no matter if the particular sufferer provides …Narcolepsy

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