SAN BERNARDINO (AP) — A retired Redlands police lieutenant has pleaded guilty to a felony child molestation as part of a plea deal calling for a year in jail, minus time served.

Prosecutors say 55-year-old Bill Cranfill had faced up to 10 years in prison if convicted on two counts of lewd acts with a child in 2008.

The San Bernardino County Sun says Cranfill entered a plea Wednesday. He will also be placed on five years’ probation when he’s sentenced Feb. 15.

Cranfill also pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor battery in another case involving a nurse who treated him after he was struck by a train in what was described as a possible suicide attempt. He will be sentenced 30 days in jail, time already served, in that case.

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  1. 2958 says:

    Hes a cop, and molested a child and gets 5 years probation give me a break!!!!!! Throw the book at this PIG……

  2. 2958 says:

    Hes a cop, and he molested a child!!!!! Why isnt he in jail!!! All he gets is 5 years probation!!! Give me a break, throw the book at this PIG

  3. Richard in Castaic says:

    This “child” was 17 years old.

  4. UK says:

    This “child” was not 17 years old, but much younger. Please get the facts in order before you defend someone like this. Thanks.

  5. Redland citizen says:

    The child was 12 and it was his own daughter. I know Billy Lee Cranfill, he was a corrupt police officer as well. I have personally witnessed him acting unethically on duty.

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