LOS ANGELES (AP) — A time of joy for Coptic Christians in the U.S. has turned into a time of somber reflection because of a brutal terrorist attack on a church in Egypt.

A New Year’s Day bombing that killed 21 worshippers at a church in Egypt has soured the Christmas holiday, which Copts celebrate on Jan. 7.

Coptic leaders from New Jersey to California have declared days of additional fasting and prayer after the bombing and canceled the concerts, children’s plays, receptions and feasts that traditionally mark the holiday.

Helena Botros of Los Angeles says that instead of spending money on gifts for family, she will donate the money to victims of the bombing.

She says she is now more grateful that she’s able to celebrate the miracle of the Eucharist without fear.

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  1. jim says:

    2012 the earth is orbiting to close to the sun now , food chain collapse is here , as predicted by MAYANS

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