LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A 1966 Ford Mustang for only $20?

Okay, not exactly but someone will walk away with the classic (and snazzy) car for only $20.

And this is no Matchbox car! A fully-restored Mustang worth $50,000 is being raffled off this Saturday in Covina.

The car is donated by Solo-One Customs and is being raffled off to benefit Northview High School’s baseball team.

Money raised is going to help put in an artificial turf on the school’s infield.

Purchase raffle tickets over the phone by calling (626) 723-6246.

Comments (15)
  1. ERnest hall says:

    how do i get a ticket over phone or by mail

  2. yomama123 says:

    awesome car! i think i might go!!

  3. raymund says:

    pls email me if I win at ray_dac2412@yahoo.com thanks a lot!

  4. northviewbaseball says:

    Can order by phone or come see the car at the school and get tickets. 626 723-6246

  5. sofia says:

    what adress is it?
    please answer back

  6. JOHN CASTILLO says:

    WHAT A BEAUTIFUL CAR !!!!!!!! $20.00 I’M IN

  7. marissa says:

    what a great thing to do for the kids!

  8. margie says:

    This car is a beauty

  9. Dani says:

    Nice car!!! My son has been looking for a car, no luck, this would be perfect. Can I order tickets by phone, and do you need to be present to win?? What a wonderful idea to help the kids and the school. Kudo’s to the donor.

  10. jonathan evangelista says:

    please email me if i win lol. jonathan.evangelista.49@my.csun.edu Hopefully I win the car but if not at least the money goes to a good use.

  11. sergio valenzuela says:

    please post winning ticket online

  12. Jose Quinones says:


  13. jonathan evangelista says:

    bump: where is the winning ticket posted or who won the car????

  14. Oscar Mazzola says:

    Hi, I bought tickets yet no winners were announced and the phone listed no longer works. Can the winning ticket number please be confirmed?

  15. Oscar says:

    what is starting to feel fraudulent about this whole process is that there is no way to get a response from kcal regardless of the comments left at this website. The company has worked with these people to raise funds with the raffle for a car and yet there is no way to follow up with the people that held the raffle or the company that has hosted this information on their website.

    someone from kcal or kcal’s website or the people that did the raffle have a right to respond.

    I would appreciate it.

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