SACRAMENTO (AP) — Democrat Jerry Brown was sworn in Monday as California’s 39th governor, returning to the office he left 28 years ago but inheriting a much different and more troubled state than the one he led then.

The man who once was California’s most famous bachelor took the oath of office after being introduced by his wife of five years, former Gap Inc. executive Anne Gust Brown, inside Sacramento Memorial Auditorium.

She held a Bible that was her grandfather’s and was used during her wedding with Brown.

Brown has predicted a grim future for the financially beleaguered state.

Where his predecessor, Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger, expressed optimism at every turn, Brown has been realistic since winning the Nov. 2 election. California has faced several years of deep budget deficits and is confronting another estimated at $28 billion through June 2012.

Its general fund is $15 billion less than it was just three years ago, reflecting a sharp drop in tax revenue from a recession that has battered the economy of the nation’s most populous state. Brown, 72, says the choices facing California’s 38.8 million people are painful ones.

Brown noted the toll the recession has taken on California and polls showing most voters believe the state is on the wrong track. He urged lawmakers of both political parties to get out of what he called their “comfort zones” and to “rise above ideology” for the good of the state.

“The year ahead will demand courage and sacrifice,” he said after taking the oath from California Supreme Court Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye.

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Comments (12)
  1. Mike says:

    The likes of Jerry Brown got us into this mess. The solution: Elect him again. That does not add up!

  2. Vinnke Sanchez says:

    The newsmedia and the Democratic Party congratulate Mr. Jerry Brown on his electoral victory, and support him 100%!

  3. Robert S. says:

    I agree with Mike, this is the guy that helped get California in the big mess it is in. Smart thinking California!

  4. Ah-nuld, you’ve been terminated!

  5. geeM says:

    It’s been 28 years since he last was gov. Think about all the governors besides Grey Davis that have been in there since then. Yoiur statement does not hold up well to scrutiny,

    1. Saber 1 says:

      The state took the school district when he was mayor up north, he ran them broke. He just like ALL Democrats tax the tar out of us that work for a living and give it to the ones that won’t work. Robin Hood syndrome.

    2. Mike says:

      You are right 28 years ago he passed a lot of what is still causing the issues with this state today. He started driving people and business out of this state and will continue to do so because he is an idiot. He doesn’t have a clue that it is easier to bring business in and have small taxes to a larger amount of people then it is to bleed a few dry.

      Just common sense and Brown has none.

  6. TOM S says:

    The End Days have begun !

  7. Doug says:

    California gets what it deserves! The definition of stupidity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results. California… is time to put a fork in this state. It’s done!

  8. Mike says:

    This state is done for. This man is the reason we are in this mess. Uneducated young voters being brainwashed by Democrat teachers are the reason he got reelected. I was behind a kid who got done voting. He was talking to his girlfriend stating that his teacher told him the right way to vote was to vote Democrats, he didn’t know what that meant but he did it anyways because that was what he was instructed to do.

    You have to love the future of this state. I should say lack of future.

  9. Rich Rodriguez says:

    I did not vote for Jerry Brown, but I am now pulling for him now that has taken office and is promising a tough budget. What concerns me is that just like with President Obama, the liberals who voted Governor Brown back into office will be screaming for his head on a silver platter (i.e. recall) within six months because he won’t do everything they want him to, on their terms.

    Although to me it was more of a PR thing, the hot dogs-and-chips recession at the State Capitol speaks good of Brown’s planned frugality. As a former Republican who abandoned all political parties in 2010 because they’re all a joke and a disgrace, I am hopeful of what Brown brings to the table.

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