SANTA CLARA (AP) — A Santa Clara police officer escaped uninjured after he lost control of his squad car, crashing into the garage of a home.

Police say the officer was driving his car with lights and siren on as he drove to assist another officer who was in pursuit of a stolen car a little before noon Saturday.

Santa Clara police Lt. Phil Cooke told the Mercury News that when another vehicle pulled out in front of the officer, he swerved to avoid the vehicle and crashed into the home.

As for the suspected car thief, police arrested a 23-year-old San Jose man, described by Cooke as a parolee.

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  1. Richard in Castaic says:

    So, a mysterious car appeared and caused the officer to plow through someone’s garage door? That silly story would never work if used by a member of the public to avoid a citation, but it works just fine when the cop needs a moronic story. Here’s a fun fact kids: The city does not pay for damages in cases like this. It’s the home owners insurance and you can bet there’s a big deductible.

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