NEW YORK (AP) — Harry Smith finished 2010 by ending his run on CBS’ “Early Show” after two stints at the morning anchor desk that totaled 17 years.

In a brief look back before his Friday signoff, Smith described his chief emotion as “one of gratitude, absolute gratitude” for his estimated 4,500 broadcasts. He also thanked his family for putting up with his demanding, wee-hours schedule.

From the archives, Smith was shown, with only slightly more hair on his head, on the 1987 premiere of “CBS This Morning.”

And in a taped tribute, Oprah Winfrey told him, “You hold the viewers, me being one of them, in the highest of esteem.”

“The Early Show” consistently trails its rivals, ratings champ “Today” on NBC and ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Last month CBS announced a complete host turnover, replacing Smith and co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez, as well as weathercaster Dave Price.

The new team starts Monday. It consists of former Saturday “Early Show” anchors Chris Wragge and Erica Hill, as well as weathercaster Marysol Castro, formerly of the “Good Morning America” weekend edition, plus CBS News correspondent Jeff Glor as news reader.

The easygoing Smith, 59, served as co-anchor of “CBS This Morning” from 1987 to 1996, then, after leaving for hosting duties at the A&E network, returned to CBS News in 2002 on the renamed “Early Show.”

He will stay at the network as a correspondent and substitute anchor for other newscasts. His parting message to “Early Show” viewers was a reminder that he would be subbing for Katie Couric on Friday’s “CBS Evening News.”

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Comments (29)
  1. batista says:

    nice guy!

    1. Patricia Crigler says:

      I really do miss Harry and Price!!!! I like the new Early Show, because of Erica, but It is a big miss with “Harry”.

  2. adell says:


    1. connie says:

      the show is not the same without the old group we at house miss the old group wish to know where they are all at now thank you connie

  3. Dharma says:

    You are a true professional. You will be missed.

  4. Lynn Allen says:

    You will be missed. I have watched you every morning, from your first round on the Early Show, to the last day. And I agree with Darma, you truly are a professional. Good luck to you. I think it would be awesome if CBS would co-anchor you along side of Katie Couric. It is CBS’ loss, and I’m not sure I won’t ;be part of that loss. Not sure I want to watch the new cast, may have to turn to a different channel. Again, best of luck. It’s been a pleasure sharing the mornings with you all of these years.

  5. Jodi Herting Stubbs says:

    Harry, you leave big shoes to fill. We will miss you!!!

  6. sarah barlupi says:

    Its not going to be the same! i was always looking forward to a person that gave the news with real repect to it. Its going to take alot to replace you! i salute you MR.HARRY SMITH , you’ve done a great job, and wish you all the best for the NEW YEAR! from a true fan !

  7. Linda Forgey says:

    It just won’t be the same, Will miss Harry he was a true person.

  8. Dott says:

    I, too, will miss Harry (and Maggie and Dave). I watched the Early Show because of them. Don’t know if I want to watch the new team and just might have to switch channels. Where are you going, Harry? I’ll be there.

  9. Sharon says:

    Don’t blame Harry, Maggie and Dave! They are great personalities! The only reason I ever change the channel is the sometimes boring choice of subject matter. They are wonderful hosts!! I don’t think I will watch at all now! What a shock!

  10. Laurie says:

    I will miss Harry, Dave and Maggi. Where did they go? Not sure I care for the new
    team. Will miss all the crazy stuts by Dave. Best of Luck to all of you. I may have to
    switch channels as well.

  11. ROBERT WEBB says:


    1. marci says:

      I for one will not watch the new show, why do they always think we need younger host and news people and etc. harry and his team were great, young is not always the way to go, hope they realize what they have done . kudo’s to the team that has left us, good fortune to all of you

  12. D says:

    I am done with the Early Show. The programing is the problem. I watched it for Harry and Dave.

    1. Sally says:

      I agree with you! No more Early Show for me…. Harry and Dave were the show!!! Let’s watch the ratings!

  13. Frank A. Phillips says:

    Harry Smith is a consumate professional and I think I will either follow him or change news channels as neighbors have suggested they will do. GoodbyeCBS!

  14. Lisa Brewer says:

    I echo many of the above sentiments; I’ve been watching Harry, Maggie and Dave on the Early Show since being laid off in May 2009. I truly enjoyed their professionalism accompanied by warm, genuine, personable natures. I will miss them very much and wish them well in their new endeavors however feel this change was not the answer to the ratings. I have a feeling the ratings will not improve, rather, may get worse.

  15. Teresa Johnson says:

    I will surely be watching one of the “top two” network morning shows now. I only watched because of Harry, Maggie and Dave. You will be missed. Executives…It might be a good time to remember that there are those of us out there in consumer land that are mature adults who appreciate the wisdom of our morning news being delivered by seasoned veteran newscaster / journalist.

  16. CLytch says:

    I have watched CBS news since I was oldest enough to understand the importance of the news. My day started out with the early show because of Harry Smith. His approach to interviewing was always fair. He listened to to the interviewee, showed compassion and righteous indignation when it was necessary. He was enthusiastic for food and people. He will be missed.

  17. Mrs. Carol Rooney says:

    I move to cbs with dave price loved harry now were is dave price going l will move again good bye cbs

  18. Kathy D says:

    I have not watched the Early Show since they left Harry and Dave go. They were great to watch…maybe the problems of the ratings layed elsewhere???

    Hey everyone, try Good Morning America, they are an ok replacement which I have been watching.

  19. FA says:

    Well, I will be moving also to another station! I tried to watch the new folks and they don’t cut it!!!! They are tooooooo fake! Harry was a true newman, with a caring spirit. He, Dave and Maggie made that program and I won’t be watching the new folks. I moving too!!!!
    Write people, or protest……Change the channel. Watch ONLY when Harry is on!

  20. marci says:

    does anyone know where dave or maggie will be going next?

  21. Terri says:

    I will not be watching CBS morning show. Harry and Dave mde the show.
    You really messed it up by replacing that team.

  22. Bill A says:

    i agree with previous comments– the new people seem plastic. don’t watch the early show any more.

  23. Margaret Graham-Connaughton says:

    I loved Harry Smith….bring him back! The new tean isn’t as good! There doesn’t seem to be any chemistry…..big mistake.

  24. Linette says:

    Are you kidding me! You replaced Harry with that boring person. What were you thinking? In fact, I don’t like any of those people. I will never watch again!

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