SACRAMENTO (AP) — Arnold Schwarzenegger landed in the governor’s office after announcing his upstart bid on late night TV and railing against government spending during raucous campaign rallies.

Then the world’s best known action star, Schwarzenegger conveyed an image of invincibility, persuading Californians that anything was possible if only they had the right mindset.

“I know how to sell something,” he said then.

As he would come to learn during seven years on the job, however, selling a political idea is one thing. Delivering on it is quite another. The 63-year-old governor leaves office next month with a mixed record, winning praise for his precedent-setting environmental activism and criticism for his failure to tame the fiscal mess, as he promised.

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Comments (8)
  1. Andrew, California says:

    one less big fat liar brainless hollywood liberal leaving town

  2. Clint says:

    Basically we had no Governor
    and a dysfunctional senate and assembly

  3. Dave says:

    Don’t be a girlie-man!

  4. alexis Logsdon says:

    doesn’t he look like lenin of russia today?

    did you get my plans for the boom town of eureka, arcata, fortuna. 3 million people in 20 years if you build it.

  5. robert says:

    Worst Governor in Cal history. Glad he’s gone.

  6. Jim says:

    and who is to blame for that?

    The totalitarian democrats ruling Sacramento, who has most of California fooled. And yes, RULING: 52 Democrats and 28 Republicans

    You have want you wanted. A titanic about to sink into the ocean and you voted for it. This is no laughing matter. I love California.

    California state budget 1990: 51.4 Billion
    Population: 29,760,021

    California state budget 2009: 144.5 billion
    Population: 38,067,134

    Please wake up to the manipulation of the democrats.

  7. jesues loon says:

    a cigar smoking bodybuilder: what an oxyMORON

  8. CBUISR says:

    He’ll be back!

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