LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles police have shot and killed a bicyclist they said rode toward them with a rifle early Christmas morning.

KNX 1070’s Kim Marriner Reports

The Los Angeles Times says officers got a report of an assault involving a rifle and went to a Watts housing project at about 4 a.m. Saturday.

Police saw people inside an SUV nearby and as they went to deal with them, they saw a man riding toward them on a bicycle.

Police said he was holding a rifle and was shot when he ignored their commands.

The man, believed to be in his 20s, was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Police said they recovered an assault rifle at the scene.

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Comments (21)
  1. SaM jack says:

    Once again, do not point a gun at any police officer. Bad results… Good job police

    1. Orca says:

      The report never said the rifle was pointed at them it said a man with a rifle
      The word it trigger happy police always have been
      And no pinhead I don’t think they should be killed, I think they should be properly trained and disciplined, those that can control their urge to kill should be prosecuted.
      This kind of thing is primary in LA, why does it not happen in other large cities
      Even the LEAA has stated that LA has the most trigger happy cops in the nation and kills more suspects than any other agency in the United States.

      1. Yolanda says:

        Hello you morans!! It said that he did not obey the officers commands. Some people just don’t know how to read.

      2. Thevoiceofreason says:

        Your right LAPD should have waited until he shot someone like you first…. Then taken action.

  2. Orca says:

    Murdering thugs with badges
    It is not illegal to carry a rifle while riding a bicycle even in LA
    Killed for executing a constitutional legal right

    1. BiGDawG says:

      another loser off the streets.

  3. James says:

    riding a bike AND holding a rifle? Either incredible talent or the LAPD shot him when he didn’t even have his hand on the gun. Maybe the gun was a Chrtistmas present.

  4. vic says:

    maybe santa gave him the rifle. who cares…..it also says that the person with the rifle IGNORED their commands…just listen to the police and they wouldnt have to defend themselves… they also would like to go home to there families after the shift they had to work on xmas.

  5. Jim says:

    You can never give the L.A.P.D any reason to shoot you a graden nozzle,abutter knife,the list gos on and on the are train killers,and they will get away with murder,by calling it justified,and they will get away with killing a human being to them your just another report

  6. erich says:

    Who can trust the LAPD when they report they issued commands? They have no credibility. Police aren’t defending they are murdering. They have been given a license to kill and the neither the Times nor any other statist group does anything but support their assaults on us, the ones paying the salaries.

  7. 1stresponse says:

    Most of you seem to forget this person had just assaulted someone with the rifle prior to the police arrival. And it would only be legal to carry the rifle if it were unloaded. It’s illegal to carry a loaded gun anywhere it’s illegal to discharge such gun.

  8. leroy says:

    Wheather he ignored commands or was pointing the rifle.. This idiot got to what he deserved you dont walk up or riding your freakin bike with a rifle @ police. Thank God these Officers were ok, and they got to go home safe and sound good job guys.. One less leech for tax payers to support with welfare and food stamps

  9. Greg says:

    Good job LAPD, one less idiot taking up space on this planet.!

  10. wobbles says:

    All you haters seem to think somehow it’s normal for a guy to be rolling up to you on a bike with an assault rifle. Why is that? Is that normal for you? How often have you seeen that happen and it not be a bad thing? What good and peaceful thing do you think this guy was up to exactly? Poeple like you make me think the cops should all take a week off and leave you to die at the hands of guys like this. I’d love to see how your perspective changes when there’s no 911 to call for someone to come rescue you ungrateful idiots. God knows you wouldn’t be anything but victims for guys like the one they dropped today.

    1. Maurice says:

      I don’t need no fool with a badge and a gun to protect me

      1. Thevoiceofreason says:

        Your right! What you need is an English class.

  11. ben boorman says:

    “Ignored their commands” spoken at a level which can’t be heard with the other issues going on. A lot of people are making a lot of assumptions. I would hope the author would be speaking honestly here. I doubt if the subject was pointing the rifle, it would have said so. Ignored their commands at what distance. Shot by a departments that emptied how many tens of rounds into a standing car and only hitting the subject twice… Too much BS in this article. Wobles: you need to take the week off.

  12. Max says:

    Leroy, very well said.

  13. sulivan says:

    u dont have to point a rife at someone to be considered dangerous, Some of u people are just stupid. I f the guy would of got off a shot he could of killed a cop or a innocent person. If that would of happened then some idiot like ur selves would of said, :why didnt the cops stop that guy”? If a person is advancing torward a cop with a rifle and they tell him to drop it and then he doesnt obey, then the police can and are backed by law to stop that threat. And the only way to stop that threat is to shoot the guy with the rifle.

  14. naenae says:


  15. naenae says:

    @ wobbles its funny how u can tell the story as if u was there…. U dnt kno wht goes on down here…. @ 34yrs and I aint never met a good cop….

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