LOS ANGELES (AP) — Authorities are looking for gunmen who fired into a car as it halted for a stop sign in south Los Angeles County, killing two men and injuring a third.

The shootings were reported at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday in the 1000 block of West 104th Street, near South Vermont Avenue and the border with Los Angeles, according to deputies at the Sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau.

Deputy Mark Pope says the three victims had stopped to admire a house under construction Wednesday evening when they noticed two other men watching them and decided to drive away.

When they stopped for the stop sign, a vehicle drove up behind them. A man got out of that vehicle and fired several rounds into the victims’ car.

Pope says the man in the front passenger seat was pronounced dead at the scene and the rear passenger died at a hospital. The driver suffered a non-life threatening wound after being grazed by a bullet.

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  1. Tfascio says:

    Lets see, the article does not have the time and location of the incident. How could this be missing Who wrote this?

    1. Sanityforus says:

      Why would they put that ? So that others might come to that SAME spot and get murdered too ? I have a name for your type…

    2. SWATK9 says:

      It you read the article, you will see it states the time and location of the incident. Maybe you should actually read the article before complaining about it.

  2. david says:

    senseless killings all over Los Angeles. I am so thankful to heaven that the dream act was the only bill that our still somewhat sane Congress and Senate didn’t pass. They should rename Los Angeles to Little Juarez.

    1. evelyn says:

      hello “LOS ANGELES” isnt exactly American eighter

    2. sanityforus says:

      Hmm if you DONT like it here dont let the border hit you on the way OUT !!

    3. LALA says:

      Then you should just move away from L.A David!!!

  3. Chris says:

    I love the picture of the gun, as though it has a mind and did the shooting itself as it appears to be with the muzzle flash but no hand attached. Thank you liberal media for almost alway helping to F*** up the psychology of the gullible lowest common denominators in society.

  4. Dave says:

    Why are they showing a picture iof a gun? Typical California logic.

  5. finga fukya says:

    Thanks for the useless information.. I can write incomplete articles too. where????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? CBS wants to be relevant so they post incomplete information just to say they BROKE THE NEWS 1ST. PATHETIC

  6. yh says:

    I suggest a new form of bulletproof windows to come with new cars which redirect bullets at the car shooting into them.

  7. napoleon dinamita says:

    david you are dumb..but one day your children will marry a brown person..
    it happened in south central la..the black gangs are really going at it down there

  8. Really says:

    Sounds very gang related. Definitely not random.

  9. brc says:

    Why is it always assumed that a certain color is responsible..Guess what all colors are in your neighborhood too. And that area is also other races too.

    1. Walsh says:

      Good point, but it isn’t ‘color’. The most up to date PC re-branding du-jour is ‘melanin “wealthy”‘.

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