LOS ANGELES (AP) — Skid Row’s own Santa Claus has made his annual visit — handing out $10 bills to thousands of destitute people who queued up for several hours to receive the gift.
The 69-year-old retired lawyer, who wishes to remain anonymous, said Thursday he’s been giving away $20,000 of his own money every year over the past 30 years at the Midnight Mission.

Dressed in red, the benefactor says he’s always moved by the appreciation and gratitude that homeless people show. He estimates about 3,000 people receive $10 bills every Yuletide.

The donor is one of several who hand out money on Skid Row on certain days of the year. Critics say the homeless would be better served if donations were made to one of the many area charities.

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  1. MGraves says:

    If more of the weathly would take a lesson from this person maybe the families with children wouldn’t be on the street in the cold. The Critics alway think they know whats best but, how many of them as done the same thing! God bless who ever that person is.

    1. Taro says:

      If more liberals would take a lesson from real Americans that punishing people for succeeding is wrong, more wealthy would feel generous toward the poor. Still, you can’t expect a man who is being robbed by the government on behalf of the poor to feel compassion for the poor. It’s just not the way the human heart works.

      1. Roger Fishwife says:

        Thank you for saying it, Taro.

      2. Retired says:


      3. Dane says:

        As someone dedicated to serving others (and someone with progressive ideals), I’ve got to agree with Taro on this one.

      4. fred says:

        apparently not taro. Seems this “wealthy” person is quite fine feeling generous. True compassion needs nothing…but a heart.

      5. jhenderson says:

        dittos to that!

      6. Matthew 19:21 says:

        It’s too bad that US ‘conservatives’ have forsaken the New Testament, to vent their selfish, hatriot anger.

        “Jesus answered, ‘If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven.'”

      7. yoleta says:

        What a beautiful story! Give and you shall receive. It is a spiritual law like sowing and reaping. Thank you sir for thinking of the poor and sharing the love of the Lord.You may be the only bible they read. 🙂


      Christmas is about Jesus’ sacrifice for our sinful behavior, loving Mammon instead of truth.


      Make Caesar obey the law, no other Gods.

    3. PROFESSOR says:

      Wow, well done.

      We all learn something from Jesus.


    4. Dave says:

      For 45 years the USA has conducted the so-called “THE WAR ON POVERTY”. We have spent trillions upon trillions of dollars. We have built housing for the poor and provided everything from food stamps and welfare checks and free medical care. Yet the poor remain with us. the answer is not $$. The answer is the change of one’s heart and lifestyle. Jesus said “the poor you will have with you always.” That is not a cynical statement. Because of the fall it is a fact of life. Our reaction should be to help the poor. But the answer is NOT by trying to spread the wealth. The “Rich” provide all the tax money to fund the War on Poverty. The poorest of the poor in America are envied by 80% of the world. The poorest of the poor in America have running water, at least one TV, cell phones and do not have to go to bed hungry unless they are determined to make the same daily choices that got them there in the first place.

      1. Salient says:

        well said

      2. Retired says:


      3. Kimberly Patton Borgeson says:

        Agreed! Very well put!

      4. MAKE MY DAY says:

        That about sums-it-up!!….It is – what IT IS!!! The welfare “Mindset” has to be changed completely – if ANY progress is going to be made – but, we all know that “Mindset” change just will NOT work with a % of people!!! Human nature!!

    5. KevinC says:

      I give to charity, even after the government helps themselves to half of my life.
      Which is more sinful? The man who works hard to earn his living and becomes wealthy, or the corrupt government who takes half of what he earns under threat of imprisonment?

    6. xerakis says:

      If more of u stupid libs would work and live within your means you would have money to take care of your kids … f-ing idiots. At any rate this man is a good sould and is doing more for his fellow citizens than the lousy stinking govt. ever can……

    7. Stephen says:

      Or they could stop having kids.

    8. Eileen Pressler says:

      Hmm, a well-off person being generous seems to tick off this gentlemen. To be accurate $10 isn’t going to keep any families with children of the street. I am not taking away anything from this dear man’s kindness but, this repler isn’t thinking. Many, many wealthy people give a great deal to help others all year around, They just don’t want to press and the problems that come with being found out. Besides, it really is true that you don’t change or really help a person’s life by giving him a “fish” you need to teach him to “fish” for himself otherwise the money supply will run out & he will be no better off than he was before. Give the wealthy a break they do contribute much we just don’t know of it.

      1. yoleta says:

        Luke 6:38
        Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

  2. Gabriel Rivera says:

    Yeah why don’t you just give it to charities so they can keep some of it, what would they do different?. They would give them food and I’m pretty sure the homeless are gonna use it for that purpose regardless. Critics are stupid.

    1. Other says:

      You’re pretty sure they’re going to use it for food anyway??????? Well yeah, that or booze, or crack……….Many of these folks are homeless because they have dependency problems. This will just help feed their addictions.

    2. Keith says:

      Gabriel–sadly, alot of the money he is giving away will be used for drugs and alcohol. I’ve worked with the homeless before and the vast majority of the time, they would call for help and try to scam our organization. The best thing is to give it to the local mission or shelter. The majority of the money you give (probably 85%+) goes directly to help the homeless. The people working forthese charities are not there to make a lot of money; they’re there to help the homeless and are willing to sacrifice they’re own desire to make money.

      1. Eileen Pressler says:

        Very true, God bless this gentlemen for his kindness but, it would be better if he bought them a meal or organized something that would give them something they need. At this point many of these people are so low and hopeless that they will indeed, use that money for a bottle of booze or something to blot out their misery but won’t improve anything for them

    3. WC Fields says:

      Giving it direct thay can buy booze, give to a charity no booze. A very Merry intoxicated Christmas to all!

      1. Jeff Smith says:

        You know, man, if that’s what they need to get through christmas, then more power to them. I’m ready for a drink, too, and I’m not homeless.

      2. stinkfoot says:

        Right on Jeff!

  3. Patricia Langford says:

    It”s not money that makes a man rich.This guy knows the true meaning.

  4. Ro Diaz says:

    The Crack dealers are jumping for joy ! ! !

    1. Forest says:

      You hit it on the head.

    2. P Broussard says:

      don’t forget the drunks and illegals.

    3. Anonymous says:

      you cant buy much crack for $10

      1. Craig Brockman says:

        $10 worth of crack is a lot more than $0 worth of crack – with that said for a junkie, $10 is a lot of crack!

  5. LEON FRANKLIN says:


    1. rm says:

      he won’t get any blessing for this PR STUNT if this was truly about helping would he not do it more often and not just when news people are there to tell about it and who calls the news about this sure as hell aint the homeless so this is for sure just a PR stunt

      1. Duncan says:

        He does it anonymously, and has done so for many years. If that’s a publicity stunt, he needs to hire a new PR firm.

        Why don’t you go find someone who needs a little help and actually DO SOMETHING for them? I know it’s much easier to sit around in your underwear glued to a computer screen with your free hand in a bag of Cheetos, criticizing a guy who *is* trying to make a difference.

      2. rm says:

        duncan the fact the story says hes done this yearly for 30 years and that the press was there to see it means its not anonymously he clearly calls the press or someone tied to him does. as for me helping others if i had this mans money i would not play big shot and had them token 10 bucks which is not helping them at all it will barely get them one meal. id use the 20g per year to EMPLOY one of them and get that ONE person of the streets THAT WOULD BE DOING SOMETHING HELPFUL

      3. Johnathan says:

        It’s his money, he can do with it as he chooses. It’s admirable he chooses to give it away in person, it appears he enjoys the experience of seeing happiness.

  6. RWall says:

    Are Buffet, Gates, Bloomberg, Turner and other wealthy Americans doing anything to help the destitute here in the USA? You hear about the Gates’ charities but is help going to millions in the USA who need help? Many of us are unemployed and apply for jobs, getting no response. Many of us are destitute. Where is our help until more jobs surface? Thank God there are people like this man in the world. Bless him!

    1. Lyle says:

      You seem to have a lot of time to read random internet stories and criticize others’ spending habits. You don’t know the people you mentioned. You don’t have the right to criticize them.

      Initiative, self reliance, and personal responsibility is what made our country great. Focus on your job search.

      Oh, and I’ve been where you are so please don’t counter with that nonsense.

    2. Fairchild says:

      This might be the dumbest comment of them all. Congratulations, you should be proud. Just wondering, have you pledged 80% of your worth like Buffett, Gates and the rest have. Probably not. So maybe you should keep you uneducated opinion to yourself.

      1. Yoleta says:

        🙂 I agree. Luke 6:38

        Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

        does antone wonder why the rich keep getting richer? It is because they are generous.

    3. wobbles says:

      What are they doing to help themselves? There was a time in this country not so long ago when people knew how to help themsleves instead of demanding someone else come to their rescue and give them their “fair share” without them having to put in any work. More people are sitting with their hands out these days while simultaneously doing nothing to better their situation than at any time in our history.

    4. WTSHAFFER says:

      If you have time to read this post, write a reply you aren’t looking hard enough for a job.

    5. Lilith Whyte says:

      Its none of your business what Buffet, Gates, Bloomberg and Turner do with their money.

      And as for God blessing this man for handing out money, well, the Bible says that charity should be done in SECRET. It clearly states that the only reward one receives for doing ‘works’ in public, is in the temporal world. Not in heaven.

  7. OhRatts says:

    ROFL… “Critics say the homeless would be better served if donations were made to one of the many area charities.” Right… so that way most of his $20,000 donation would go toward salaries of the people working at the charity and “management” of the charity and “marketing” to ask other people to give to the charity and so on and so forth…

    1. sistaelle says:

      God forbid that a man be treated with dignity and allowed spend $10 as he sees fit.

  8. CBusey says:

    When a gift is given to a homeless individual, it can buy a hot meal, it can show that someone cares. And it can put a smile on someone’s face, when given in the genuine spirit of the season. Each person has a choice, what they will do with the gift they receive. What will you do? God has given us the gift of his Son. What will you do with the greatest gift ever given?

    1. Rick Daniels says:

      The only problem with your thought is, that same $10 can go for another bottle or another snort up the nose, etc.
      The charities can make more hot meals for them and provide a warm place to sleep.
      Over the years I have given out tens of thousands to the homeless. When I first started I too, handed out cash. When I began paying attention I saw MANY of them going to the liquor store.

  9. Aunt Bee says:

    Think of all the useless 100K a year jobs held in organizations that eat up much of the donations that they receive that could be gotten rid of for good.

    Direct donation and no middleman.


  10. jeff says:

    Critics are people who work for non-profits….just because the organization says “non-profit” doesn’t mean the people who run it are doing it for free….critics should quiet down and let this man do what he wants with his money….

  11. wobbles says:

    This guy just bought about 20,000 dollars worth of crack and booze. Wasted money that could have been spent on better deserving people who wouldn’t drink or smoke it. Hey, but I’m sure it makes him sleep better at night.

    1. Jones says:

      2010 years later, the Inn keeper is still with us.

  12. stu gots says:

    Im sure the local liquor stores all stoved up in anticipation of this

  13. joe says:

    While I agree that charities will often use a percentage of donations for overhead, you 3e naïve if you thing that most of the “homeless will buy a meal” with it. Many of them are alcoholics or addicts which is why they are homeless to begin with. They will be using the money on their habits. If the money is given to a shelter 10 dollars could provide a hot meal for an entire FAMILY. So the critics really do have a point.

  14. Steve says:

    MGraves, do you seriously think that people are homeless because rich people don’t give them enough money? Naive soul. Major causes of homelessness are drug use, alcoholism and mental illness. Do some reading.

  15. trudy says:

    each according to his means

  16. indie says:

    So, the “critics” think it should go to charities? Which ones? Tthe ones whose CEOs make 6 figure salries?

  17. Forest says:

    That’s just plain stupid. Give it to charities that look for a cure for children with cancer or something good. Giving it to these losers who expect handouts is really,really dumb. And if he thinks these people will like him for it, he’s still has alot to learn.

    1. Ronomundo says:

      Prof Quigley hit the nail directly on the head! Great question! The kind of wise professor that is rare for sure.

  18. Deborah says:

    Critics meaning the people who receive a percentage of donated monies…parasites.

  19. Jake S says:

    What they’re talking about, saying he should donate it to charity, is that you don’t know what they’ll spend the money on. For he knows, the person he handed that $10 to could go and just spend it on booze or drugs (not saying that all homeless are alcoholic bums but I’m sure some genius will read between the lines and accuse me of that). So yes, it probably would have legitimately helped more if he’d given that money to charity.

  20. Ken Inman says:

    Whoo Hoo, cigs and booze for the holidaze. (not a mispelling)

  21. Dino Lazarus says:

    Hmmmmm. Should I buys 1 big $10 rock, or should I buys 2 small $5 rocks?

  22. Chaz says:

    Even if the destitute spend the money on a bottle of thunderbird or a hit of crack, it’ll still make their pitiful lives a little better.

    Bravo to the charitable no matter who you are and Merry Christmas!

    1. tom says:

      WOW Chaz..
      Are you really so stupid as to believe that another “hit” makes these people’s lives better?

      Hope the next time you shoot up it will be your last time


      1. yoleta says:

        🙁 How sad to think that way. Did you ever think that just a smile with a kind heart along with that ten dollars is a way of showing Love? I think that the rich retiree was being kind. 🙂

  23. jona says:


  24. Being Honest says:

    You’re all whiny babies.

  25. Rick Simm says:

    It was just reported that cigarette and liquor sales jumped over 200% after the $20,000 was handed out. Drug dealers were running low on product also.

  26. Woodsman says:

    How many of you who criticize this man for re-distributing his OWN wealth cheer when the progressives (regressives, actually) talk of taking and re-distributing mine?

  27. shoppe says:

    Sorry, it all sounds nice, but $10 bucks will do nothing for these people. Give each man 5 – 20$ bills or something like that. A TEN IS JUST TO MAKE THE MAN FEEL GOOD, NOT TO HELP THE HOMELESS.
    Sorry, just how I feel.

  28. shoppe says:

    FOOD GIFT CARDS!!!! STOP HANDING OUT MONEY….. and more than $10…. $10 is one hot meal……

  29. Debi Bohannan says:

    I’ve hired homeless laborers for years, to do odd jobs around my house. They always show up hungover and broke on Monday morning (and cost me a fortune in replacing tools and hiring someone else to fix their messes). It’s a bad investment, unless you’re a liquor store owner or drug dealer.
    Might I suggest this lawyer donate $20k toward reforming our corrupt legal system. When my 15-year-old was accused of being the ‘mastermind’ in a drug bust, all I could afford was a $1500 idiot whose incompetence all but destroyed her future and scarred us all for life!
    (The dirty DA was forced out of office a couple of years later – too late for us.)

    1. Jones says:

      Debi, you are a kind, positive, and non self-centered person…

  30. tymlock says:

    This story is just the personification of the fact that giving the poor money does not relieve poverty. We’ve literally spent a trillion dollars on the poor since LBJ declared War on Poverty. …………………….Prosperity can’t be awarded, it has to be earned.

  31. Morgana99 says:


  32. morgana99 says:

    CRACK PARTYYYYYY! 10,000 dollars into the hands of dealers, Yay, Santa!

  33. Tracy says:

    Who do any of you think you are to tell someone how to spend their money? I would never give my money to these useless crackheads, but if it makes this guy happy — more power to him!

  34. Retired says:

    A friend’s son-in-law once offered a homeless guy a job. The homeless guy, said No. He made more money panhandling. I don’t give these bums anything. All they do is buy booze and crack.

  35. Storm says:

    Wow, the local crack dealer is going to be really busy and have a very Merry Christmas

  36. brin says:

    I’ll bet 2% of them have ever held down a job for more than 10 seconds

  37. Lee Yarbrough says:

    This man is doing what he feels is right and it is right for him. Always amazes me how so many others feel the need to tell people what they ”should” do with their money. You want a voice in it, use your money your way as this man uses his in his way. Happy Holidays to all of you and hope you receive what you deserve in 2011.

    1. Jeanette says:

      I go to my local shelter and ask them, “what are you short on? what do you need?” I then go to Target and buy out the store of toothbrushes, hygiene items, mini-shaving kits, small soaps and shampoos, blankets, undergarments, socks.” I do this every year, three times/year and it costs me between $500-$1000. I’m the one paying for the services for these people AFTER they come down from their $10 drug high from the same selfish donator who wants to feel good and tell his friends what he did before his round of golf.

  38. Jim says:

    I don’t get it really though – these people get $100s of dollars every month in welfare – what does $10 do them? BTW if they would work for ONE HOUR mowing lawns they could earn $10. They would rather be lazy and do nothing waiting for hours to get $10! Amazing. There is NO REASON 98+% of these people can’t mow lawns for god-sake (I realize some might have a handicap, etc)- when I was growing up, there were 10 year old kids doing that and delivering newspapers for $100+/week.

  39. rick says:

    Lee, can we assume then you aren’t a democrat who wants to tell everybody what to do with their money? Just wondering…

    1. Lee Yarbrough says:

      Rick, This has nothing to do with politics. Has everything to do with common sense and personal responsibility. Nothing to wonder about, use common sense.

  40. Marie says:

    Critics say it would be better given to a charity. I think this man can decide how his money is handed out. Those critics should hand out some of their own money! What he is doing is wonderful!

  41. Esteban says:

    Should just haver went to the liquor store and bought them all a bottle. it’s where they will end up anyway.

  42. shoppegirl says:

    Yes, he can decide how to spend his 20,000. But maybe he will read some of these comments and see there are several better ways to do this. Even giving to the local soup kitchen would feed more people with less money… and buy a few blankets….

  43. Charles Schwab says:

    Well I certainly hope all the bums know that they are going to have to make sure they meet the April 15th deadline to contribute to their qualified retirement vehicles (Trad. IRA/ Roth IRA, etc.) in order for them to write off the contribution from their earned income for tax planning purposes.

  44. Confused says:

    I dont get it. what is 10 bucks going to do for these people?

    1. Yoleta says:

      Luke 6:38
      Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”
      AWESOME! 🙂

  45. not confused says:

    Critics- It is the season of giving you know. Perhaps lots of you have never given to others in a direct way. I don’t think it is about booze, crack or how many blankets and meals it could provide. Sometimes it just feels good to do something that gives others joy and genuine happiness. 10 bucks must seem like nothing to most of you but I am sure it is alot to some of those people. I don’t think the guy cares what they do with it. I think he just likes the rush of creating genuine pleasure to these people.

    1. Dom says:

      A selfish rush. Genuine pleasure=drug bump. We have all learned our motives, regardless of how unselfish, are selfish. It makes ME happy to see you happy. I’m sure the shelters and non-profit groups witnessing this cringe when they have to help these people when they are crashing from their drug high’s and are doubly hungry, cold and in need. That day is a big day for drug dealers in that area. He is the cause. It’s shameful. Not generous. Generosity comes with a price – responsibility. If I came in to your house and said to your child “Here’s a $1000, I want you to do whatever you want with it, regardless of what your parents say!” Irresponsible. I put this in the same category.

  46. tharp42 says:

    10 dollars real cash money???? I can buy me two more rocks!!!

  47. samjolley says:

    Not your money none of your business. His choice not yours. Merry Christmas

  48. NOBAMA 2012 says:









    NOBAMA 2012

  49. lazvt84 says:

    10 buys a lot of wholesale/bulk food thru a soup kitchen, etc…but to a homeless, barely a big mac and fries at retail prices….

  50. mapman says:

    The overhead costs inherent with charitable and social service organizations ultimately permits more efficient use of donated funds. Having directly worked as a medical volunteer in such a setting, I am very familiar with the strict screening and monitoring processes social service workers use to better ensure monies are properly appropriated and utilized.

    Truly, if this donor wanted to remain anonymous he would not have agreed to publication of his picture. Assuming he has been told repeatedly the ultimate destination for his gifts, the motive is open to debate. But, it’s his assets to distribute as seen fit.

  51. Patrick says:

    Yeah – he does it every year – it is a HUGE day for the drug dealers. One dealer told me $10 Day was his favorite day of the year – another came and showed me his stack of $10 bills it was about 6 inches thick. All of Skid Row was WASTED out their minds yesterday. I know the guys heart is in the right place, but it is a terrible waste of funds to help the homeless. I can’t understand how someone would think giving a group of recovering and current addicts ten dollars bills is a good use of funds to help the homeless. $20,000 would fund our GED Program for 2 years. Oh, well it is the heart that counts.

  52. Anon says:

    1. This stat needs some fact-checking: The 69-year-old retired lawyer, who wishes to remain anonymous, said Thursday he’s been giving away $20,000 of his own money every year over the past 30 years at the Midnight Mission. / Dressed in red, the benefactor says he’s always moved by the appreciation and gratitude that homeless people show. He estimates about 3,000 people receive $10 bills every Yuletide. (3,000 x $10 = $30,000)

    2. While much of the money may go to drugs and alcohol, I think there’s something nice about just giving someone $10 for Christmas to buy whatever they want and not tell them what’s good for them. Maybe they’ll use it for food, shelter, or sundries. There is a reason this guy doesn’t want to cater a big meal for everyone or give the money to a shelter. He wants to tell 2,000 (or 3,000 – unclear) people that someone cares about them, and remind himself why he is so generous.There is a reason this guy doesn’t want to cater a big meal for everyone or give the money to a shelter. He wants to tell 2,000 (or 3,000 – unclear) people that someone cares about them, and remind himself why he is so generous.

  53. Andy says:

    He will have to do year in year out but many receivers of the gift will come back back next year to receive it. Teach them how to fish instead of giving a fish to them.

  54. Patrick says:

    You’re right Aaron it is nice and like I said it is the heart that counts. It would just be such a better use of funds to help support the organizations who are there everyday reminding and show the people that someone cares about them on a daily basis. Things like this do very little if anything at all to help people make life lasting changes – mostly it just helps support and further the drug business and adds to the problem.. But again – it is the heart that counts – the guys heart is in the right place he just needs to be a bit more purposefully and thoughtful on how he goes about it.

  55. Adam Smith says:

    Data are quite consistent that Conservatives donate more to charity than liberals. Many tithe as I do. Liberals only are generous when giving away other people’s money.

  56. gutsygirl says:

    Ten bucks. Just what a pint of Jack Daniels costs. Flushhhhhhhhhh!

  57. Ron says:

    Several years ago, a TV station stated that he BEGAN this YEARS AGO anonymously, but he press KNOWS he shows up every year and THEY are the ones who publicize it. This guy COULD have a trusted assistant do this, BUT he chooses to do it IN PERSON. Give him a break. Yes, SOME recipients WILL misuse the money, but for the ones who DO something USEFUL with it, he’s doing more than many people can afford to do.

    And I’m betting that he does LOTS more quietly and privately also.

    Again, give him a break.

  58. DEE says:

    Gosh what a bunch of Hate Mongers here, Calling people with some money names, those who have worked all their lives and have been successful. Believe me, that those who are well off, do donate to charities all over this country. UN-NOTICED by many of you. What is it with you Liberals who are so full of hate and have some vendetta against Weatlhy people? This is a Free country for the time being, free to make a living and strive for success. SO stop with your name calling and making comments, You are showing your ignorance. I seem to recall, that most of your TOP wage earners are LIBERALS out there to begin with..Look at the Hollywood types, .. They donate, but you arent calling them names..You are Labeling with the GOP title..YOU couldnt be more wrong with your accuasations.

  59. Steve says:

    What are people here talking about? Homeless people are homeless by choice. These people can get housing and help with job placement through county departments of human services. County mental health also does this for those who are mentally ill. On top of that, various private organizations provide services for the homeless as well. A minority of them are fugitives with warrants out for their arrest, preventing them from seeking help. Others are simply mentally ill and won’t accept help beyond cash handouts. And then cash strangers give to them on the streets probably more often goes to bottles of Whiskey and drugs than it does to actually improving their lives. They say they want the money for food or a bus ride. This typically is not the case.

  60. Vini says:

    Homeless by choice? All you liberals? They’re just going to buy drugs? They’re all on crack, or alcoholics.

    Let me ask all you Christians on CHRISTMAS, did you come to these ridiculous, bigoted and insane beliefs BEFORE or AFTER you went to church this morning?

    Appalling. Simply, uttterly, disturbing and appalling.

    1. Mufon says:

      Vini, they’re not all homeless, or liberals, going to buy drugs. You need to take a breath.

  61. LAPD16122 says:

    Thankyou Vini. The idea is that the money is a gift. Not a person writing in this column wouldn’t smile if a guy walked up out of no where, handed you a $10 bill an said Merry Christmas. For these folks it may be their only gift of the season. if one gives a gift, no strings are attached. Maybe the receiver buys nail polish, a stuffed toy, socks, food, or makes what others consider a poor choice. I bet we could ALL criticize each other’s choices regarding money. Critics of the donor, “Let he who is without sin cast the 1st stone.” Let them be happy with a gift and let the giver enjoy the giving.

  62. Ted in San Diego says:

    $20,000 gift? That’s only $12,000 after taxes ; ). Seriously though, a gift over $10,000 and the gov’t will be all over him.

  63. bamboomagpie says:

    Does $10 buy anything in America anymore. It seems to be a bit self-serving to me.

  64. Edith says:

    If you work in the social services field you’d know the homeless don’t take that money and buy food, warmth or services for themselves – they fuel their addictions. It may seem like a generous thing but it’s selfish as he’s receiving accolades from these people (anonymous to the media but he shows his face to the homeless). People like this need to educate themselves how to best serve these people instead of throwing away their money. That could have gone for food, hygiene kits, blankets that could be handed out to these people. It’s heartbreaking to me to pass a homeless person and not provide to them directly when they ask for change at the front of a store. I’ll go in to the store, buy them a hot coffee, a protein bar, a toothbrush, shaving kits, but I will not provide change to fuel their habit. Albeit, them having another “bump” or a swig of alcohol is probably the only thing in their life that can help them, but it doesn’t help them in the long run.

    1. yoleta says:

      You too will be blessed for giving heart! 🙂

      Luke 6:38
      Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

  65. Mufon says:

    They lined up for hours to get $10?