Property owners could reverse hike

VISTA (AP) — To trim $9 million from their budget, Vista officials say they will shut off half of the city’s residential street lights in March unless property owners agree to pay higher lighting fees.

Fees could cost residents of the north San Diego County city between $4 and $20 a year.

KNX 1070’s Tom Reopelle reports.

In turn, Vista residents complained about bright lights at the new City Hall.

City spokeswoman Andrea McCullough tells the North County Times that lights in the park behind the building have been shut off and lights in front of the Civic Center have been dimmed.

Inside the building, she says lights are being dimmed at 7 p.m. instead of 10 p.m.

Most lights are energy-efficient so dimming them won’t save much, but McCullough says residents will at least know the city is doing its part.

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Comments (187)
  1. Craig V Adams says:

    Simply put – it’s extortion. Throw the bums out!

    1. Lilly says:

      Exactly. Who do these fools think they are ?

    2. hadley says:

      Fire some bureaucrats, instead!

  2. Harpotoo says:

    Obummerville USA = Lights OUT in America!

    1. Doc says:

      That’s the plan, it seems, isn’t it? I hate the Democrats and everything they stand for.

  3. billybeer says:

    but McCullough says residents will at least know the city is doing its part. Maybe the politicians could spend less on useless BS…..

  4. Bobby Echard says:

    Direct result of liberalism.

  5. John Doe says:

    So residents paid a lighting fee which was put into the general fund and spent. The city spent that money on other stuff. Now they are blackmailing residents to pay additional lighting fees under threat of shutting off lights.

    Sounds like city officials should be thrown in jail

    1. Doc says:

      “blackmailing”? Blackingout is more like it.. just like they do in third world countries, like Nicaragua.

  6. DUDE MCDUDE says:

    Isn’t it strange they always cut something obvious and dramatic when they want money? How about cutting down on public vehicles, commissions, secretaries and expense accounts. Perhaps they could even consider cutting their amazingly rich pensions.

    1. Dennis says:

      When forced to make budget cuts government will always choose to cut the least it has too which brings about the most harm..

  7. Ralph says:

    City street lights are a unnecessary expense. Where I live the city seems to think every street needs to be lit up. I will recommend the city shut off half the lights in my city.

  8. Mandy says:

    Politicians know to make reductions in services that are the most visible to the taxpayers. Cutting a new program or an old redundant program (and we know there are plenty) would not be visible and hurtful to the taxpayer. It is like holding taxpayers hostage. Hm-m-m-m, sounds like a line from our President.

  9. Rip VanBullwinkle says:

    Oh sweet saint of San Andreas hear my prayer.

    1. Vera Hamann says:


      1. Achilles says:

        The best thing that could happen in SoCal is a 9.5 to occur.

  10. Dustin Arnold says:

    But isnt that part of going “green”? Think of all that electricity they will save!

  11. Jim says:

    I say shut them off, and every crime that happens as a result is a lawsuite

    1. Bob Norton says:

      Street lights don’t reduce crime. It’s power company propaganda. Not a single peer-reviewed scientific study shows any reduction in crime from street lighting. All it does is mess up your dark adaptation and increase contrast, leaving dark shadows for criminals to hide in. The best street light is a flashlight.

      1. Hap Hazard says:

        so live in the dark on your street and be happy Bob. Others like the light because it makes the neighborhood warm and inviting.

  12. Mike says:

    Turn off the heating or cooling in city buildings. That will save a lot. The power requirement for lights is almost non-existent. Maybe 5% of power use at best.

  13. Boyd says:

    The Washington Monument Syndrome – a political tactic used by government agencies when faced with reductions in the rate of projected increases in budget or actual budget cuts. The most visible and most appreciated service that is provided by that entity is the first to be put on the chopping block.

    This is right up there with dismissing all opponents as racists. It has become so overused that most everyone is just plain immune to it. The public is just not in the mood any longer to put up with this nonsense. Turn ’em off. Then we don’t need the government parasites who have attached themselves to this operation, do we? Get rid of most of them, rehire at a cheaper rate and then the money is there to turn them back on. The looks about ready to call your bluff on this.

    1. Servena says:

      Heckuva good job. I sure aprpeacite it.

  14. Mike k says:

    just once it would be nice to hear “city threatens to cut mayors salary” or “city threatense to stop buying brand new computers this year” or “city threatens to lay off useless employees”

    but they always threaten to cut off things the PEOPLE ACTUALLY NEED THEM FOR

    1. billy says:

      Oh no, they just built a multi million dollar compound of a City Hall why would they think of cutting budgets when they can spend more. Oh they also just bought $9 million worth of real estate for redevelopment. Our city is not a business let the investors do that.
      As a Vista resident I would say that most of the street lights are not needed anyways as most of outer Vista is rural. They need to turn off the flood lights in their brand new city hall and maybe rip up the unneeded extra parking lot that took them 9 months and almost a million to build. Cash Cows.

  15. John Xenos says:

    Sure go ahead. And while your at it cut the police force and fire.

  16. Chris Ness says:

    End light pollution now!

  17. Peter says:

    Find out how many city government employees were used to manage to light, lay off haft of them and keep the light on.

  18. goalbysummer says:

    Shut ’em off. The stars are prettier anyway.

  19. Mr S says:

    Thank God the city folk are finally are getting over the insecurity of having night lights on when they sleep. It does no good to leave lights on in cities all night, only to help the thieves see . With night vision cameras for security and putting lights and alarms on motion detection systems , security can be handled with out all that energy waste that the government has been blaming on citizens that are not using the right light bulbs in their own homes. You shut off all lighting like after 12midnight and it may resemble the rural country environment but everyone will get use to it, and it will also lower the crime rate, when younger citizens will not be loitering and running the streets shooting each other.

  20. MadSmoker says:

    Less light pollution, less electricity cost – sounds like an improvement to me.

  21. Karl Nonnenmacher says:

    Just Google “Washington Monument Syndrome” to understand this threat.

  22. JDUDE says:

    Their councilman, Frank Lopez, wrote thousands of dollars of bad checks, yet still remain…

  23. Lady Barstow says:

    why don’t they switch to solar powered lights, then it won’t cost anything beyond the initial start up costs

    1. rob says:

      because solar panels are not a viable technology. it takes more power to product the solar cell than you ever get out of them.

  24. RJABRONCO says:

    It is very simple. The people of this city need to start slipping and have other accidents due to the lack of proper lighting. Then SUE the city.

    1. texashorseman says:

      You my friend are part of the problem. The city or cities have zero dollars, whet do yo think the person will be paid with? Lawyers have created a society where your answer “sue” is killing everything, Plus only the lawyer gets the real money.

  25. Lucky says:

    They did this in Colorado Springs due to budget constraints. Now that the city wants to turn them back on the residents are saying “leave them off”.

    1. GavInTucson says:

      Awesome. I never understood the insecurity of people living in cities. They desparately cling to their night-lights and demand every inch of their town be lit up, bright as day. Why?

  26. seenitall says:

    Looks like they turned off your power since this link doesn’t work.

  27. PabloKoh says:

    Yeah! Stars!

  28. Scott Keller says:

    Several alternative approaches are possible that would be more beneficial to everyone and would bring more independence to the city at the same time.

  29. Charles says:

    Before you turn out the lights, first make sure all the employees are not over paid – Start at the top and work all the way down to the bottom. Remember, government salaries and benefits are in many cases 50% or higher than anyone elses!

  30. Dave says:

    How will that affect the Crime rate?

  31. Tk says:

    Isn’t is amazing to make a city budget, as well as an entire economy, out of consumer loans? What happens when government runs out of other peoples money to take? Its time to make city budgets without counting on money that is printed out of thin air.

  32. Sensible says:

    Although our government insists we the people need more services and raise taxes accordingly, the last thing they will do is cut the biggest expense of the all: themselves.

  33. Curt says:

    I have to laugh that this is even news. We have been dealing with this since July. We have to do better than lights to balance the books. Sharon is contemplating laying off about 20% of it’s Safety and Admin workers.

  34. Frederick Krueger says:

    Shut ’em down……shut ’em all down!

  35. rowley says:

    NO bailout. Fire the entire city Govt. and buy a flashlight.

  36. Hilltopper says:

    Hey, I think street lights can be cut dramatically, who says you have to have a street lights every 200 feet, I say shut them off and stop putting so many in….whoops forgot the companies that have sweet deals with the government regarding street lights and power will be pretty mad….cant do that

  37. lola says:

    Typical BS threat to the public. How about cutting gov pay.

  38. Taxed Enough Already (aka TEA) says:

    I like how the City officials “threaten” the citizens to pay more taxes or they will turn off street lights. How about getting rid of some dead weight “officials” and keep the street lights burning? These “officials” can take their black mail attempts and shove them.

  39. Wizard says:

    Sweet! Turn off all the street lights, cut down on light pollution, and see all the stars in all their glory to boot! People gotta stop being scared of the dark!

  40. thomas roy bender says:

    there is a very simple solution to the economic crisis incalifornia!.
    the only tip I will give for free is ‘every problem holds the solution’.
    california eas told this was coming decades ago.

  41. Peter55 says:

    How about an open audit of city finances to see just where the money is going?

  42. Czar Jean says:

    What we need is TERM LIMITS!!!!! Support us! Join us! We need more people! Please sign the Petition for Term Limits at

  43. J Grindas says:

    Thanks libs

  44. Joseppi Tanner says:

    Good I hope they shut the whole state down! These idots in CA deserve everything they get!

    They won;t drill for oil, gas, etc. They over regulate and tax everything, etc.

    But we got to get those toys out of happy meals!!

  45. dom clem says:

    God forbid the Unions giveback some of their outrageous wages, benefits and pensions!

  46. J. Wilhelm says:

    How about salary cuts or benefit cuts for city workers?!

  47. Greg says:

    Why cut the unneccessary spending & waste when you can threaten essential services and get all through higher taxes?

  48. Kim says:

    Why aren’t they using solar lights?

    1. Liam Steele says:

      Maybe because they are out of solar lights. Let’s face it, it’s only a matter of time before they take your car.

      1. Dennis says:

        aasianbebe on August 30, 2011 I like my body, busaece I am skinny and can wear clothes that are more tight and stunning. But sizes are always hard to find

  49. winky says:

    The Vista city government blew millions of taxpayer dollars on building Taj Mahals (monuments to Big Government) and fat overpaid government workers and their pensions, and it now complains about being broke, and the desperate need to raise taxes? NEWSFLASH to all Big Government bureaucrats: The taxpayer is not a money printing press. They CANNOT afford another dime taken away from their budget – money they had to EARN. When will big government get the concept that the cart does not pull the horse?

  50. smokehouse56 says:

    It’s the same MO with all radical progressives. Spend money on BS that you don’t have, shut off a needed service, than blame the public with higher lighting fees. We really are living in a third world now.

  51. a23ed4edw2 says:

    How about a pay cut for retirees, if they don’t like it they can quit and go back to work.

  52. JohnF says:

    Some studies suggest that having no traffic lights is safer. Traffic lights cast shadows for people to hide into, and play havoc with our eye’s ability to adjust to darkness. Without lights, headlights from cross traffic vehicles become more apparent, making it easier to know if someone is approaching an intersection.

    It’s amazing how bright things can actually be without any outdoor lights. All that is really needed is a marker light at intersections.

    So let them threaten, you might discover you didn’t really need them in the first place.

    1. JohnF says:

      Opps .. in my prior comment I mean street lights, not traffic lights.

  53. Sensible says:

    We complained that our city buses were running one third full and our county public servants remedied the situation by putting advertisements over the windows and blackening the window tints so we can’t see in. Who knows how much the retrofit cost?

    Our fire department is so upset over the possibility of cuts, they’re turn their sirens on all the time now to let us know they’re serving us. Wonder if there are any fires, really. Don’t mess with government and/or the unions folks. They’re here to serve us; on a platter maybe.

  54. andrewskyman says:

    Why are the lights simply “dimmed” at 7PM in city hall? Considering the work hours are 8 to 5 (and barely then), who needs the “dim” lights at 7PM? And IF someone does need the lights at that time and they can do their job with the lights “dim”, why can’t they do their job with the lights DIM all day long? Are you people just dumb as a dim light or what?!!!! lol

  55. andrewskyman says:

    If the city REALLY wants to do their part to save money, why don’t they just get rid of some of the DIMwits who work there? How many of them are willing to work for free? Because that’s where we’re headed when we can no longer pay for them and their illustrious job benefits.

  56. Michael Kuras says:

    Bye California. And thanks for all the fish.

  57. James says:

    What do you expect from a state is so far left that they believe everything should be free for anyone or everyone deserves to have a 52″ flat screen television, a little exaggerated but it is not too far from the truth!.

    Let the crime begin.

  58. SU WINN says:


  59. Michael P Coleman says:

    dimming the sodium bulbs will save no money. that’s as stupid as the government making us use mercury filled spiral bulbs. if your child gets into the powdered mercury ? major problems health wise. plus who is going to clean up all the mercury in the landfills ? by all rights , you need a haz med for a mercury clean up.

  60. Heartland Patriot says:

    Someone on here said EXTORTION…of course it is…has the city cut ALL the fat from the budget yet? Doubtful, yet they want to threaten to remove an essential or important service when they want to raise taxes or fees. Just like big cities and gun control…they regulate and then take guns away from law-abiding citizens…crime goes up, they say they need more cops and thus more tax money…then they blow the increased revenue on bull, and repeat the cycle, clamping down further and further on the citizens…have you people had enough yet? YOU are the CITIZENS, DEMAND you get an accounting of YOUR MONEY being spent…and if they won’t, THROW ‘EM OUT!

  61. EU-Lex says:

    You idiots really want to pay off the debt you don’t owe cause it’s a big scam by the big banks? Good luck paying, only the interest on it is 10% of the US GDP.

  62. Middle America says:

    In reading the comments on this board I am pleased to observe that there might be hope for us after all. Go get ’em people. We can’t possibly do any worse than the current cadre of idiots running this cpountry at all levels.

  63. Paul Meeks says:

    How about we cut off all the non-tax paying illegal aliens before we cut off services citizen taxes are paying for? Just a thought.

  64. Mike says:

    Seems that part of the tax package imposed on homeowners if for street lights. If they have been using that money elsewhere then they need to bring the money back for what it was allocated for or cut the taxpayers bill the amount already taxed for street lights.

  65. restoretherepublic says:

    i have a better idea…shut off the lights in city hall!

  66. A Reader says:

    Sounds like blackmail to me. The residents either agree to contribute more to redistribution of income (a scheme a.k.a. taxation) or they will be denied services that they are already paying for.

    Although their local government cannot “afford” to provide what they are supposed to in the first place, the government is not rushing to declare that what is really that it cannot provide is to pay exorbitant salaries and benefits to its employees and to give away “freebies” to illegal aliens ans social parasites.

  67. Bubba says:

    Bush caused it – LOL!!!

  68. Jakob says:

    Pensions and unfunded medical liabilities are destroying the budgets, and they are responding by turning out the lights. Brilliant.

  69. Aunt Bee says:

    “No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough to keep up.” ~ Lily Tomlin

  70. ghostranchguy says:

    why are people afraid of the night sky?… this is one of the best cut backs ever… dimmer city lights calms criminal behavior… it’s a fact

  71. Ernest says:

    Be aware. This $4 to $20 would just be the beginning. Once they got that through the door, it would go up every year from then on. And of course the politicians would always find a “good” reason why it must be raised.

  72. Jimmy Stewart says:

    Typical liberal politicians. They misuse our taxpayer funds and then punish us the citizens for their bad decisions. Typical liberalism–it’s always somebody else’s fault.

  73. Molly Maguire says:

    Next on the list … Hot Lunch and Football!

  74. whippersnapper says:

    Thank God the brain trust leaving these comments doesn’t actually run government, or we’d be living in anarchy…

    1. T says:

      From even the most brief review of these comments, I can conclude that if some of us WERE running things, our collective governments would not be insolvent. However, due to their incompetence and people who think as you do, the result WILL be anarchy. Trust me, the folks have had enough of this garbage.

  75. Marc M says:

    Wouldn’t want to cut pensions or pay to those being paid 2x what the ones paying their salaries are.

    Nah, let’s shut off the lights.

    CA is getting what they asked for.

  76. Todd says:

    See the song Stars from Switchfoot on youtube, fits well with this story.

  77. Mark Carlton says:

    The city officials clearly need some help setting priorities. Five or six dozen citizens should attend their next meeting and give them that help, providing verbal and perhaps physical feedback in a tag-team marathon session that ends when something else is cut (e.g., council members’ salaries) to allow the lights to stay on. (Bring plenty of coffee and kerosene!)

  78. Walker says:

    This is why Americans own guns – if a light is too bright, you don’t have to climb a ladder to dim it 🙂

  79. lilith says:

    Who cares?

  80. Dave says:

    Hold fast and firm and tell them that the air conditioners should be shut off in the summer when rates are high.

  81. Dom Pfefferkorn says:

    If they did not spend extra 100s of thousands to ‘upgrade’ to energy effiencet lights and bulbs, they would still have money left over. I am all for energy effiencent lights, but why did they throw out 1000s of perfectly good working lights and bulbs? Replace them when they wear out, no need to spend money to ‘fix’ something that is not broken

    1. T says:

      The answer to your astute question is simple…political correctness and stupidity.

  82. Dasein says:

    Last one to leave Kalifornia, shut off the lights.

  83. Bob Tussey Merced California says:

    This is just another example of the games officials play at all levels of Government. We pay fuel taxes to build and maitain our highways, both federal 15 cents per gal, 35 cents in CA, plus sales tax, but what do the use the money for? Bridges collapsing, roads in terrible shape. Stimulus funds go to road repair. Why? Every tax or fee we pay ends up going to something other than intended.

  84. T says:

    Typical liberal asinine stunt. Punish the folks. The same folks that actually pay their taxes. Amazing that none of the “officials” are losing their jobs for lack of funds or for their demonstrated incompetence at the mis-management of those funds. Hey guys, fire yourselves.

  85. jdude says:


  86. Bilbo says:

    Like, OMG, how will we ever be able to live in the dark?

  87. David says:

    Colorado Springs, Colorado did this last year. 30% of all the street lights are off to save power. The funny thing is that they then installed illuminated street signs at ever light because no one could see what the street names were. Cost of the signs and power is probably a heck of alot more they they will save in years to come by turning off lights!

    1. T says:

      Excellent point…similar to classic low flush toilets that you must flush 3x to remove the waste, or low flow showers that make it take twice as long to wash the soap from your hair…go figure. But alas, all of this makes the liberals feel better

  88. Hank Warren says:

    No $ for street lights but plenty of $ to support endless Wars for Israel, it all started nearly a decade ago under a false flag attack.
    9/11 and Israel, here:

  89. T says:

    Last but not least, we should all remember that the citizens actually voted FOR these clowns…you usually get the government you deserve. Next time, wake up and vote for those that would be fiscally responsible. Just for the record, EVERY major city that is in financial trouble has been run by liberals…some like Detroit and Newark come to mind…for over 80-years, the citizens continue to vote in liberals, yet complain of the outcome. Get a clue, really.

  90. Paco Sanchez says:

    This is better than cutting off services and programs to immigrants. Many hispanics are scared that they will be next to be cut off by the city.

  91. johno says:

    I’m sure there are at least $20 million in unnecessary public employees that could be eliminated and nobody would miss them.

  92. oldchicago says:

    Sounds fine! Let 100 thousand muzzle flashes light up the city at night!

  93. Wonder Pretzel says:

    what these arrogant politicians need to do is open the books and give taxpayers a chance to find $9million or more nstead!

  94. friscolatchi says:

    Less lights and more right to carry permtts!

  95. scooch says:

    Attention all criminals! No lights and no waiting in Vista.

  96. AtlasObjectivist says:

    Pathetic. When will tax and spend liberals learn? It won’t be long before you are all living in caves.

    1. Clark Nova says:

      There are no liberals there. We’re talking about San Diego County

  97. Larson4Liberty says:

    Ever heard of Essential Government? The city of Vista spends $2m on a fun park and $10m on “general government” which is essentially the city bureaucracy. Plus a lot more lavish and unnecessary things. Go to Larson4Liberty and learn more about Vista’s finances.

  98. DUGinFLA says:

    I was concerned about this story until I realized it came from the state that should have streets paved with gold.

  99. a p garcia says:

    The city that I live in also has a budjet crunch. My question is Why do street lights have to stay on in bright sunny days ? It seems like a such waste of Electricity.

  100. Asian view says:

    These city officials no doubt will not trim their own salaries and perks but shut off the street lights giving the criminal element another opportunity to mug innocent passerby’s.
    Obviously it is the city government’s reckless fiscal spending that has landed that city into bankruptcy and I am sure that the city government can do with a lot of trimming without compromising the citizens safety.

  101. mac says:

    I thought they way a dimmer works is it sucks up juice rather than pass it on to the light fixture thus reducing the amount of light. If this is the case, then where are the savings coming from. . Please, would a electrical expert please explain. thanks.

    1. Cindy says:

      You are absolutely right. Dimming does nothing to save electricity. Uses the same amount bright or dim.

  102. GrumpySOB says:

    1/3rd of Vista City employees make 100k or more. Salaries, pensions, and raises for these people supposedly can’t be cut or re-negotiated … bu the City LIghts … which we already pay for in an extra fee … will be shut off ??

    These people just don’t get it. What a disgrace.

  103. Alamitos Bay says:

    Tax and fee increases are always about bolstering budgets bled dry by Democrats. By the way, are the Vista streetlights LED or moldy-oldie conventional power-suckers?

  104. jh says:

    FYI…Colorado Springs just tried this bait and switch with the city lights…let’s see how well that went…o yeah theey are going back on..but just like government always does it will take months to turm them back on..but it only took days to turn them off. So for a supposed savings of a few million ..out of a 300 million budget we got to be dark for a few months…govvermemt knows no new tricks..

  105. dmac says:

    Punish the citizen. When ever the government is denied the citizens hard earned money, they go after the parks, lights, threaten cut backs on police patrols.

  106. Michael B says:

    How did I know that this was in California before I read the article or the headline?

  107. F. Thomas Cain says:

    Everywhere across this nation we are beginning to see the first signs of a total economic and societal collapse. Since WWII we have spent way too much and now we have almost 50% of the population that relies on the governmnent for their very existance. “Free stuff” is not free and at some point in the not too distant future we will all see what this entitlement mentality and the huge number of parasites have caused us.

  108. dmax says:

    Throw the socialists out of office in the city council. We can’t afford them to waste our money!

  109. Sharon L. Mix says:

    F.Thomas Cain- You are absolutely correct! We take in 3 Trillion in total revenue dollars each year-yet we have over 130 Trillion in unfunded liabilities and mandates. Do the math people-a huge economic tsunami is coming and when it hits our shores nobody is going to escape unharmed.

  110. Sheila L. says:

    Thank a Democrat and the creation of their welfare state for the problems we now face and the unprecedented calamities yet to come. You cannot reward failure and punish success by redistrubuting wealth from the producers to the parasites and not expect consequences. We are bankrupt and insolvent we just refuse to admit it. Pretty soon the checks will stop flowing and anarchy will rise its ugly head, just like you ae starting to see in europe!!1

  111. eeko says:

    Hahaha HAHAHAHA hahaha California AGAIN! lololol

    Too funny.. the police state California worries more about people smoking than paying the bills. lol

  112. RSweeney says:

    I see Vista is still soliciting bids and comments for installation of “public art”, and they just opened a new and very plush multi-million dollar city hall in August, still spending millions subsidizing the water park and outdoor theater, and still has thousands budgeted for city administration boondoggle trips across the country, so I guess it’s not too broke to spend money on things the city politicians like.

    Pity there are no children in iron lungs to turn off in front of the cameras.

  113. Willie Dixon says:

    I’m watching a youtube video right now predicting Southern Cali as ground zero for upcoming food and race riots as the U.S. collapses. Very, very compelling arguments too. Anybody with the sense to look ahead will be making plans to move assets and family well away. The streetlight story is insignificant and I didn’t need to read it.

  114. BlameAmericaFirst says:

    Dump the Spanish only teachers. I’d gues the kids are not Americans. Or, ,charge the parents $5/day for the schooling. Everybody’s happy, the teachers keep their jobs, the kids learn English and the parents are glad to contribute for their free ride.

  115. PayForTheIllegalsAndShutUp says:

    hhh, never mind, illegals need the free ride paid for by US taxpayers. Their area of the city won’t get shut off because THERE ARE TOO MANY KIDS THERE

  116. Rip VanBullwinkle says:

    It might be less expensive in the long run to employ a battery of engineers to determine the proper placement and size of charges required to nudge that fault just enough to relieve the rest of the country of the parasitic financial “value” most Californians seem to have of themselves.

  117. Foobarista says:

    This is an ancient strategy called “close the Washington Monument”. Basically, if the budget must be cut, the most visible parts have to go first; cutting the pay and pensions of the top bureaucrats must never happen as they’re written in stone tablets by the finger of God.

  118. Red Ruffansore says:

    Alls not lost, Ahnold Shwartzenwanger wants to work for Obama after he is evicted from his RINO FAIL and Californica has re-elected nothing but solid left wing moonbats so you should have nothing to worry about. After they turn the lights out, would the last legal citizen please lock the door. BWUHAAAAA. Losers.

    1. Fernanda says:

      TheIthomasscully on September 11, 2011 I kinda wanna backhand you sqaure across the face. You just give off that kinda vibe

  119. bgarrett says:

    Its actually kind of weird how so many Americans think street lights are desirable and even mandatory.
    Doesnt your car have headlights???

    Dont even start with the government brainwashing that street lights cut crime!

  120. Boomer says:

    Typical SoCal comments – y’all got plenty of money, you don’t need more money, the recession is a joke and lie, spend, spend, spend, I don’t care if you’ve already laid-off people, I want my palm trees lit at night. Get real, people. The “economic downturn” has now infiltrated past the Federal level, past the state level, and is now hitting you where it really hurts – locally. Not nice, is it? Welcome to Midwest/Eastern Seaboard reality, folks. Here’s your reality, ignorant left coasters. Welcome to our world. Serious stuff, they ain’t kidding.

  121. fredlave says:

    Definitely the Washington Monument ploy.

  122. Juan TwoThree says:

    This is EXACTLY what I have been saying for YEARS!! This is the problem because of friggin left-winged, ding-batted LIBERAL are continually cvoted in…so, we get what we voted for so shut the lights off….the Liberla have been spending our money without lights on! “F” them

  123. picomanning says:

    California needs another welfare program. One that pays the light bills. What’s that? California is broke? Then how can they possibly pay those outrageous public employee wages and benefits. California IS NOT broke or it would certainly do the moral thing!

  124. Above average says:

    simple… shut off the government. Leave the lights on.

  125. Tim says:

    I live in Vista and they just re-did the civic center with $14 mil over budget. They are repaving the free way (nothing wrong with it) We need to get rid of these guys!. They spend, spend spend.

  126. Brandon says:

    SoCal (a.k.a. Upper Tijuana) has been on water welfare sucking Northern California dry for generations for next to nothing. Stop crying and pay your bills, dullards. Services cost money, it’s just that this one is simple enough for you imbeciles to understand its purpose.

    1. Dr.C says:

      Maybe you need to educate yourself. People already pay taxes for these services.

  127. Mune Shadowe says:

    And has the city leaders decided in this time of budget crises how much to cut their pay by to help in the city revenue?
    I thought so.

  128. TampaJoe says:

    HEL – LO! Its not the lights foolish government leaders, its the outrageuous and unsubstainable cost of public employees. Time to reduce pay, cut benefits and OT, and if there is whining, then start by firing 10%. Set exoectation that services will remain the same, if not improve…just like we do in private sector. For you public employees who just can’t handle it – QUIT – and try to find another comparable job…Yea Right!

    1. ChipGiii says:

      Tampa Joe – you are right on the money. But don’t get your hopes too high.

    2. Morena says:

      vickijeanna on September 4, 2011 I loved reading her story of how her bunsiess developed. Her products look absolutely amazing and I love that they are eco-friendly and hand-sewn.

  129. Charles U. Farley says:

    Sound like it’s time to Bell the Vista council.

  130. gary-bg says:

    Shut down Las Vegas , Times Squares and Atlantic cities lights then maybe the rest of us can quit using candles.

  131. Tim says:

    Street lights are for crime prevention. After you are mugged on a dark street or even killed because you want to look at the stars. Have you any sense citizen?

  132. Henry Thoreau says:

    Anything that sinks that communist state deeper into oblivion is OK by me.

    Every person out of California, since Reagan left, has been a degenerate sociopath with a utopian view of communism. I hope you all burn and spare the rest of the Country more of your infection.

    If you are a Conservative/sane person living in California- leave. You’re time is running out.

    1. Myrleine says:

      LizandClayton on September 4, 2011 I love their website! Love that they do ctousm orders. I really like the toddler (1-6) hoodie towel. It looks so soft and actually big enough to cover a toddler. I also love the printed blankets! ENTER ME

  133. sbourg says:

    When will the voters demand to see all govt ees pay + benefits in print for all to see? You see, govt workers don’t want ANY pay&bfts cut. They’ll turn out the lights before they take any pay cut. Voters have been stupid and blind for WAY too long. That’s how govt workers and their unions have gotten away with this thievery from taxpayers.

  134. Atlanta'79 says:

    Atlanta Ga was so behind on the light bill they were all off one morning on the drive in a few years ago. It hit the news and no-one cared. I wonder if they are still paying the daily Federal fine for dumping sewage into the Chattahoochee because its cheaper to pay the fine than to fix the problem.

  135. ChipGiii says:

    It would be interesting to see to see what’s in the budget, and isn’t being cut.

  136. DUGinFLA says:

    Once again, tax paid employees (and in some cases highly paid) threatening your security if you don’t pay the extortion. It’s always the police, fire, and now, lights. The public sector unions in CA have assisted in destroying that state. CA is not too big to fail……it’s just become too big for it’s own good.

    Gov. Reagan left you with a billion dollar surplus. As the old joke goes, “what did you do with the money?”…..

  137. IMRandy2 says:

    Perhaps they could get generational deadbeats to do their part by holding flashlights.

    1. Coltin says:

      Just what the doctor ordered, tanhktiy you!

  138. Czar Jean says:

    Who to blame? TERM LIMITS can help us solve our problems! What we need is TERM LIMITS!!!!! Support us! Join us! We need more people! Please sign the Petition for Term Limits at

  139. Gayle says:

    They won’t spend the money on what they say they will anyway and it won’t be enough. They can always outspend what’s taken in. Typical govenment.

  140. Isabelle says:

    Always the best content from these priodgoius writers.

  141. Russ Koone says:

    Pretty great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to mention that I’ve truly loved surfing around your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing for your feed and I’m hoping you write again soon!

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