LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck called the shooting by police of a 13-year-old holding a pellet gun “a tragedy.”

An officer on Thursday night shot the teen believing he was holding a real gun that turned out to be a toy. The boy, whose name has not been released, was taken to a local hospital and is in critical but stable condition.

“The pellet gun the juvenile was using is the exact dimensions of a Beretta 92 F, and is indistinguishable from a real handgun on a dark night,” Beck said in a statement. “We have seen far too much heartbreak involving these types of realistic looking guns that are labeled as toys.”

Officers were patrolling the Glassell Park area when they saw three people who tried to flee when the officers stopped to investigate. Officer Victor Abarca told one of them to surrender but the boy instead refused to comply and took out what officers thought was a gun.

Police, who thought the boy was a young adult because of his height and weight, fired and hit the boy.

The shooting is still under investigation.

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Comments (7)
  1. len says:

    Before the little boys mommy can talk to a lawyer she should be asked why her 13yr old little boy has a pellet gun at night in a gang infested area. Did she even know where her kid was?? NO. Put her in jail for a little while and make her accountable. The police take another bad rap that they don’t deserve.

    1. emanuel says:

      u r stupid they were in front of the house

  2. cez says:

    i agree 110 percent with you len

  3. Judge Dredd says:

    The PARENTS (if there are any) or legal guardian should be arrested for child endangerment for allowing their kid to have it, unsupervised (legal age is 18 for these as well) out in the streets. Parents need to accept more responsibility for the actions of their minor children. They also need to school these kids that when a cop says “STOP! LET ME SEE YOUR HANDS!” thats exactly what you do. Maybe too much violence on TV, gangsta rap music, video games, movies, their own neighborhoods, etc.. Thats where a lot of the blame should be placed.

  4. Don’t run with scissors. Don’t touch sockets with wet fingers. Don’t point guns at cops.

  5. mike says:

    Time to force manufacturers to color these guns orange

  6. Good Shoot says:

    “what officers thought was a gun” It was a gun, a pellet gun.

    “Police, who thought the boy was a young adult because of his height and weight, fired and hit the boy”, does it matter? kid or adult, you point a gun at the police, they have the right to use deadly force. there is no time to ask for ID or a birthday.

    The media needs to stop siding with the crooks and just tell it like it is. Crooks always are alledged to have done something…..its time the media just says they did it.

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