NEWHALL (CBS) — Two people were killed Saturday in a crash on the northbound Golden State (5) Freeway in Newhall.

The deadly crash, which was reported at 6:33 a.m., took place near Gavin Canyon and prompted a SigAlert following the closure of two lanes of traffic.

Investigators blamed the deadly crash on rain and excessive speeding.

Officials said Huy Hoang, 26, of Gardena was traveling at unsafe speeds given the wet condition of the road.

Hoang and two passengers were in a 2001 Acura. They all escaped injury. But a driver of a Mercedes and her passenger were not as fortunate.

After hydroplaning her car into the Mercedes, Reyna Medina, 23, and her passenger were both killed.

The California Highway Patrol reported that there were 264 accidents on roads and freeways in our area between 5-9 a.m. as compared to 48 in the same period last week.

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Comments (16)
  1. Max says:

    How sad!! All because of some idiot!!

  2. Jennifer Salamanca says:

    Reyna U will be missed sweety from the bottom of my heart I send my condolence to ur family from my part… God may of choose to take U so soon only he knows his reasons, let’s just hope U are now resting… Gets me mad all this could of been prevented but it all happen bcuz of idiot that doesn’t realize the roads are wet an decides to keep speeding any ways, now bcuz because of an IDIOT u are no longer hear but U will always be in our hearts I love U hun may U rest in peace….

  3. Mariano Pulido says:

    We will always remember you with the big smile.. We all love you Ms. Queen… You may rest in peace…..

  4. Wendy Soto says:

    Reyna we will miss you… Still can’t believe it… Just a positive woman… your smile and wonderful memories will forever be within us…

  5. Wendy Soto says:

    Reyna we will miss you… Still can’t believe it… Such a positive woman… your smile and wonderful memories will forever be within us…

  6. Katherine Lingad says:

    I can’t believe the other driver survived. R.i.P Reyna you didn’t deserve to be taken away like this. I wish this wasn’t true, I just keep on hoping and praying that this is some sort of nightmare and that we’ll see each other again this week. We all miss you. xoxo

  7. Arlene Santos says:

    I am heartbroken and I will never forget all of our great memories. Reyna you were an amazing friend and it’s just sad that we have lost you.

    Please be safe everyone during this weather.

  8. Carmen Gallegos says:

    Reyna we will miss you very much. I already miss talking to you, I wish I can see you smile again but I know you will live in our heaarts forever. To our aunt too we will miss her dearly. Like you said to me one day amigas para siempre! Te quiero mucho.

  9. Jen says:

    I didnt know her but i knew about her and even to me it’s hard to say Rest in Peace cause it’s something i jst cannot believe, i can’t. But everything happens for a reason. My condolences to her friends & family.

  10. Chris O. says:

    I wish I told you everything that I wanted to tell you but now its too late. You mean the world to me and I will never forget all of the memorable times that we spent together. Everything from walks on the beach to drunk phone calls just to ask you to have my babies. You know that I loved you and I always will. I’ll never forget the night of my birthday when we ran up and down the shore laughing and chasing each other with no care in the world. People say that you’re in a happier place now but you made it seem like this hell on earth was as good as it gets with your 1000 watt smile. You always said “ill sleep when I’m dead but for now its all about PPP.” I’m glad you didn’t listen to anyone who told you to relax and stop partying. You lived life to the fullest with the time that was given to you. I’ll love you always and forever mi vida.

    1. Carmen Gallegos says:

      Chris I always told her to get some rest and sleep! and you are so right she always said I’ll rest when I die, and that day seemed so far away 😦 I miss my queenie so much

  11. L says:

    I was on I-5 N in this area the morning of this accident. I was sitting still in traffic, knowing there was an accident ahead, when the LA Coroner’s van passed us. We saw Ms. Medina’s car and the accident debris and I have been heartbroken for her and her family ever since. I keep wondering where she was headed to that day, and who was waiting for her to come home. I am so sorry she didn’t make it there. My thoughts are with her family and friends, as well as to the loved ones of her passenger.

  12. A. MEDINA says:

    wish wish wish.. want want want… is it too much to ask for her back? but i guess its true god only took her from my hands so that i can reveive more blessings which is why im so thankful for all the support and donations from everyone.. but it it was up to me, i would rather live in a dumb with her than a big house with out her.. only 23 years of age and my sunt was the one to stay with her till her last breath:( must have been hard to see her at the last second of her life>> i never pictured it this way… you were so full of life and happy and it all just got taken from you… You were only trying to surprise my dad for his birthday.. but you his greatest gift didnt make it:( Te vas angel mio, dejando mi alma herida y un corazon a sufrir</3

  13. A. MEDINA says:

    i still cant believe it….. and the pain will only keep getting worse!

  14. L. R. says:

    I think about you everyday. The smallest thing reminds me of you. There is a void that your left in many of us. The pain of your loss comes as waves of polarizing emotions. Sometimes I think that I’ve come to accept the harsh reality, but then a deep sorrow permeates throughout me and I wish things were so different. My pain cannot be compared with what your family is going through. I have seen the struggle your mom has experienced and her fighting spirit is just a strong as yours. I am grateful for having met you and for the short time we shared. One night after dancing I told you that i was going to see you again in my dreams. Now, that is the only place where I can find you. I was playing to win . . .but never had the chance to achive that . . .

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