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Gloves that let you text, while keeping your hands warm. Duh! A big complaint about anything with a touch screen (just about anything that starts with the letter ‘i’ in lower case) has been that touch screens don’t work, if you’re wearing gloves. Now you can.  “Conducting” finger tips allow users to text. A couple of companies make them, for less than $40.

I always wait until something comes out that’s so blindingly obvious, I have to kick myself. Previously, that included a line of beach towels called –I think– “Sun Spots.”  Regular beach towels, but they were round. At the beach, sun worshippers didn’t have to pick them up and reorient them to the sun every 15 minutes. Ironically, as memory serves, they weren’t a huge success (or else I’d be able to find out more about them online). So maybe not all brilliant product ideas that others think of,  result in us needing to kick ourselves after all. Plus “Sun Spot’ sounds like a skin condition.

If you have any great ideas you want me to steal  I mean share, write a Comment, below.

(Photo source: smarTouch)


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