LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Christina McLarty dines on a dime and this week is no different as she finds a little gem in West Hollywood.

The gem in question, simplethings sandwich & pie shop, a place so simple…they don’t even cap the S in simple!

Did someone also mention pie? Yes, we did. Pie…and lots of it and all kinds and…did we mention…pie!?!

Yes, they have sandwiches, too and salads and entrees and Christina reports the food here is simple (hence the name) and no fuss, and scrumptious and delicious and…did we mention they have pie?

Baked daily and using fresh ingredients only … the pies are to die for. simplethings aims for a 50’s feel with classic decor but only 36-seats (usually filled.)

The place is small (8310 West 3rd Street — at Sweetzer) but …did we mention chef Carrie Cusack’s pies were called by Food & Wine magazine one of their “favorite pies in America in 2010”?

They have many traditional flavors — apple, peach, cherry, key lime, Missouri Mud and…if she knows what’s good for her, McLarty is bringing back a Chocolate Cream pie for the web team! And they have flavors we’ve never tried, including banoffee (banana & toffee), orange creamsicle and salted caramel. (Note to Christina: please bring back a chocolate peanut butter pie while you’re at it!)

Click here for a link to this great find and check ahead to find out what pies are available on what days: http://simplethingsrestaurant.com/

  1. voxoffice says:

    Their “Thanksgiving Sandwich” looks amazing! Mmm, mmm!