Security agents double as carolers

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — As the holiday travel season kicks into high gear, the Transportation Security Administration wants to give passengers at LAX something more than just a good once-over — they want to sing Christmas carols.

A group of seventeen singers and musicians makes up the “TSA Choir” that has caught travelers off-guard with their impromptu performances at the nation’s second-busiest airport, according to USA Today.

In the wake of a national backlash over enhanced security measures at U.S. airports that have drawn increased scrutiny, TSA officials may be hoping to repair their public image by spreading Christmas cheer while passengers wait in line.

The choir, made up entirely of TSA security agents, are all volunteers who have practiced off-duty since 2003 for serenades during Christmas, during Memorial Day and other busy airport holidays.

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  1. eli says:

    oh, yeah, when being patted down has triggered a panic attack in an assault survivor, i’m sure hearing people cheerily singing will make him/her feel better! the tsa, so sensitive!

  2. Vinnke Sanchez says:

    We as Americans should be proud of the job the TSA personnel do to keep us safe during our travel. People should not complain about being inspected. If someone doesn’t want to be searched or x-rayed, he or she should not fly. Kudos to those who keep us safe!

    1. jo says:

      True!.. if you don’t want to deal with either pat downs or x-ray machines..why travel at all? Most if not all of these TSA employees are just doing their day to day jobs to put food o their table just thankful they have jobs and people make malicious assumptions that they are doing more than they should be doing out of their jobs.. that’s beyond ridiculous! I am all for safety…zero tolerance for stupid, irrational thinking.

    2. Thomas Paine says:

      And you are a coward.

  3. Former Supervisor LAX says:

    Raul Matute is a manager at TSA. Is TSA still paying screeners their 18 bucks an hour to sing to the passengers? Or do they get overtime now? Our tax dollars are better spent on security, not entertainment. We do not have a budget for this. Some of those people are supervisors, paid much more than the officers.
    Wow, our tax money being wasted again.

  4. fred franken says:

    Real Men don’t allow strangers to finger diddle their kids- no Matter the cause….

  5. Jeff says:

    Ah yes, I’m sure people won’t mind having their 4th amendment rights violated as long as there’s some entertainment. Sign the petition:

  6. Debbie says:

    Having my childrens scrotum/labia touched isn’t ok with or without the pedophile singing.

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