SANTA ANA (AP) — Police in Orange County have shot and killed a man they were told had a gun and was attacking his family.

Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna says a domestic violence call sent officers to a home at 5:45 a.m. Thursday. He says when they arrived, the officers heard a woman and children screaming and what appeared to be the sound of someone striking them.

Bertagna says the officers identified themselves, forced their way inside and shot the man during a confronation. The man’s name wasn’t immediately released.

Bertagna says it’s not immediately clear whether the man actually had a gun.

He says no officers were hurt.

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  1. alan hart says:

    Don’t you think they should find out if he ACTUALLY had a gun? There are other ways of subduing a suspect without killing him. Don’t you have stun guns?

  2. wobbles says:

    Really mister Monday morning quarterback? How many people have YOU subdued? Were you there? Do you have any clue of what occurred beyond a single paragraph written by a reporter not privy to the details of the case? But here you are ready to tell the cops how they should have handled business. If you think you could have done a better job, get off your @ss and go apply to be a cop. Probably better you don’t though. You’d either be dead or worse,get someone else killed, within the first year. You just sit behind your screen and tell people how much better you know how to do their jobs than they do.

  3. omg says:

    well put Wobbles……

  4. utimatebandgirl says:

    Couldnt have said it better myself wobbles.

  5. IDIOT says:

    Toy gun? Really? Um.. now let’s see… why would I confront police officers with a toy gun? I know.. because I’M AN IDIOT!!!!!

  6. mybad says:

    use of deadly force is authorized to save your life or the life of another. I would say the officers were saving the lives of others! Thank you Santa Ana P.D.

  7. James Morgan says:

    Why don’t they call this article something more appropriate like
    “Idiot meth dealer that had already been deported gets what he deserves”
    he was a criminal, he was here illegaly, he was an idiot to point a fake gun at cops

  8. TRU TV says:

    sounds like every body is STUPID!

  9. Adios Amigo says:

    Great Job O.C Police Department , What better way to start the day I always say
    R.I.P , Juan or Paco or Pablo or Hector or Jose or Jorge your now floating on a big Enchilada in the sky , No more tequila hangovers for you amigo. .. I know they did not mention his race but duh!!! , It´s Santa Ana any more questions?

  10. LEXUSRY says:


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