BOYLE HEIGHTS (CBS2) — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, joined by actors Dax Shepherd, Tom Arnold and Tom Sizemore are expected to bring smiles to thousands of children’s faces during a holiday toy giveaway at the Hollenbeck Youth Center.

Entire families camped out overnight Friday, braving chilly temperatures in anticipation of the 29th annual Miracle on 1st Street Christmas Toy Giveaway, which began at 10 a.m.
Inside the youth center, volunteers were hard at work sorting toys for all the good girls and boys.

Priscilla Hernandez’s father, Daniel, started the Hollenbeck Police Business Council which heads up the event in conjunction with the Hollenbeck Youth Center, Inner-City Games LA and the Oscar De La Hoya Foundation.

“For a lot of our participants, this is probably the only toy they are going to get during the season and we’re glad to give it to them. And I know, it really takes a community… it takes a community effort and we have all kinds of sponsors and support that make sure that we get the really good toys so those kids that are staying overnight, they’re quite surprised the next morning,” Priscilla said Friday.

Each year, 10,000 inner-city kids receive toys at the Hollenbeck Youth Center.


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