Less than half likely to use traditional greeting

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — It’s Christmas time once again: are you offended yet?

A new survey shows very few Americans actually think the “Merry Christmas” greeting is politically incorrect, but most are still likely to say “Happy Holidays” rather than risk offending someone.

Rasmussen Reports surveyed adults across the nation and found ninety-two percent of Americans say they celebrate Christmas in their family, while just six percent do not observe the holiday.

Analyst Scott Rasmussen joins KFWB’s Ken Jeffries with a closer look at the survey’s results.

Over one-third of those who say they celebrate Christmas — thirty-six percent — say they feel more comfortable using “Merry Christmas” to a casual acquaintance if the person celebrates some other holiday at this time of year, while fifty-eight percent say they’re more likely to wish that person “Happy Holidays”.

Click here for the complete results of the Rasmussen poll.

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Comments (8)
  1. lurker says:

    Merry Christmas

  2. rjsmitty says:

    MARRY CHRISTMAS every one!

  3. Jay Arlidge says:

    There is a reason it is called CHRISTmas. it is even in the word!!! it is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. He is the ONLY reason for this time of year. Its not a reason for just getting out of work, a reason to get ourselves into a monetary abyss for the majority of the new year or to get together and eat and drink ourselves into a stuper and then drive home drunk or to think about the less fortunate then us for just a few weeks and then forget about them for the rest of the year. they should be thought about and helped ALL YEAR!!!. No Christmas is about celebrating the arrival of the ONE man who will save us all if we just believe in him and acknowledge who he is and what he did for us. Jesus was born and came for us all.!!

  4. Amy says:

    Happy Holidays (because there is no such thing as “Christ” nor “God”).

    1. lurker says:

      and there is no true democracy

    2. BanZI29 says:

      Well amy since you think that there is no Jesus or a god, then you should not celebrate Christmas because there is no reason for it which means it does not exists according to you right???

  5. Arthur R Spafford Jr says:

    Merry Christmas

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