LOS ANGELES (AP) — Parents are being shocked by big iTunes bills, racked up by their kids in games such as “The Smurfs’ Village” and “Bakery Story” on the iPhone and other Apple devices.

The kids buy “Smurfberries” and other items that speed up play, without realizing they cost real money.

Normally, purchases require a password. But once it’s been entered, there are no new password requests for 15 minutes. Some parents say they can make password-free purchases more than 15 minutes after the last entry.

However, parents can enable restrictions on their devices, including disabling in-app purchases.

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  1. Alexander Cross says:

    Wait a second. If these purchases require a password why are the parents giving it to the kids or punching it in in the first place.

    Or are you trying to say that they are ‘purchasing’ the app and putting in their password for that and then for as long as 15-20 afterwards the kids have a field day.

    This is a rather confusing and poorly written article.

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