LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Technology comes and goes so fast these days (do you still have a Walkman?) it’s hard for anyone to keep up, let alone seniors who aren’t waiting for every new gadget coming down the pike.

But that doesn’t mean seniors can’t trade in those Walkmans for iPods or iPhones!

Elie Gindi, of eldergadget.com, was an in-studio guest on the KCAL 9 News at 2 Wednesday to talk about great tech gifts for the senior (or seniors) on your holiday shopping list.

Eldergadget.com is a tech review site aimed at seniors, aging baby boomers and geek-phobic elders looking to find out what products are easy to use from the ones that a mathematician couldn’t figure out.

The eldergadget.com site gives a “Seal of Approval” for which products pass muster. They’ve also compiled a Top Ten gift ideas for this season.

For more on the site, and the Top Ten Gift Ideas, click on the following link: http://www.eldergadget.com/

Comments (14)
  1. Jennifer Hill says:

    The Galaxy Tab from T-Mobile is the coolest thing on that list. Way better than the iPad!

  2. Brion Piper says:

    T-Mobile may be cool, but the CBTL is the hottest.

  3. Allen says:

    You need to give this guy his own regular segment !!

  4. John Manchester says:

    I agree with Allen, this guy is an expert on gadgets and I would watch his show if he had a weekly segment, he is GREAT!

  5. Brooke Hilton says:

    This was great, I was at a loss for what to get my parents and it solved my Christmas list challenge. Thank you! Is it too early to ask for a Valentine’s or Mothers Day List?!

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