LOS ANGELES (AP) — The former head of a Los Angeles union is going to federal prison for stealing $52,000 from a voter outreach program.

The Los Angeles Times says 67-year-old Alejandro Stephens is scheduled to begin a four-month term on Wednesday.

Stephens is the former president of Service Employees International Union Local 660, which represents 50,000 Los Angeles County workers. Prosecutors say that in 2004 he and family members were paid by a non-profit voter outreach group for work they never performed. Stephens used the funds to win re-election to the union post.

Stephens pleaded guilty last year to mail fraud and tax evasion.

He tells the Times that he’s ashamed of what he did.

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  1. Musicman says:

    The SEIU? Doesn’t surprise me one bit. ACORN anybody? Same people founded it, same people are in it. And in L.A. no less. Union corruption? Cali and Chicago are one and the same…

  2. Hank says:

    You should stick to music, man.

    1. LeavingCali says:

      Hank…MusicMan hit the nail on the head. As a former LA County union member, I can say firsthand, SEIU is the biggest scam in Cali…in addition to the UTLA and the Prison Guard Unions.

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