Encino doctor accused of negligence, false representation

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — How much would you be willing to spend to lose some of that unwanted body fat? According to one Southland doctor, it could cost up to $650,000.

Meet Dr. Ehab Mohamed, a gynecologist from Encino who now limits his practice to cosmetic surgery and advertises his services in local newspapers offering “unique procedures” involving fat reduction and removal.

KNX 1070 investigative reporter Charles Feldman says upon visiting Dr. Mohamed for a consultation on his 5’9″, 173-pound frame, he was told that he needed at least $100,000 worth of work done — but that he could knock down the price to $50,000 if Charles agreed to participate in what Mohamed claimed was a Harvard study.

KNX 1070 investigative reporter Charles Feldman reports

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However, as Feldman later found it, there is no Harvard study, at least according to both Harvard University and the California Medical Board.

In fact, the Board is trying to revoke or suspend Dr. Mohamed’s license for charges including repeated negligent acts as well as dishonest or corrupt acts — among them, that Dr. Mohamed falsely represented to his patients that he was a professor at Harvard.

A hearing has not been scheduled until next June.

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  1. Roboman says:

    Look at the eyes. Eyes appear pushed up in eye socket even though looking strait at you (not looking up). Pupils are against upper eyelid and entire lower part of iris is visible – sometimes lower whites of eyes below iris is visible. In other words, the entire eyeball appears pushed up in the eye socket as though there is muscle tension or something immediately below the eyeballs. Sometimes this is more prominent in the left eye. All this is true about many thugs if you pay attention to mug shots and other news reports / pics. These pics apparently do not depict crones disease or baggy eyes. Barring any other medical reason, could this be evidence of demonic or some other form of possession? Makes one wonder what this says about a person.

    1. jen says:

      what are you talking about? Your nuts.

  2. Ann Marie says:

    This doctor used to have an office in Beverly Hills too. I reported him to the Medical Board and they sent the case to the State Attorney General’s Office. He is a charlatan and the most dishonest person I have encountered. He gave me a “deal” with the Harvard study ruse, telling me I had to have the work done THAT DAY (I was there for a consult). He sent me home after giving me Xantax and Vicodin (I was lost for 2 hours with a GPS in my ca)r. I arrived home covered in vomit with no recollection of where I had been. I canceled my second appointment with him and he charged my credit cards for work I never had done. He told me “You may as well have the work done because you are going to pay anyway.” Very frightening and costly experience that I will never forget. I hope his license is revoked so no one else suffers the emotional /financial anguish I suffered at his hand.

  3. Roboman says:

    Just an observation. I’m sure it means nothing. My bad.

  4. Roboman says:

    Actually, I was referring to different artical. Sorry, My bad again.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I’d like to contact Charles Feldman directly who wrote this article as soon as possible.

    1. Ann Marie says:

      Are you one of the people who filed with the Medical Board? I am “AM” listed in the complaint.

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