ANCHORAGE (AP)  — Bristol Palin says her mother didn’t force her to go on “Dancing with the Stars.”

The 20-year-old daughter of 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin used a Facebook post to react to a blog entry by a fellow contestant, comedian Margaret Cho. Cho wrote that the former Alaska governor blamed her daughter for the 2008 loss and told her she “owed” it to her to go on “Dancing with the Stars” to win back America’s love.

Bristol Palin — who was an unmarried teenager when she had her son, Tripp — says it saddens her that anyone would think her mother blamed her for anything that occurred in the election. She says her parents were her top supporters on the show.

Bristol Palin finished third in the contest.

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  1. Fed Up says:

    Enough of Bristol Palin already! DWTS was over weeks ago and I thought that was the end of hearing about this girl. She and her mother insist on staying in the public eye with insignificant stories and with the help of the stupid media who obviously are not busy enough with important stories such as killings, abductions, rapes and domestic violence that they have to report idiotic stories as this one. The public doesn’t care what happens with the Palins!

  2. BristolisNotaStar says:

    the first problem here is that Bristol is not even a STAR. How and the heck did she get on this show anyway? Just another reminder why I don’t watched staged programs.

  3. BristolisNotaStar says:

    ^^^watch not watched

  4. PAC 10 Star says:

    BACK OFF and leave her alone and this goes to the Cal State Students Who Have Nothing Nice to say.

    No wonder the CSU schools ain’t too hot against the PAC 10 right now.

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