PASADENA (CBS) — Dozens of fans brawled in a Rose Bowl parking lot before the Southern California-UCLA football game Saturday, leaving two men stabbed, two police officers with minor injuries and three men arrested, authorities said.

Police say about 40 fans of both schools fought at about 4:20 p.m. in a grassy part of Brookside Golf Course that the stadium uses for event parking, some three hours before the crosstown-rivalry game between the Bruins and Trojans was set to start, Pasadena police Cmdr. Darryl Qualls said. The melee began with a pickup football game in the parking lot that turned violent when someone complained they were getting too close to a car.

The Los Angeles Times reported Vimal Patel, a 24-year-old Cal State Fullerton student, was in intensive care at Huntington Memorial Hospital and Joshua Dirling, 27, was stabbed in the cheek, with a knife tip embedded in his cheekbone.

One officer was treated for a sprained hand, the other for a sprained ankle, and both were released, Qualls said.

Arturo Cisneros, 44, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, police said. Steven Radu, 27, and Joshua Elder, 23, were arrested for investigation of assault on a police officer. They were being held in Pasadena City Jail.

Police did not know if any of the men had retained attorneys.

The names of the victims and suspects were not immediately released.

It was not immediately clear what sparked the brawl, but police said the school rivalry and tailgate party drinking were major factors.

“The fans are pretty passionate about their football teams,” Qualls said.

Qualls said that the last time the annual rivalry game was held at the Rose Bowl in 2008, there were about 50 arrests, but does not believe any of them were for assault.

“It doesn’t happen at normal college football games,” he said.

2 Stabbed In Brawl Among USC, UCLA Fans At Rose Bowl: KNX 1070’s Chris Sedens reports.

The brawl occurred before most fans or either team had arrived at the Rose Bowl, but thousands of tailgating fans spent most of the day gathered around RVs or barbecues in quiet Arroyo Seco, waiting for the late kickoff dictated by television coverage.

UCLA’s rivalry with USC is among the most intense in college football, pitting two schools separated by just 13 miles between USC’s downtown campus and UCLA’s Westwood address. The rivalry divides fans from every section of Los Angeles, sometimes even splitting families.

UCLA was overshadowed while the Trojans won seven straight Pac-10 titles during the past decade. Saturday’s 80th meeting between the teams was for nothing but civic pride, with the Bruins failing to qualify for a bowl game and USC banned from the postseason by NCAA sanctions.

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  1. Diane Craig says:

    Those spoiled USC alumni starting brawls? These are supposed to be college educated folks? What message are the children receiving that after your parents have mortgaged their homes to send you to these fine schools, ultimately you will end up in a brawl and be stabbed?

    1. Don't Bruin Your Life says:

      No most likely its the ghetto raider fans, uh I mean ucla fans who started the fight. I was there in 06 when SC lost and the same ghetto crowd gouged an older usc fan’s eye out in a drunken rage. Diane, stop being jealous at the fact that your alma mater is starting to consist of illegal immigrants and raider fans.

      1. maxmax23 says:

        Don’t be so bitter about Illegal immigrants graduating from one of top schools in the nation. You should be ashamed that we can achieve a whole lot more with limited options and resources than you can with everything at your disposal (grants, financial aid, subsidized student loans, scholarships, etc.).

        By the way, both schools have their fair share of ghetto fans.

        Oh and please tell us what major university you graduated from?

      2. Bryan says:

        That’s just ridiculous. With the void of a pro team in LA, it is absolutely evident to any idiot that these fans jumped onto the SC bandwagon.

      3. The Mexican says:

        Well said maxmax!!!!!

      4. TheTruthShallSetYourAssFree says:

        Don’t SUCk So Bad: Your comment made me LOL! 😀 But not for the reasons that you intended. Are you serious? Everyone knows that USC attracts A LOT of bandwagon fans and along with that USC has attracted a lot of thugs and thug wannabes looking for a football team to call their own in L.A. You know it’s true and it must hurt. At the melee above, UCLA fans were stabbed by USC fans–not the other way around. At every UCLA-USC tailgate I’ve been too, it’s always USC fans fighting each other. I bet the guy who supposedly had his eye gouged out suffered that injury at the hand of a fellow trOJan. Seems like USC is good at breeding violent, ignorant, and, ironically, arrogant grads.

      5. Persona says:

        Right on, MaxMax. Well put. this person ‘Don’t’ who wrote that sounds like your typical ignorant individual who blames his failures on others that tend to have more talent and a harder work ethic than he/she does.

    2. Dahgrostabphri says:

      Ha ha, you say college educated like that’s supposed to mean something, these people are just grown juveniles who don’t have any more sense now then they did 10 years ago. The fact that a brawl started because someone was too close to a car seems to say it all.

    3. leroybrown says:

      They’re not even alumni. Just punks trying to look cool.

    4. FlordeMayo says:

      I think everyone here needs to STOP and think before using generalizations as a base to argue what school is better than the other. It infuriates me to see all of these comments when the bottom line of this story is that people were injured!

    5. denny says:

      There is always some idiot who blame this kind of trouble on USC fans. As of now there is no evidence that it was fans of either university that was responsible.

      1. Jackie says:

        Denny: of course there is evidence. Maybe this article doesn’t spell it out for you, but if you read enough you will find that the friends of Patel and other victims told the press that they were all UCLA fans and that the knife-wielding attackers were USC fans mad that a football landed “too close” to their car. Pathetic. Don’t get it twisted.

    6. Anonymous says:

      First of all it was a UCLA fan who did the stabbing. It was my friend who got stabbed, and he was wearing a Dallas Cowboy t-shirt. You just sound ignorant and should keep your comments to yourself idiot.

    7. bob says:

      How do you know it was USC Alumni that started the brawl? Where in the article does it say it was anyone from USC or UCLA that were involved in the brawl. It does not say anywhere in the article what side started the brawl or whether or not the brawl was even related to USC or UCLA. The fans where playing a pickup football game. They could have been dodger / angel fans. I love when people make stupid comments without really reading the information provided.

      1. Jim says:

        To the three that commented above me: why don’t you go do some research and read other sources? Other newspapers CLEARLY state that it was USC fans (including Arturo Cisneros, 44, Steven Radu, 27, and Joshua Elder, 23) who started the brawl and cowardly stabbed UCLA fans.
        Don’t expect others to do your research for you–instead, you should go browse for articles on this topic and you will see that it indeed was USC fans that started this brawl and that used violence, as usual, to “solve” their problems.

  2. albert from valencia says:

    that is what u get when u mix alcohol and stupidity together?

  3. plb says:

    unforuately you cant arrest stupid and it is still illegal to shot it

  4. Matt says:

    Silly bandwagon bruin/raider fans with an inferiority complex trying to solve their disagreements with violence…

    1. Jonathan says:

      Matt: I see what you’re trying to do here; a bit of reverse psychology. Too bad that every rational human being knows that the only thing that USC has been better at than UCLA is football. Other than that, we dominate you in just about everything that you can ever think of (but don’t think too hard, your’e surely not used to the challenge and you might get a headache), including academics. So…who’s got an inferiority complex?
      No worries though; we all know that you weren’t granted admission to UCLA and that is why you are still bitter. No one takes USC seriously in anything outside of football and now you guys don’t even have that.

  5. jacktoby says:

    Let me guess, Does minority ring a bell!!!

  6. a says:

    i’m sure it’s a USC person who did the stabbing.

  7. Rick says:

    Let me guess… does “stupid whites” ring a bell???

  8. Dereck says:

    UCLA needs to provide more security at these crosstown rivalry games. This is the second time in the last few years when USC fans have been victimized at the Rose Bowl by UCLA thugs. A man lost sight in one of his eyes when he was jumped in a bathroom by UCLA fans. Shame on the Pasadena Police Department for not providing more law enforcement at these games. USC should refuse to participate in these games until UCLA and law enforcement can provide more adequate protection for all fans, not just USC students, alumni and its faculty. Truly an embarrassment for both universities.

    1. Bryan says:

      What even makes you think they were Ucla fans? I’d bet my house it was an SC/Raider fan who probably never attended SC.

  9. CaseyLok says:

    Let’s see whose campus is located in a ghetto neighborhood and has higher crime rates. Don’t feel too inferior, Trojans.

  10. henryii says:

    an american stabbed two other americans

    1. dean says:

      the stabbing is a micro-expression of the hyperaggressiveness prevelant in sports and also prevalent in the united states. a sporting event in the united states has two predictors of violence. my question: where were the police, and when are we going to ban weapons in public places?

  11. Mark Piening says:

    Seriously? C’mon, let’s play the game on the field! Go Bruins!

  12. WE ARE SC says:

    Trojans prove it on the fiield. Take a look at the video from last seasons game. USC throws a TD pass and bRUIN thugs come accross the field. Fucla needs to get control of their fans and players.

  13. cardinal&gold says:

    What about a ghetto neighborhood? USC has better security on their campus with the GHETTO around them than UCLA has in their more affluent area. Suck on it Bruin wimp.

  14. rudy says:

    do not call my neighborhood ghetto, it is disrespectful. you are no better than anybody else just for having gone to usc or ucla. stop belittling my community.

    1. Jonathan says:

      Rudy, I’m a UCLA fan and I completely agree with you. People who refer to South L.A. simply as “ghetto” are usually those with no sophistication themselves–whether it comes from a USC fan or a UCLA fan, it is ignorant, disrespectful, and tactless.

      1. leroybrown says:

        South LA is ghetto. Look at the crime stats.

  15. Ken F. says:

    Doesn’t the author of this article know the difference between the words ‘to’ and ‘too’ as in ‘getting too close’ (not ‘getting to close’) ?? This is something I would expect from the general illiterate public, not an experienced journalist. Reading this, I’d have to assume that poor English skills have now spilled into the media…

  16. Richard in Castaic says:

    Sports are for the Lumpen Proletariat class. Of course you are going to have goons brawling in the parking lots. Why is this news?

  17. your daddy says:

    ^^^^^^^all of you sound like a bunch of little htcbsei

  18. So sad... says:

    Seriously?! People get stabbed and all you people care about is if it was someone from USC or UCLA???? That’s so sad…that this is what the world has come to…

    1. leroybrown says:

      It’s not the world. It’s CA. No other state had these problems.

  19. Joeyjoejoe jr. Shabadoo says:

    The story about a guy having his eye blinded a few years ago was false.

  20. Albert says:

    I like pie

  21. Jackie Winters says:

    These kind of people is who make all the other thing hard for the ones who want to have fun. The persons who started the brall shoul never be out of jail. There were kids around the area and no thought was given to then as to wheather or not they could be hurt. Sadb way to live life when all we have is a short time to live. God bless all.
    Happy Holidays from Est 1984

  22. Corbin Alexander says:

    yeah…kick these pompus ucla a***off in there a****..way to go Trogans…

    1. mayra says:

      the trogans suck so hush that up

  23. Mini Mousekat says:

    What gets me about all of this is that because a bunch of whiney little punks that cant behave put this story above what was important: who won? I watched the news this morning, and no mention of the game, just the idiots that cant act like grown ups. Shame.

  24. Ricky says:

    Were the stabbers Hispanic? I bet they were!!

    1. Persona says:

      Ricky, why don’t you read the article carefully, or is that to difficult for you? two of the names of the perps don’t sound Latino at all.

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