Lawmaker charged with improperly obtaining bailout funds

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two House ethics committee lawyers have been suspended, possibly ending any chance that Rep. Maxine Waters of California will get the ethics trial she has demanded this year.

Waters was to go on trial before eight House members on Nov. 29.

KNX 1070’s Bill Cooper reports

The ethics committee postponed the proceeding on Nov. 19, citing the discovery of new evidence but not mentioning the suspensions.

On Wednesday, the lawyer for suspended attorneys — including the lead attorney on the Waters case — said the staff members were placed on paid the same day the postponement was announced.

Waters is charged with improperly trying to obtain federal bailout money for a bank in which her husband owns stock and formerly was a director. She has denied the charges.

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  1. MMcK says:

    Politicans are a JOKE.

  2. bugman says:

    amazing what what money can do! and I don”t have any!!!

  3. Saber 1 says:

    Dig the windshields on her face. Two corrupt lawyers, I know really shoking, and their client is a corrupt politician. This really is big news.

  4. OttoBot says:

    Ms Waters please get a new wig while you wait

  5. joe says:

    Heck if Martha Stewart went to jail, Maxine Waters should serve life.

  6. Lime says:

    Just because you received 80% of the vote
    doesn’t mean you are UNNOCENT

  7. fish wrap says:

    Why waste time and money. Nothing will happen just Like with Charlie rangel. They both should be in jail

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