LOS ANGELES (CBS) — All four top show dogs stolen from a van parked outside a Bellflower Motel 6 have now been returned to their owners.

Kristina Rickard and David Peek got back their two Akitas, Didi and Trace, on Wednesday after being notified that their 2006 Chevrolet Express van was found in Compton with the two dogs inside.

Two Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Bunny and Peter, were returned later last evening.

The couple, who are from Redding, were in town for a show in Long Beach, where they planned to show the Akitas and their Japanese clients’ Corgis.

(Credit: CBS)

(Credit: CBS)

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  1. Michael Jackson says:


  2. bcb says:

    Fantastic! What a happy ending.

  3. Susan J. Howard says:

    Glad to hear all the dogs were found. More news please on where the Corgi’s were found. They got their van back too, right. 🙂

  4. Kim V says:

    Thats so Awsome they have been found safe. What a happy ending

  5. Greg says:

    Why don’t they mention how the 2nd pair of dogs were found?

    1. Darshan says:

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  6. D Elisabeth Aymett says:

    Good to know that the dogs were returned unharmed and no worse for the experience. The van is, I’m sure, insured and contents can be replaced. But the bloodlines and the beautiful dogs cannot be replaced. This is wonderful!

  7. Sylvia Gay says:

    I’m so happy that this story has a happy ending. This is the reason I never leave my dogs in the car/van at motels. If the motel won’t allow dogs then I look for another place to stay. This is one of my worst nightmares.

  8. Romie Brown says:

    I agree with Sylvia. I would never leave my dogs in my van. Just asking for trouble!

  9. Holly Van de Water says:

    This is everyones fear. It only takes a blink of the eye getting gas or using the bathroom. These crazy people are good at what they do. I want to thank everyone involved who helped get these FUR BCIES home unharmed. Good job.

  10. Komi says:

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