LA VERNE (AP) — A quick-thinking coach and an iPhone application are being credited with saving the life of a Southern California teenager who collapsed during basketball practice.

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune says 17-year-old Xavier Jones went down Nov. 24 at La Verne Lutheran High School.

Head coach Eric Cooper says the senior wasn’t breathing and had no pulse. He and assistant coach John Osorno began CPR and got him breathing again.

Cooper says that by chance, he’d checked up the night before on how to perform CPR with an iPhone app called Phone Aid.

The teen’s family says he has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a sometimes deadly thickening of the heart walls that could jeopardize his chances of getting a basketball scholarship next year.

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Comments (7)
  1. Niicko says:

    I think thats cool but the coach should have already known CPR.. it should actually be a requirement if I’m not mistaken

    1. a parent says:

      Guess you didn’t get the whole story – the coaches know CPR, he was reviewing it, which made it fresh in his mind

  2. JUST SAYING says:


  3. =] says:

    I graduated from Lutheran High School, La Verne in 2007! Go Trojans!

  4. DBL says:

    I would just like to say that my heart goes out to the parents. I can not imagine what they are going through. My prayer is God’s deliverance and comfort for the family. Thank God that someone was there at all to help Xavier.

  5. Private says:

    Wow. i go to school with X and it makes me sad that when reading quite a few comment on other sites they just talk about JUST the iPhone! thats sick. and you know, people should READ the whole article not skim that way they dont make a fool of themselves.

    You are in my prayers, X(:

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