LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Los Angeles police union wants the Police Department to restore overtime instead of hiring more officers.

But police Chief Charlie Beck says thinning officer ranks isn’t in the public’s interest. The chief has warned that a drop in the number of officers would hamper his ability to maintain reductions in crime.

Los Angeles Police Protective League president Paul M. Weber told the Los Angeles Times that the financially strapped city should halt the hiring of new officers to replace those who retire or resign.

Weber says scarce Police Department funds should instead be used to restore overtime pay that has been cut because of the city’s money woes.

Beck and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa are trying to convince City Council members to keep police hiring intact despite the city budget crisis.

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Comments (4)
  1. TT says:

    use your resource wisely. Stop whining.
    I was ticketed for not turning on my headlight at 5:15pm. That is ridiculous.

  2. Miles Cerone says:

    I am 64 years old. I wish I had the money just to follow these so called Police Officers and take pictures of them parked ELLIGALLY they are paiid way to much to drive around all day in an Air Condition car. We should also take all the Detectives cars away. They use their cars for personal use. Other people work many years at companys and they get no car. They should dirve their own car to work stop and think how much the city would save with that. I wish I could do it but can’t afford to follow them and take pictures. I would do it for ten dollars an hour and fas allowance. THE LAST THING THEY NEED IS OVERTIME

  3. TR Bender says:

    I say take the money away from the phony gang intervention scams the Tony Cardenas and the Mayor are running which are no more than payoffs.
    Use the money for overtime for the men and women in blue and to hire more officers. The money’s can also be used to upgrade crime fighting gear for the police.
    I hope the petition to throw Tony out of office gets traction !

  4. Tracy says:

    LAPD wastes so much money. There are cops collecting big money for sitting around and answering phones. They are on IOD which is Injury on Duty…OK, I could see if they got shot or stabbed while working…but NOPE they have hurt their back, most of them AT HOME but they claim it was at work…they are answering the phones for OVER 10 YEARS. Pension them off and get rid of them and then hire more. So many on on workers comp. If you told them they would be pensioned off or HEAL themselves…watch how many will be all better FAST to keep their job. Its a joke.

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