RIVERSIDE (AP) — Cash-strapped Riverside County is looking into the possibility of selling or leasing two of its landfills as it examines ways to generate as much as $100 million in new revenue.

The Board of Supervisors for the Inland Empire county balanced the current budget last summer with $71 million in cuts and $62 million in money taken from reserves.

Despite that, the county could end up spending $46.7 million more than it takes in by the end of the fiscal year next June, the Riverside Press-Enterprise reported Sunday.

Looking for more ways to raise more money, the county recently moved to hire a consultant who would study the possibility of leasing or selling two of its six landfills.

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Comments (10)
  1. Chris says:

    I live here and want out. What a butt hole Riverside is.

  2. Joe says:

    They need to hire and PAY a consultant to tell them what would happen if they lease or sell their landfills? Maybe the people just need more competent county officials.

  3. wingnut says:

    Who in their right mind would pay a fortune for a USED DUMP???

    1. open your eyes says:

      Who would pay a fortune for a USED DUMP? Why, the developers, of course! The get the politicians to vote to sell it to the developers for no money down, then the developers lease it back to the county – for a big profit, enough to pay for all the junkets and other kickbacks they will give the politicians for voting in the no money down deal. The county then pays monthly lease payments, which the developers take their profit and write a check for the monthly payment for the purchase. In 20-30 years when the landfill is full and it is time to pay for the toxic waste cleanup, the developer’s corporation dissolves or they sell it back to the county to absorb the costs.

      How does this help the cash flow of the county? It does not, except on paper, where the politicians will point to when asked. It will show a sale for X number of millions of dollars, to be put in the county coffers a little at a time on a monthly basis as the purchase is paid off – from the monies the county pays the developers to lease the land!

      If you think that is whack, think about your current government and tell me you could envison our current “leadership” just 10 years past 9/11.

  4. Maryalice says:

    There are plenty of town s in Riverside County which could be used as a dump

  5. Kallan Mirza says:

    Mafia-to hide the loot and the dead bodies.

  6. Jose says:

    Need money? How about recycling the stuff in th dump for cash. There is a ton of money in plastics, aluminum, steel, and other stuff in all landfills. One day the mining of our landfills will bring in more than mining gold or silver!

  7. David Smith says:

    California is a now one big dump, especially after the fools who voter in Brown, Boxer and Kamala Harris. You people have yourselves to blame for this mess. The sane-minded will get out while liberals continue to final death blow to the state.

  8. elvie says:

    I agree with Joe’s comment. I have a friend who works for the county and it shocks me that the county kept people who have been working there for a number of years (yet are so incompetent to do their jobs and are so complacent because they know that they’re protected from getting laid off because of ‘seniority’) and lay-off people who are full of potential and are the future of the county. The county is led by incompetent county officials who are overpaid. Have an expert six-sigma look at the county work process instead of hiring consultants who would just say what the county officials want to hear.

  9. haukr says:

    Well its sad to see Riverside County’s General Fund entities and the Board of Supervisors $500 dollar a month personal stipen they get to go to work everyday get threatened. I wish I could get $500 bucks a month for simply driving to work. Would be nice.

    When I talk about Riverside County’s general fund I mean departments and services that are paid either through taxes or fees that get siphoned to one gas tank ( the general fund) then redispersed. Departments such as the police department, parks, and transportation etc. Riverside County’s Waste Management Department (not related at all to Waste Management In.) is a enterpise fund. What this means is that the department operates soley on what they make so they are an effecient company.

    The two landfills they want to sell is the county’s most profitable landfills. If these landfills get sold they will probably be used to take out of county trash in from places like LA and Orange County. I can’t really believe that the Board of Supervisors would actually renege on their word regarding no out of county trash, but hey that’s politicians for you.

    The sad part is if those two landfill’s get sold then all of the money donated from Riverside County Waste Management Department to conservation agencies on $1 ton per ton entered into the landfills for about 4,000 tons per day will be cut drastically. That’s right. Riverside County Waste Management gives about $4,000 dollars a day to eco friendly groups. What will happen when they are given to private organizations. You really think those private organizations will be green friendly? Also the Department pays for househould hazardous waste collections and a myriad of other services which probably disappear once those two landfills get sold.

    Also the landfills if sold should be sold for more than $100 mil. I mean… seriously that’s only about 3 years I’ve heard for the total budget for Riverside County. If those landfills are expanded properly under the correct design and safety standards they could easily generate a heck of a lot more than. Easily 10 times that amount (yes 10) with operating expenses. I guess maybe I should buy them.

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