BELL (AP) — The city of Bell wants its former city manager to return millions of dollars he’s accused of misappropriating and enriching himself through a hefty salary.

The scandal-ridden city filed a complaint against Robert Rizzo on Wednesday, claiming negligence, fraud and unjust enrichment. The Los Angeles Times says the action was done in response to a complaint filed by Rizzo last month seeking to be indemnified by the city.

Rizzo, who resigned in July, is among eight people facing public corruption charges.

When numerous perks like vacation, insurance and other benefits were added to his $787,637 salary, Rizzo’s total compensation package was about $1.5 million a year.

Rizzo’s attorney, James Spertus, said the city’s complaint was nothing more than a bunch of allegations with no proof.

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  1. Oncle willie says:

    Proof? What sort of proof did you need? He took more than three times the salary of the Long Beach city manager; a city 10 times the size of Bell. The guy is a crook and needs to spend the rest of his days in a jail cell.

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