SAN JOSE (CBS)  — About 1,000 rats are waiting at a San Jose shelter in hopes of finding a new home.

The Humane Society drove the critters up in an 18-wheel truck over the weekend from Los Angeles, where they were rescued from a home featured on the A&E reality TV show “Hoarders.” More than 30 volunteers and nonprofit staff helped move the rats into Andy’s Pet Shop, which agreed to temporarily house them.

Lauren Paul of the nonprofit North Star Rescue told the San Jose Mercury News that the previous owner’s daughter had brought home a pregnant rat one day and the litter began multiplying quickly.

The man’s neighbors called “Hoarders” producers after the rats began tearing apart his house.

Paul says she hopes rat lovers will come forward and give them a new home.

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Comments (24)
  1. Mikeg says:

    What The Hell!! Rats are RATS, You people are sick SICK!!!

    1. El Simpson says:

      And and you probably would be if it wasn’t for the domestic rats used and abuse in labs for years..

      1. GC1008 says:

        Not many people would think of that, El. Good for you.

  2. Saber 1 says:

    Take the money that you would use to keep the rats alive and give it to the Citizens of that area. We watch people starve but boy save the mother loving rats.

  3. Anonymous Mama says:

    Yeah – Give the Money to Keep PEOPLE Alive – Not Rats!

  4. celmak says:

    I have never read such a sympathetic story about diseased infested rodents…

  5. Dr. Robin Zasio Fanboy says:

    If you’ve watched this show you’ve learned that any self respecting hoarder has at least 10 dead, petrified cats scattered throughout their hoard. When all the cats die, that’s when the rats move in. Usually the bobcats, coyotes and barn owls move in kill the rat but apparently this hoarder was able to light a campfire in his “living” room to keep the predators out at night.

  6. Gonscoorb says:

    Another great and informative piece of info, even if perhaps too advanced for those of us inexperienced in trading.
    I would be glad to see a post on the basics everyone must remember .

  7. mister s says:

    Rats are people too!!

  8. Eireann says:

    Get over it people,I adopt rescued lab rats all the time,they do make awesome pets,they have as much right to be loved and given a loving home as a kitten or puppy does!

    1. mister s says:

      Very true. Once my kid is old enough, Im sure a rat will be a good starter pet for her. Just hope she realizes the diiference between pet rats and frozen ones I keep in the freezer for reptile food.

  9. Jsdeuce says:

    Idiots…seriously rats, cmon what about starving children?

    1. El Simpson says:

      One has nothing to do with the other…And calling people you don’t know idiots is real nice especially when your comment is idiotic

  10. El Simpson says:

    Domestic rats are intelligent, sweet and loving pets and we owe them so much..If it wasn’t for the domestic rat we would still have polio and and number of other diseases they found cures for at the expense of the rats who gave their lives for us. I hope they get rescued!

  11. El Simpson says:

    “We have enslaved the rest of animal creation and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form.” – William Ralph Inge

  12. rjsmitty says:

    CBS thinks this is news? it shows every one they have not a clue what is news worthy

  13. fip says:

    Only in California.

  14. Gena says:

    Holy crud some of you people are complete idiots. Give the money to people to in the area? I don’t really care about the rats per se, however I think that people should get out there and fend for themselves. Or stop having kids they can’t afford. I’d rather take care of a bunch of rats than a bunch of people who just breed like rats and cost hundreds of thousands more.

  15. hk says:

    rats are god creatures

  16. traumamama says:

    Rats are living creatures, I wonder if they have fleas or a disease. Should they not be checked out first before being put up for adoption?

  17. Ivy Ellis says:

    I am 28 and I have 3 pet rats. I can assure you that the kind of rat that woman was given was a domestic pet rat… VERY different from a sewer rat. The three creatures I have are very loving, very fun and very smart. I am not sure what kind of $$ is being spent to rescue those rats (it looked like a pet store VOLUNTEERED to house them), but It is no where near the 20 MILLION+ DOLLARS the Mormon Church spent to pass Prop 8. How many starving children/struggling families could be helped with that $. If we are going to get mad about the starving children…lets be mad elsewhere.

  18. Korika says:

    It bothers me that the picture is of wild rats, when the rats rescued were mostly hooded and they were all domestic. Just saying.

  19. Kate says:

    Rats are awesome! I have had pet rats the colour of the ones pictured. The rats all deserve a loving home!

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